Dream of Being Bitten by a Snake – Meaning and Interpretation

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A serpent, or a snake, is one of the oldest mythological symbols across many cultures worldwide. In the Christian religion, the snake was the deceiver.

A snake in the Bible is a metaphor for temptation; it’s the serpent who made Adam and Eve commit the original sin. They ate the apple from the forbidden tree and then tried to hide from God after succumbing to the snake’s temptation. Adam and Eve were banished from Eden.

A powerful symbolism of a snake

Snake is also a symbol of ego, shedding of your own ego and reaching enlightenment.

These reptiles regularly shed their skin, so many traditions and cultures associate them with growth, transformation, and rebirth. In other, snakes are a menacing symbol; they represent evil and even death. They are often symbols in ancient myths and superstitions.

Their meaning is attributed to deceit, shame, sex, spiritual awakening, and transformation.

A common dream archetype

Snakes are a common dream archetype, says dream analyst and author Lauri Quinn Lowenberg. They typically represent a person from a dreamer’s surroundings who is behaving toxic or even poisonous. On the other hand, they also represent healing.

Whatever the meaning of the snake or a snake bite in your dream maybe, if you’ve had a serpent appear in your dream, you should not ignore it.

“Just as you would not ignore coming across a snake in real life, neither should you ignore your snake dreams.

There is either a poisonous element in your life that you need to get rid of or healing you need to recognize. Either way, acting upon the message or warning is a very good thing to do”, said Loewenberg in an interview for The Cut.

Snakes frighten most people; some even have real phobias and can’t even look at them on TV screens. Even non-venomous ones can evoke intense fear and panic reactions. 

Dreams with snake bites carry important messages

Dreams about getting bitten by a snake are not uncommon. Those are dreams to investigate because they usually carry important messages and warnings. These dreams have great significance and should not be overlooked.

Dreaming of a snake bite is usually a warning dream; it’s your subconscious way of getting your attention on something you have been ignoring. There is something that you still haven’t noticed that could cause you harm. Maybe it’s your own behaviors that are damaging?

The meaning of the dream depends on where the snakes bite you, its color, and the emotions you experience. It’s best to remember the details of the dream and the context. If you’ve experienced a serpent’s bite in a dream, you probably felt scared, surprised, confused, or even anxious.

If you have ever dreamed about a snake or getting bitten by it, you should pay attention. Below are the most common snake dream scenarios and interpretations of them.

Mind your emotions

How did you feel when a snake appeared in your dream? If it was frightening, you should think about potential stressors in your life and address them. If you had a nightmare with snakes in it, it indicates that you subconsciously feel that there is a toxic person in your life. That somebody is an immediate threat; their behavior has reached a point where your subconscious had to get your attention somehow.


This dream happened so you could realize the poisonous effect of a person around. You should pay attention.

People often dream about snakes when they are becoming aware of something in their waking life. A snake bite can also be a symbol of something unresolved in your life that you have to address. That issue is potentially harmful, and the snake is here to make you realize what that is.

What if your dream about snakes was a pleasant one? A snake in a non-terrifying is a good sign. Snake in this situation represents health or healing.

A snake bites you

When a snake bites you in a dream, it has more to do with you than others. A snake bite in this context is related to your health; it’s similar to getting a shot. So if a snake bites you in your dream, ask yourself this question; Is there a health issue or an emotional wound in your life that needs healing?

Sometimes, the snake bite signifies that you are an object of criticism or someone’s “biting” remarks. If you often dream about a serpent’s bite, it is an indication that something in your life is blocking your progress. Think about what that could be; is there a person holding you back, or is it a situation you still don’t know how to resolve?

A snake often appears in your dream to make you pay attention to relationships in your life that may be toxic and filling you with negative emotions. This reptile came to you in a dream to motivate you to find a way to release the negative, whether by removing yourself from a relationship, no matter how important that person is to you. Your life has to be your top priority.


Snake is a symbol of temptation to the things or people we find alluring in our waking life, but we should avoid them at any cost because they are toxic. Maybe it is about a bad habit or addiction, or a specific person or relationship that is not good for you.

Sometimes a snake appears in a dream when you’re tempted to go against your beliefs or moral values. It is here to help you control yourself.

A snake bit your loved one

This dream is definitely an upsetting one. The attack of a snake on your loved one signifies that this person could be dealing with health or emotional problems. If you don’t think that this person has health problems, you should ask yourself this question; could you be the snake? Have you’ve been saying hurtful, venomous words to the loved one?

A snake bit your enemy 

In this dream scenario, you could be the snake. If the person you dislike gets bitten in a dream, that could be a reflection of your desire to beat that person with your own “wounding” words.

The appearance of a snake in a dream often holds significant meanings. A serpent is a highly spiritual symbol, so its appearance in a dream usually has profound meaning. Sometimes it indicates the beginning of a transformational process. It is a sign that of going towards being a better person.

Snakes in dreams symbolize the process of spiritual transformation and development on the path of reaching enlightenment.

Sometimes snakes in dreams signify changes you’re about to experience. Maybe you aren’t ready or willing for those yet, but time will show that changes will be beneficial for your life in general. 

