Dream of Being a Passenger in a Car – Meaning and Symbolism

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The car is a very common dream symbol – no wonder, it often stands for the dreaming himself. This is especially true if he is also the driver of the car in his dream who controls, drives or brakes his own self: the Driver has everything under control.

In order to better understand your car dream, it is advisable to take a closer look at the dream elements.

Prohibition or mandatory signs can mean that in real life you should “shift down a gear” because you are pushing ahead too quickly. If you see the gear lever, your dream advises you to proceed gently and sensitively.

Dream of Being a Passenger in a Car – Symbolism

Failing brakes can mean that you are about to lose control of a situation. Was there a passenger sitting next to you? This could be someone in the waking world who will help you avoid an obstacle or find the right path.

Overall, a car trip in a dream usually represents a certain stage of life.

The psychological dream interpretation equates motorized means of transport with your own driving force: If you dream of a car with many horsepower, you are probably a dynamic, energetic person even in the awake life.

Cars are often interpreted as an indication of the partnership: those who are behind the wheel are “wearing their pants”, but also have greater responsibility for the common journey.

A fast, single-handed ride represents the desire for more freedom, or sexually speaking, love without obligations. The higher-class, more expensive and bigger the car you dream of, the stronger your need for power and recognition. Do you put too much emphasis on “what people say”?

From the point of view of the spiritual dream interpretation, the car is a dream symbol for our self-image.

Just as our own car expresses our preferences and our character in awake life, this can also be the case in dreams: You strive for more self-confidence when you are in yours

If you dream of driving a large, high-horsepower car – on the other hand, if you drive a lowered sports car, you are subordinate to new knowledge and find yourself in a learning process.

In addition to the smartphone, the German’s favorite status symbol and the most important mobile device is the car. It stands for freedom, for energy, power, drive and potency. Personal power and a large ego are not infrequently reflected in a high number of horsepower.

Sparklingly polished paintwork and a luxurious interior speak a clear language: My vehicle is important to me. The new car is proudly shown.

If there is a scratch on the beloved box or if there is even a bad car crash, the grief is often great. A car is – strictly speaking – just a construction made of steel, rubber and a bit of electronics that is supposed to bring us from A to B for a specific purpose.

If you have seen a car in your nocturnal dream experience, you must always consider the situation in which you experienced the passenger car.


The make and type of vehicle is also important for the analysis: Was it a BMW, Mini, Volvo, Ford or Opel, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Fiat, Toyota, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat or Daimler, that means a Mercedes-Benz? Was it a sleek sports car, a luxury car like the Ferrari, the Porsche or the Lamborghini, a limousine, a station wagon or a convertible – or a junk truck?

Whether the dreaming was the driver himself or only the passenger on a car trip, whether the car drove leisurely in the lane, the car drives alone, the pedal was depressed or the wheel was torn around at the last moment to avoid an accident – all of these are Aspects that are relevant for the individual interpretation of the car dream.

Perhaps you could also see a combination of letters or a specific number on your vehicle’s license plate. A large or small trunk can also be important.

So, first, make yourself aware of the context in which the car appeared in your dream. In order to be able to remember the details of the previous night better in the morning, keeping a dream diary helps.

Shortly after waking up, pick up a notebook and sketch out your nocturnal experience; the more information you put down in writing, the better it is for the later dream analysis. We have summarized the most important dream situations in connection with a car for you below. You can find more interpretation aspects in the text below!

Car accidents appear in dreams very often. If the car is rammed and destroyed in a car crash until it is unable to drive, then this dream reminds one to take a closer look at the surroundings.

There may be opponents and envious people in the professional field who want to hinder the dreamer in his success; it is important not to blame people blindly, but to collect evidence first.

A rear-end collision in the dream, which another person causes, indicates just such enemies.

If you are the one who commits the accident in your sleep, you have difficulties in life in looking at the essentials. The dreaming easily loses sight of the important and goes far too much into the trivialities of life.

Dream of Being a Passenger in a Car – Symbolism

Even driving and driving a car in a dream, according to the general dream interpretation, indicates that one is at peace with oneself.

