Dream of Being Blind – Meaning and Symbolism

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Without a doubt, one of the scariest dreams we can have is dreaming of going blind. Without sight we feel helpless (why if not in scary movies, the light always goes out and darkness is used to scare us?), since we trust our eyes to perceive the world around us.

As you can imagine, dreaming of going blind is a dream that does not bode well, the loss, even if it is of our senses, never is.

In this article we have compiled a series of meanings so that you can deduce what your subconscious wants to tell you with this terrible dream.

Dream of Being Blind – Meaning

It is a bit absurd that, when dreaming of going blind, we ask you to look at the details that surround the dream, but it is not impossible.

Try listening and feeling with touch (it works in dreams too!), as well as the situation around you, to establish the meanings of this dream.

Like dreaming with teeth, dreaming of going blind is a dream with an ancient meaning, and that can be traced back to the ancient Persians, who argued that having this type of dream was a sign that the dreamer lived overwhelmed by difficulties and poverty.

However, currently the meanings of this dream are somewhat more prosaic but equally symbolic, since it is considered that blindness in a dream can be a symbol of the inability to control the things that surround our life.

Surely the definition of this dream is related to what we are most likely to feel when dreaming it: an unpleasant feeling of vulnerability and of being at the mercy of others.

And it is that this dream is closely related to the emotions we feel during the dream, which can be the main clue to deduce its meaning.

If before we talked about vulnerability, the fact of going blind can also refer to the feeling of feeling betrayed by someone close, who we would not think loves us badly.

In addition, this dream may also refer to the fact that we feel that our life is out of control, so we may need a guide to find our way again.

Other possible meanings that can be deduced from this dream are those that imply that we are blind (worth the redundancy) to what is happening around us.

Maybe even going blind is related to the fact that we are “blinded” by our ambitions, that we are not allowed to perceive the good things we have.

In this case, the dream plays with the possible meanings of the words, something not at all unusual in the world of dreams.

Although in this article we are emphasizing the fact that we are the ones who have gone blind, it is possible that we dream that it is someone else who is unable to see.


In this case, it is believed that it is a sign that we believe we are superior to others, and that we should not underestimate them.

It may be that when dreaming of going blind in reality we only lose the vision of one eye.

In this case, and as you can imagine if you have been reading the article, the dream may be warning you that you have a too closed point of view.

Thus, your subconscious could be recommending that you open your mind, that is, that you put yourself in the place of the other to be a better person.

What a peculiar dream, right? You might have it though, in the same way that you might dream that you have to go to Hogwarts (though it’s probably less fun).

To the point: if you dream that you are in a school for the blind (and, obviously, you are also blind) it is believed that the meaning is related to the fact that you have to overcome the difficulties you encounter in order to get what you want.

If you have read Essay on Blindness, by Sara ago, surely you already know how traumatic it can be to go blind in the middle of the street.

In any case, if you have this horrible dream, it may be that the meaning is related to the fact that you find yourself in a complicated situation in which you urgently need to find the solution to a problem.

As we have said, dreaming of going blind does not bode well, so it is normal for you to want to stop having this dream. To achieve this there is no magic formula, you just have to be patient and try to relax before going to sleep.

Remember that all dreams, in addition to having a meaning in our subconscious, can be the result of our anxieties and fears, in a similar way to those of us who wear glasses and dream that we lose them.

Thus, this dream may simply be an expression of a deeper fear that your subconscious wants to face.

Dreaming of going blind is very unpleasant, but we hope this article has helped you figure out what it means.

Tell us, have you ever had this dream? What do you think it can mean? Remember that you can tell us everything you want, we will be happy to read all the comments you share with us!

Dream of Being Blind – Symbolism

It may seem like one of those horrible dreams and it may feel like a nightmare, but dreaming that you are going blind does not have as negative an interpretation as you can imagine. You just have to open your eyes wide. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that you are blind.

Sometimes we have paralyzing dreams, like when you can’t open your eyes or can’t move your legs, related to health.

Dreaming that you go blind does not have a negative meaning and it is not a premonitory dream, but you must pay close attention to what the subconscious wants to tell you. Open your eyes wide and you will see it clearly.

In your dream you go blind because you know that there is something in your life that is slipping away from you.

You do not see it, something is happening and you are not finding out. It is a dream that occurs in those moments when you begin to be aware of the toxic people around you, who may be able to hurt you and you had not even realized it. It is never too late to see it.

