Dreams About Plane Crash – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreaming of a plane crashing is a terrible scenario that symbolizes either a negative part of one’s life’s journey or a symbol of an event, individuals, or emotions in the past or physically apart from you.

Airplanes in dreams can symbolize new encounters, a fresh start, new relationships, or goals.

Airplanes in dreams signify the path you take in your life. A plane symbolizes parts of your journey in life, people you meet, emotions you have, and the experience on your path.

Are you scared in the dream? 

People dream about planes when they are on the right path and will reach success in their waking lives, although rarely not without some hardships. But suppose you’re scared in a dream. In that case, if you experience nightmares about airplanes like one crashing, you should think about it because it is a reflection of your failures and fears.

A plane crash can symbolize negative parts of your journey; it’s a symbol of an event, people, or emotions that are either in the past or aren’t really close to you anymore.

The terrible dream of an airplane crash can be connected to your inner anxieties and fears. Sigmund Freud, a famous dream psychologist, used to say that an airplane was a ‘phallic symbol’ and that accidents in dreams were a consequence of your feeling of losing control in life.

Dream psychologists interpret airplane crashes as an indication of worry, anxiety, and fear of not living up to your expectations. Spiritually, this dream is telling you to follow the progressive direction in life. It shows that you have ambition and focus on your path to reaching your goals.

If you dreamt about a plane crash, you should be aware that the plane is a symbol of the path to success. If you’re flying on an aircraft, it indicates you becoming wiser; you are on a spiritual journey. Whether you’re dreaming about aircraft, planes, spaceships, or flying balloons, these usually represent your desire for improvement and the ambition you need for it.

What’s really interesting is that a dream of a plane crashing symbolizes your will to progress, but also your fear of failure.

Type of a plane

If you dreamt about a commercial plane, this represents a successful path through life. If you’re on the road to change, it’s common to dream of jumping out of an airplane. This indicates that it is time to move forward.

If you’re being chased by a plane, then it’s a representation of new beginnings shortly. A military aircraft symbolizes the need for discipline in a situation related to the people close to you.

If you’ve dreamt about a commercial airlane crash on the surface of the water, that indicates your own self-image. It’s a message; you should not concern yourself about how other people see you. It’s often a sign of something spiritual that needs to be communicated directly, face to face.

A dream of a plane crash sometimes represents the inner turmoil in your mind and battles between your conscious and subconscious. That could cause an emotional toll. Sometimes is an indication of a critical part of your life that will soon come. It should be seen as a warning sign of potential problems on your way.

If you’re the pilot in your dream, it’s a sign that you should get a better view of your current situations or issues. If there is a parachute involved, that’s an indication that you need to slow down to prevent a potential loss.

High aspirations and unrealistic goals

To dream of flying in an airplane often represent one’s high aspirations but also unrealistic goals. It’s a reminder that you have limitations and need to revise your plans.


A plane crash in a dream is also a symbol of approaching danger or some uncertain situation. Sudden changes in your life that could be good or bad. You should be prepared for a drastic change in your life, potential new experiences, and opportunities.

Sometimes this dream symbolizes liberation from things that have been holding you in one place. It’s a sign that you’re going to find a solution for a problem that’s been bothering you.

A dream of a plane crash represents a lack of control or authority over your own life. It indicates your submission or aggression. Maybe you’re letting people take advantage of your weakness? Think about it.

Different scenarios

There is a lot of symbolism in dreams about airplanes, but different stories often hold different meanings. I will mention and explain the most common ones.

Going through a plane crash

If you dreamt about being in a plane crash, it is not a good sign. This dream often indicates negative emotions or even depression.

Those are usually coming from your disappointment over the lack of control in your life. There are circumstances you can’t control, and it is causing you to feel depressed and anxious in your waking life. 

Expecting a plane crash or fear of it

This dream is usually a bad sign because it holds a warning about potential danger or problems on your path. Issues you could soon encounter might be related to your private or professional life. You should be prepared and try to prevent at least some damage.

Suppose you dreamt about being afraid that a plane crash is about to happen. In that case, it’s a warning about a possible accident you might get into. You should be careful with your actions soon.

Sometimes this dream is connected to a relationship with others, so you need to mind the things you say to them.

Watching a plane crash 

This dream is a bad sign; it indicates your inability to finish what you started or plans not going the way you wanted. Sometimes it symbolizes danger or problems in some area of your life, or you doubting yourself and your abilities to accomplish your goals.

You should trust yourself more and also stop expecting help from others. If you had a strong feeling of helplessness while watching a plane crash, it’s a sign of defeatism. You’re probably subconsciously preparing yourself for a failure in the future.

If you watched a plane fall from the sky, sometimes it’s a symbol of a potential threat that others represent for you. They could be jealous of your success and prone to sabotage you or your projects. Those people could be your colleagues on a project, and you should maybe think about not cooperating with them.

