Biblical Meaning of Horses In Dreams

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Horses are among the most favorite creatures in the animal kingdom; they are strong, noble, elegant, and beautiful animals.

These amazing creatures are one of the human’s oldest and closest companions through history. They helped people survive and travel to distant corners of the Earth. We wouldn’t be here today if we haven’t had the help of horses.

A horse is a symbol of power, strength, endurance, control, independence, fertility, abundance, and freedom. These magnificent animals were first domesticated by humans in 4000 BC. They were great companions of people; they were used in farming, racing, transportation, and wars and battles.

Symbol of strenght, persistence, courage, power, freedom…

Horses are mentioned in the Bible as symbolic of strength, persistence, courage, and conflict (Job 39:19-22). Almost exclusively, horses in the Bible were used in battle scenes of war times and symbolized bravery and fearlessness.

Having dreams about horses is God’s message that you will need your faith and perseverance to get through obstacles ahead.

The horse is also an omen of work in a biblical sense. A white horse that appeared in John’s vision in Revelation 6:2 was the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if you had a dream with a white horse in it, it indicates that you need peace in your life. The white horse is in association with Christ also.

According to a.d. 325, the black horse is related to our internal power and stamina to deal with reality and life difficulties.

From the old times, these animals carry symbolism for power, strength, and perseverance. But, they are also status symbols of knighthood and royalty. They were always well-respected and adored animals.

Nobility, elegance, and beauty

The symbolism of the horse is abundant in meanings and interpretations. In the Old Testament, horses are symbols of power, glory, and luxury. Only noble people owned them, and they were first exclusively used as battle and hunting animals.

King Salomon had 1400 battle carriages and twelve thousand horses. Considering their nobility, elegance, and beauty, it’s a shame that a large number of prophets and psalmists had mostly negative perspectives on horses. They were associated with violence, war, and bloodshed.

In the Bible, these animals are usually a metaphor for destruction and warfare.

The symbolism of horses with destructive powers is clearly visible in the Revelation; We all heard about the Four riders of the Apocalypse. Each one of them rode a fearsome, scary-looking horse.

However, in dream interpretations of horses, they aren’t usually seen as a negative symbol. Each interpretation depends on the context of the dream and feelings, details, and scenarios.

Spiritual perspective

In a spiritual sense, if you dreamt about a horse, that can mean at least three things. You have a strong personality and arent’ afraid to fight for your beliefs. The horse appearing in the dream, in this case, is usually white. In the Bible, white horses symbolize victory and conquest.


You are probably a passionate person, always helping others that need help. To speak out in support of other people under attack is not a problem for you. People see you as strong and brave, but the truth is – you often worry about what people will think of you.

Seeing a brown or black horse in a dream could signify that you will have problems in romantic relationships but still believe in love and romance. You had bad experiences, but the amount of love and joy coming your way is gonna make you forget all about it.

If you dreamt about riding a horse, this is an indication that you’re going to experience relief of pain you’re currently feeling.

Horses also represent ambition, primal force, freedom, and self-confidence. This magnificent creature is a common motif in mythology, spiritualism, art, and literature. Dreams about horses aren’t that common, but they always hold significant symbolism.

Both Biblical and other interpretations perceive horses as a motif related to personal desires and goals.

A dream about a white horse

This is a positive omen; white animals’ symbolism is fortunate and pure. If you saw a white horse in a dream, it is a sign of you opening your soul, mind, and heart to new ideas and perspectives.

White horse symbolizes innocence, purity, openness, lightness, freedom, and divinity. It could be viewed as a sign from heaven or a guiding force that helps you see the beauty of life.

But, be careful; a pale horse is in some cases associated with death. Think about the details in your dream; if you felt gloomy and uncomfortable, this horse could be a symbol of sadness and misery.

Unpleasant feelings could be an indication of dark times coming. You should prepare so you could face them.

Emotions are typically a useful tool in dream interpretations. The overall sense of the dream can help you decide if it’s a positive or a negative one. 

Dreaming about a black horse

A black horse is a symbol of rebellion, uniqueness, ambitions, and personal goals. This type of horse always gets attention because it is so beautiful, elegant, and strong.

If you saw a black horse, that could be a sign of your need to stand out of the masses and dominate. You may have a need to be recognized for your talents.

That doesn’t mean suppressing your talents, but being less obsessed with being different.

In some cases, a black horse could represent your enemies, especially if it appeared as aggressive and frightening in your dream. This is possibly a reflection of your fears of plans being ruined by others you consider stronger than yourself.

Sometimes this dream signifies your dark thoughts.

Riding a horse

Horseriding in a dream indicates your harmony with yourself; you are successfully balancing your instincts, reason, emotions, and thoughts.

