Dream of Telekinesis – Meaning and Symbolism

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Quite often, our readers ask: “What does it mean if telekinesis is dreaming … that I move objects without touching them with my hands?”

In order to understand what telekinesis means in a dream, you need to decide whether it means anything at all in this case.

The person who is fought with the superpowers often has a real equivalent in the dream interpretation.

Perhaps there is someone about whom the dreaming is often annoyed and by whom he feels bullied. With the dream symbol “superpowers”, he compensates for these negative feelings.

Yes, this can be: you just dreamed of “information trash” – events from life, processed by the consciousness, or rather, from the films you watched and the books you read.

In other words, you were very impressed by another spectacular Hollywood masterpiece or a colorfully written science fiction novel.

Dream of Telekinesis – Meaning

You began to “savor” the plot, think something out, re-experience, rethink, and your consciousness supported you in this matter and, without hesitation, continued to “chew” what you saw, only in a dream.

Particularly impressionable natures, of course, upon awakening, will begin to look for a secret meaning, signs, prophecies in a dream, but, alas, they will only confuse themselves and go into the jungle of fantasy.

To prevent this from happening, you need to learn to distinguish mental experiences from truly valuable dreams.

If you dreamed about something other than “rubbish”, then often telekinesis in a dream can really mean something. What?

If you have never been involved in such practices, the dreamed phenomenon may be hints of your undisclosed abilities, which make themselves felt, ask outside – they literally shout that they should finally be paid attention to and started to develop.

If you are more or less immersed in this area, then the contactless movement of objects in a dream may turn out to be a kind of honing of certain skills.

People who are deeply involved in telekinesis courses devote twenty-four hours a day to the practice. This is a prerequisite for getting the result.

Therefore, they are simply forced to look for ways to practice in dreams, study there, gain skill, look for ways to achieve the goal – in this case, the movement of objects.

Speaking about learning in a dream, it is necessary to mention that many things in dreams appear from a completely different side – in reality it would never have occurred to us to look at them from such an angle.


Therefore, the ways you saw in a dream, even at first glance strange, ways to do something may turn out to be quite effective – it is worth trying to repeat them in reality.

It is also interesting that in a dream, a lot is successful and is assimilated much easier, and this, in my opinion, should be used. In a dream, we are not stopped by the thought of the impossibility of this or that phenomenon, it, this thought, often does not appear at all.

In a dream, we simply carry out our plans and do not doubt its feasibility: surely, everyone at least once flew in a dream, at least once did something unusual and, being in a dream, was hardly surprised at this.

As a rule, everything that seems strange and incredible to us in reality is perceived in a dream as completely natural, for granted – therefore, it is given easier.

For the psyche, there is no difference between what happens in a dream and what happens in reality.

Therefore, if in a dream a mug under your gaze crawled across the table, therefore, you already half know how to move objects contactless: it is up to a little – to repeat in reality!

Dreaming that we can move things with the mind is an indication that your level of consciousness is growing more and more, however you need to improve since there are still things to learn.

What I mean is that you should take risks and do everything possible by accommodating all those ideas that are floating in your mind, this in order that in the future you can act in the best way to take all the opportunities that arise.

Dreaming that you can do telekinesis will also indicate that in the future you will be able to get unique opportunities, either in the workplace, school or in the social context.

It may also be that your ability to solve problems is more developed than that of other people, so it is time to bring out your creative side and achieve your goals.

On the other hand, this type of dreams indicates that the person has great confidence in himself, however he accepts himself as he is, showing others that his self-esteem is high, most of the people who dream of telekinesis are those who they possess great strength and wisdom.

However, when you dream that people who can also move things with the mind surround you, it means that you are a person who likes to show off to others, showing off your achievements is what you like, and you want others to see all your positive qualities.

Not to mention of course that there may be feelings of power or superiority, your personality is strong and your mood is difficult to alter, so it is a good message that you are in the best point of your life, so take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.

Dream of Telekinesis – Symbolism

People have many skills. Our strength lies above all in further developing these as required or in inventing machines that do what we cannot do. We cannot fly ourselves, but we can build airplanes.

Nevertheless, the desire to have superpowers is not only very pronounced in children. People would like to take to the skies like a bird, be faster and stronger than any other living being or have extremely sensitive hearing.

However, superhuman forces such as space-time manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis or foreseeing the future also exert a tremendous fascination.

The super power of teleportation, as the transfer of particles from one place to another within a few seconds, would be extremely practical in some situations: Why sit twelve hours on a plane heading to the United States when you can teleport to New York or Could Los Angeles be.

Heroes like Spiderman, Batman or Superman were originally comic heroes and have now become world-famous film stars. Of course, a superhero only uses his powers for a good cause: He fights villains and saves the world.

The villains, however, abuse their superhuman powers. Many aliens from science fiction books and films also have super powers and are superior to us humans.

If one has super powers in the dream, one can possibly float or walk through walls. For the dreaming, this can be an uplifting experience. For the dream interpretation, it is important to find out what the dreaming wants to fight for in real life.

In the dream symbol “superpowers”, the longing of the dreaming for recognition and confirmation of his person and his abilities is reflected.

Possibly the dreaming feels inferior to others in real life and cannot have a say. The dream is then a sign that he would like to have more control over his own situation, but also over his living environment.

The person who is fought with the superpowers often has a real equivalent in the dream interpretation.

Perhaps there is someone about whom the dreaming is often annoyed and by whom he feels bullied. With the dream symbol “superpowers”, he compensates for these negative feelings.

In the dream interpretation, super powers as a dream symbol can also be an indication that the dreaming has not achieved certain goals in life. In their place are now ideals that are already unattainable.

At the same time, in a dream that is about superhuman abilities, there is a certain childishness. Possibly the dreaming has always wished to face dangerous adventures with the help of his forces.

In addition, the dream symbol “superpowers” can also express certain personality traits such as striving for validity or energy. The conviction of the dreaming to own special talents finds its expression in the dream.

However, if you dream that another dream figure is endowed with superpowers, this expresses the hope of outside help.

The dream symbol “superpowers” appears above all in certain phases of life that are characterized by uncertainty and reorientation: in childhood, shortly before puberty, in crises in the middle phase of life or shortly before death.

The hero who possesses these powers is considered to be an archetype in dream interpretation.

In dreams of men, he embodies the higher self of the dreaming and enables the representation of his good qualities. For women, the dream figure who has superpowers corresponds to their male personality.

In both cases, the subconscious emphasizes character traits in the dream that are less considered in real life.

The dark forces are existentially necessary as an antipode to the superpowers. They give birth to the abilities with which evil must be conquered in the first place.

Both sides are part of life and only come together as a whole.


If the appearance of the dream symbol “superpowers” is accompanied by a deep feeling of inadequacy, this can also be an indication in the dream interpretation of a serious mental impairment. He may feel powerless in real life, suffer from disregard, and disregard for himself. In the dream, he overrides all restrictions by means of his superpowers.

However, this is not a solution for the real conditions.

In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol “superpowers” symbolizes spiritual freedom. The dreaming can through superhuman ability end grow beyond your physical limitations and go on a journey in your etheric body.