Dream about a crash and fire 

If you dreamt about this scenario, it’s a representation of strong emotions you might be feeling at the moment. Think about your feelings; have you been accumulating them over time and are now overwhelmed?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is talk to people who hurt you or about the problems you’re experiencing. You should follow that advice because this dream is a sign that the solution won’t come independently.

Dream about your romantic partner being in a plane crash

If you dreamt about this horrible event, it’s a sign that you have an intense fear of losing them. It’s a representation of your concern that you might not want to admit to yourself. Think about your relationship with your significant one; sometimes, this fear is irrational.

Dream about parents in a plane crash

This is a sign of a good relationship with your parents. If you dreamt about this, it means you’re afraid of losing them. It’s pretty standard unless it spirals down to paranoia. If this is your hidden fear and this dream is a recurring one, try talking with people close to you or a professional. 

Dream of dying in a plane crash

This dream indicates your plans’ potential failure because of a mistake you have made during the process. If you paid more attention, you would probably not overlook this. This dream is also a warning sign that you should not invest or spend substantial amounts of money at the moment. You could void doing more damage.

Dreaming of causing a plane crash

This one is a good dream. If you caused a plane crash, this is a dream of a surprising encounter, usually regarding your love life. It’s an indication that you will find out that someone likes you a lot.

Dream of remains of a plane crash

If you were looking at the remains of a plane crash in your dream, this is usually a sign that you’ll need to solve some problems on your own and not rely on others to help you. Even if you get someone else to help you, this will be worthless. What’s more, it could make the situation worse.

If you’re currently working on a project with other people, this could be a sign that it would be better to work on it alone.

Dream about vegetation destroyed by a plane crash

Burnes and destroyed vegetation due to a plane crash are usually not a good sign because it reveals your disappointment with your unfulfilled goals and desires. You should consider this; are your ambitions much bigger than your actual achievements?

Plane taking off and crashing

If you’ve experienced this scenario in a dream, it is a good sign. It is usually a sign of encouragement; your need for independence and freedom came at the perfect time. This is the right moment to gain your independence and take your life matters into your own hands. If you are submissive and passive in your life, try to be more confident and independent.

Crushing into something with a plane

This dream is not a good sign because it indicates a failure in accomplishing your goals.

Plane remaining undamaged after it crashed 

You saw a plane crash and expected a horrific scene, but the plane remained undamaged? This is a good sign; it’s an indication of the success of your plans or projects. You will reach your goals, and you will do it by yourself. There is a favorable period on your path. You should consider investing your money or try to fix all of your life areas with which you have a problem.

Dreaming about victims of a plane crash

If you saw victims and blood everywhere, this is a bad sign. You probably have repressed emotions that are causing you to be subconsciously very disturbed. This is a sign that you should seek professional help with these issues. 

A plane crash at the airport

This dream comes as a sign of changes you’re about to go through. These changes will probably require making some decisions or tough choices. If the airport in your dream was crowded with people, it symbolizes receiving help from others in making those decisions. 

Dream about surviving a plane crash 

This dream is a good sign; it usually indicates your ability to resolve difficult situations by yourself. You are probably on the way to the success of your projects and reaching your goals. This dream signifies that you’re in a successful period and should make the most of it.

Throw yourself on the changes coming your way, you’ll probably end up being really satisfied. For some people, this dream is a sign that they will soon encounter a new person who will change their lives for the better.

Dream about being trapped in a crashed plane

If this happened in your dream, it usually means that you have the desire to remove yourself from some situations in your life. You feel the need to get away from problems that are caging you.

Dreaming about a sound of a plane crash 

If you dreamed about a plane that crashed but can also hear this dreadful tragedy, that is not a good sign. This dream comes as a warning about certain people that surround you. It indicates that they aren’t really as reliable as you thought. You should consider this a sign not to rely on other people to solve your issues. They might intentionally or unintentionally do damage to you or your plans.

Dreaming about turbulence in an airplane

Turbulence usually symbolizes a new beginning. But, if this plane crashes due to it, that is a warning that your stability will be challenged soon.

If an oxygen mask appears in your dream, it’s an indication that you are in for a surprise. 

Dreaming about a plane hijack

If this is a scenario that you dreamt about, it’s a sign of your low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

If you’re always doubting your ability to succeed and are a defeatist, try not to be so susceptible to the people’s standards. I have some good news regarding this dream; you can resolve your issues on your own.

Dream about a plane crash in your home or into buildings 

If you saw a plane crash in your home in your dream, this means that you should give more effort into working towards achieving your goals in life. If you want to reach success, you should be aware it’s not going to happen without hard work. Also, keep in mind that you should not complain a lot about your struggles in life.

If the plane in your dream crashed into buildings, get ready for some unexpected hardships that you won’t be able to control.

Think about your scenario and the feelings you felt during the dream. Positive changes are afoot if you dream of flying high in the sky and if the overall feeling is positive.