Positive changes are afoot if you are riding smoothly; doors will open to you, and you will enjoy a fortunate period.

If the horse is disobedient or restless, you will have to learn to better control your instincts and learn to prioritize your waking life. What if the horse suddenly stopped? That is a sign that you need to think deeper about the current situation you are in. If you believe that people or circumstances around you will change and plan to wait for that, you are wrong. Think about what attitudes you need to change?

A dream about a dying horse

This dream is a bad omen; it signifies failure, sadness, and misery. You may experience a failure or a significant loss, which will cause a loss of strength and self-confidence.

Dark thoughts are present but do not be discouraged by the meaning of this dream. It came to you to deliver a message; hard times, loss and misery are all part of human life. This is a teaching lesson that bad things make you stronger and usually happen for a reason.

Suppose we never experienced significant losses and feelings they produce. How could we value everything this magnificent thing called life is? This dream is a helping hand; it teaches you to deal with loss and accept it. Only then will you be ready for new challenges, prepared to tackle any obstacles on your path. 

Crossing a river on a horse

This dream is a good sign because it signifies your success in the future. If you crossed a stream, that is a good omen; you have the strength you need to solve all difficulties thrown your way. You can expect prosperity because your endeavors will be a great success.

But, the meaning of this dream turns badly if the water you crossed on a horse was dirty. If that is the case, you can expect many obstacles on the way to your goals. The only way to reach them is with strength and persistence.

A horse has kicked you

Also not a good sign. Ahead of you is a bad period; this dream indicates problems with your health. You could experience some difficulties soon.

Riding a wild horse

This dream has a negative connotation because it represents many obstacles on your path. If you can, delay the start of any new projects at work because they probably won’t end up as successful as you hope. 

Riding a dirty horse

If you had this dream, you should be very cautious; someone will disappoint you soon. Be careful who you trust at this period of your life. 

Someone else riding a horse 

Suppose you observed someone else riding a horse. In that case, it is a reflection of your concern about teamwork at work and how that energy affects you.

A dream of a racehorse

This dream indicates that you are competitive and are rushing to your goals.

Horse pulling a carriage or a wagon

This dream is often a subconscious way of showing you feel like you’re not being appreciated enough. If you do much for a friend that doesn’t say at least ‘thank you; this dream is a sign of that. Sometimes it reflects many responsibilities in your life.

Dreaming of pulling a plow

Plow in a field symbolizes your search for choices in your career. Sometimes it means that you wish to live a quiet and straightforward life, but it could also signify our preparation for a new project.

A dream about a horse and water

Have you heard a saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink’? This is an expression that depicts that just because someone has something available to them, that doesn’t mean they will always do what is best. Sometimes you just don’t have control over a situation.

Since water typically symbolizes our emotions and feelings, the appearance of a horse with water in a dream may signify that you’re energetically drained. If you feel like you can’t control your emotions and your mind is running wild, this dream showed you just that. 

A dream about a horse talking

‘Straight from the horse’s mouth’; it’s an expression that means it is from a trusted person of authority. The meaning of it, in this case, is – what is being communicated is believed to be accurate.

There is also the expression ‘Horsefeathers!’, which means to be impossible, unbelievable, or exaggerated.

Dreaming about flying horses

Pegasus is the first thing that comes to mind when a flying horse is mentioned. This dream is a symbol of the power of your ideas. Sometimes, this also signifies your wishful, as well as unrealistic thinking.

A horse in a stable

Typically, a horse in a stable represents the inner fear of being constrained to others. Sometimes it indicates hidden agendas.

The stable itself is a representation of our way of communication with others. In Biblical symbolism, the horse stable signifies your power over other people for reaching your goals.

According to dream dictionaries, a horse stable reflects our inner self. And not only that, but it also demonstrates our ambition and power over others. Carl Jung believed that the horse stable is directly connected to our feelings in terms of our freedom.

If you saw a small stable in your dream, that could mean you are feeling depressed in your real life. If there were horses in the stable, it’s an illustration of the need to protect your achievements from greediness. If you’ve dreamt about a horse locked in a stable, this is your subconscious showing you are feeling blocked in life. A horse is a symbol of power in life, remember?

Horses running towards you

If many horses ran towards you in a dream, this is a good sign. This represents favorable circumstances ahead of you. If more than one horse is running in your direction, this is a sign that other people are going to reward you.

If you saw a horse running in the distance, that indicates that you will need honesty in the future. Suppose the horse was cantering, running away, or being out of control. In that case, it indicates that you will meet a person who will be pretty stubborn and opinionated.

In conclusion, now that you know of horse symbolism and the most common dream scenarios involving these genuinely unique animals, you can interpret what they mean for you. To do that, you should consider your overall sense of the dream, feelings, and other details that can help you decipher the true meaning of your dream.