Warning of danger 

Not all snakes are deadly creatures, but there is a significant amount of those that are.

A snake in a dream is usually a warning sign about possible danger or a toxic person lurking around you. Pay attention to what or who that may be to prevent the damage they could do to you. 

Fear of commitment

Sometimes dreams about a snake bite reveal a person’s fear of commitment to a specific person or relationships in general. Usually, there is a deep seed for these fears; they are typically rooted in past traumas and hurts.

This dream is here to help you confront the baggage that is holding you in fear. It came as a help to overcome it because that is the obstacle that keeps you from reaching genuine connection and happiness.

Snake as a symbol for fear of sex or disappointment with sex life

Snake is also considered a phallic symbol and a symbol of fear. If it appeared in your dream, it could be a sign that you’re scared of being intimate with someone. This fear also has its deep roots, which in some cases need a help of a professional.

Most common snake bite dream scenarios

Suppose you’ve dreamt about a snake biting you but don’t remember any specific details. In that case, this is usually a sign that you will overcome your fears and are in for some convenient times in your future.

A snake biting you in the water

Sometimes our intuition can help us in our dreams. If you dreamed about a snake’s bite while in the water, that could indicate some health problems. The part of your body that was bitten in a dream could have a disease, so maybe you should visit a doctor. 

A snake in grass jumping and biting

This snake dream scenario is not a good sign. If you had this dream, you would probably hear some bad news that will make you frustrated or even depressed. Try to prepare for a bad period.

Being swallowed by a snake

This is an unpleasant dream; not only did the serpent bite you, but it has swallowed you as well… This is an indication that you’re filled with negative thoughts in your waking life. Your job is to realize what are the reasons for that.

Snake surrounding your body and biting you

This dream is pretty often with people having some kind of a forbidden love affair in their life. If you’ve dreamt about this, you are probably confused and don’t know what to do with it. 

A dream about a snake bite that wasn’t fatal 

This dream is a warning sign that there might be enemies around you. You should be careful with your words and actions.

Being bitten by a snake by feeding it

If you’ve been bitten by a snake while feeding it, this dream indicates hard work in front of you. Maybe you should think about the things that would make you happy in life. This dream also signifies that you should let your creative energy flow, but you need to find the right way to show it.

A snake turned into a person after it bit you

This dream is a warning; you should give up your bad habits. 

A snake bit you while lying on your body 

This dream is not a good sign. If you’re in a relationship or you’re married, this usually means problems in the relationship. This scenario indicates many difficulties with your partner that will be very hard to resolve. 

A snake biting a dead body

This dream sounds unsettling, but it symbolizes sexual activity and controls you have over your sexual desires. This dream usually represents the passion that you should recognize in your waking life.

A poisonous snake biting you

The snake in this dream represents your fears in life. If you’ve been bitten by a viper, it could mean you feel threatened by something or someone. It’s a warning; you should be careful. There are many enemies around you. They will try to harm you.

Suppose you’ve been bitten by an asp. In that case, it could mean two different things, depending on your sex. If you’re a man and had this type of dream, you can consider it a good omen. You will overcome any difficulties on your path.

If you’re a woman and dream about a bite of an asp, I have bad news. This dream holds negative symbolism; there are enemies around, you should take more care of yourself.

Being bitten by a non-poisonous snake

This dream usually indicates problems with persons from your surroundings.

Dreaming about snake’s fangs

If you dreamt about the serpent’s fangs, it’s a bad omen. This usually indicates a betrayal by someone in your life. It’s a sign that you should not trust everyone because some people have bad intentions.

A snake biting someone

This dream is also a bad sign. You could hurt someone close without the intention. Maybe you should consider your actions and behavior to not end up hurting people you care about.

A snake biting its tail

This dream is often a message to consider your behavior. It is usually a sign that there is a much-needed change in your life. If you feel like you’re moving in circles, you should probably focus on breaking this cycle and start a new one.

Sometimes, this dream signifies a person’s personality, always satisfied with things precisely like they are, without changing things for the better. Take this dream as a reminder to begin at least some changes, or you could be stuck in the same unwanted scenario forever.

Meaning of a snake bite on different body parts

Besides details, feelings you felt during the dream, or context of the dream, interpretation can also depend on the parts of the body bitten by the snake. 

Snake biting your finger

You could encounter some minor problems soon; something will disturb or annoy you. That irritation could prevent you from thinking clearly during importation situations.

Sometimes this dream indicates that you’re being gossiped about or that you’re worried about the outcome of a specific situation. Whatever the scenario, something is bothering you, and it’s preventing you from being calm. 

A snake biting you from behind

A snake biting you from behind in not a good sign. In that case, that is a bad omen because it indicates that you’re surrounded by not so trustworthy people.

There might be someone that is lurking, waiting for the right moment to deceive or harm you. Sometimes this dream is a sign that you should focus on resolving some past issues. 

A snake biting your hand

A snake’s bite on your hand is not a good sign; it’s an indication of worry caused by some actions you need to take or decisions you should make. People often dream about this when making important decisions but aren’t sure what to do.