You may have this dream with blindness because you feel that you do not know yourself well, because you need to look within yourself in an exercise of introspection to see yourself more clearly, to decide the path you are going to take and to find the strength you need to continue go ahead.

As you can see, the meanings of this dream do not herald terrible disasters.

Although we also find a more negative interpretation in this dream in which you go blind because it can be caused by your own fears.

Many times you have this dream before an operation or hospital admission with the fear that something will go wrong. Don’t be afraid and keep your eyes open.

A blind person lacks one form of perception, namely seeing. We consider complete blindness to be a severe disability, and the state provides financial aid to the disabled. Some people are born blind, some only go blind later due to an accident or illness.

People who are blind from birth often find their way around quite well, as they use the part of the brain that is otherwise responsible for vision for a kind of echolocation. For all blind people, the other senses, especially hearing, smell and touch, are important sources of information for perceiving their environment.

If someone dreams that they are suddenly blind in the eyes and cannot see, they are probably filled with panic. The dreaming feels probably helpless and possibly suffers from a feeling of space anxiety. For the dream interpretation the question arises what the dreaming is ready to recognize and what is not.

“Blind” is also used to describe someone who does not want to admit certain facts in reality: for example, love makes one unreasonable for the weaknesses and disadvantageous characteristics of the beloved. One can also react “blind with jealousy” or “blind with anger”.

Blind animals have a special meaning in dream analysis. Find out everything about its symbolism in our article on the “mole”! You can find other animal species that cannot see or can see poorly using our search function at the top of this page: Simply type in the animal you want.

Blindness can occur in different dream contexts. Here you get an overview of the most important and most common dream images around the symbol “blind”:

As a dream symbol, blind eyes can draw attention to an impending loss of reality. The sleeper cannot or does not want to see certain problems. Accordingly, they cannot be solved either. In addition, the dream image of “blind eyes” sometimes also refers to a feeling of exclusion. In this case the dreaming feels maybe not properly integrated into his social environment.

Blind people who cannot see often draw attention to the fact that one lives too much in one’s own world in the dream. You urgently have to learn not only to take care of your own problems, but also to take care of the concerns of your fellow human beings.

Those who help, lead and direct a blind person in the dream situation should, on the other hand, be careful not to overpower themselves in a certain matter.

In the dream, blind women appear more often than blind men. They symbolize a neglect of one’s own emotional world. You may be in a challenging phase.

The dreaming believes that he is not allowed to give space to his emotions at the moment. This creates an imbalance on the emotional level, which can ultimately have a negative effect on other areas of life.

A blind cat symbolizes in the dream a person who depends on the help of the sleeper. It is very possible that he has not noticed this yet – the other may not dare to ask for the support of the dreaming.

It is therefore important to keep your eyes and ears open. Who could you be at the side with advice and action at the moment?

If the blindness in the dream does not last permanently, but disappears again, it can be very confusing.

However, there is a symbolic meaning behind it: Anyone who is briefly blind in a dream has most likely learned to admit a mistake.

The dream symbol draws attention to lies, deceit or secrecy. Leading a blind man in a dream can indicate excessive demands. The dreaming may have taken on too demanding a task.

On the other hand, the dream symbol “blind” in this context is also a sign for the willingness of the dreaming to help.

Sometimes you go blind in a dream only for a short time because you were blinded by a strong light source.

In this case, the person concerned tries to keep secrets for himself, but these are revealed.

If a person gets their eyesight back in a dream after going blind, this embodies in the dream interpretation the willingness to admit mistakes and subsequently to take responsibility for one’s own actions.

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “blind” is a symbol for the difference between conscious perception and unconscious repression.

According to the dream interpretation, the dream shows the refusal to acknowledge facts that the mind has registered and recognized very well.


The subconscious draws attention to the denial of reality of the dreaming with the blindness. He is blind to the negative characteristics of his own personality and does not want to admit them. He may not want to take responsibility for his behavior.

However, unwanted essence can also cause feelings of guilt.

According to the psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “blind” clarifies the resulting conflict of conscience.

The dream symbol “blind” embodies the loss of mental clarity in the spiritual dream interpretation.

In the dream the blindness indicates to the dreaming ignorance and irrationality; the right eye stands for logic, the left eye for intuition, i.e. the “gut feeling”.