The dreamer knows himself well, his strengths and weaknesses; he has the confidence to “slow down” and “accelerate” at the right moment in life in order to achieve his goals.

If the dream car drives alone and you just sit in the car as a passive passenger, someone takes on the leading role. That may be the partner or a parent.

The slow rolling of the car along a path symbolizes progress in life: the pace is leisurely; the sleeper does not rush to make decisions, but rather lets things come his way.

Anyone who turns the car, whether in a parking lot or on the street, steers his life in a different direction. The dreamer wishes for a change in his life, in the dream maybe even drives the vehicle backwards in order to take a missed path after all.

It is possible that the person concerned would wish to be able to undo some actions and events – but unfortunately, that is not always possible.

Despite modern navigation systems, it can happen that someone gets lost in the car. The journey then quickly becomes a real car odyssey.

Such a confusing dream situation gives the dreaming to understand that he has to face big challenges in the waking world now or in the near future. You need the proverbial “cool head” to cope.

Did you dream of driving up a mountain in a car? If so, did you manage to climb this mountain by car? Then you will soon achieve the goals you have set for yourself in the waking world. Hang in there and stick to your approach.

Anyone who dreams of speeding on the autobahn in their car probably wants to make headway in life very quickly and loves the feeling of freedom that comes with such a trip on the expressway.

For an even more precise dream interpretation, the condition of the motorway is decisive: If the route leads straight ahead without curves, the dreamer probably feels mentally balanced.

On the other hand, a bumpy road, which is very slow, represents internal conflicts and stress.

If one parks an automobile in a dream or drives, this into the garage, then the dreaming looks for a possibility to draw strength.

The need for a break has so far been ignored, but the subconscious now clearly warns the person concerned to relax through the dream image of the parked car. So take a break so you can move forward with renewed energy!

How to change the external circumstances in such a way that mind and body come to rest regularly. In addition, the illegal parking in the no-stopping zone or on the sidewalk shows in the dream that something is going wrong in the life of the dreamer.

If you park your car or someone else’s vehicle in the parking garage while you sleep and then have to look for that car, your soul probably urgently needs a break.

Similar to the dreamed of housing a car in a protective garage, the covered parking garage symbolically provides protection from external influences, stress and pressure.

A car only starts when the car battery has enough energy. If the car does not start in the dream, you might even have to push the car because the battery is empty or there is some other defect, this is a hint to the dreaming: Take a rest! The battery urgently needs to be recharged so that body and mind – this is symbolically represented by the car – are prepared for the stresses of everyday life.

If one dreams of a vehicle without a steering wheel, then the dreaming lacks the hairiness to take a certain path and to pursue a goal. It is difficult for the dreamer to take the first step in order to take the “direction” that is best for him.

If the steering wheel is blocked in the dream and you cannot steer the car, then a situation may not be able to be solved satisfactorily. Here the overstrain of the dreaming becomes clear.

A dangerous situation is looming in the dream: the car’s brakes fail and the vehicle just does not want to come to a stop. Despite all efforts, the car does not stop, it does not stop and you are sitting in a car that has been braked.

Many people wake up bathed in sweat from such fearful dreams. A defective brake is a warning: there is a risk of loss of control in the guard world. It is important that the dreamer comes to rest and thinks critically about his own way of survival.

Maybe it is possible to plan more time off in the future. The dream that a car cannot brake also symbolizes the loss of a person or a job.

In your dream, could the car not drive because the tires or wheels were missing? Did the car have a flat tire?

Then you probably do not have the energy to solve problems now. You feel powerless in everyday life and the thought of a break becomes more and more noticeable. The missing wheels on the dream car represent the lack of drive.

The light stands as a dream symbol for confidence and hope. It also shows good perception, good instinct. If you drive a car while sleeping without lights, your own perception in the waking world is disturbed.

Without the symbolic car light, visibility is restricted and problems can hardly be recognized in time. The dreaming should try to get a clear view again, otherwise a failure threatens.

The engine represents the driving force of the dreamer. If the engine is defective while sleeping and as a result, your own car is broken and comes to a standstill, failures and setbacks in life announce themselves. Your own motivation may have been weakened beforehand, your self-confidence not as pronounced as usual.

If the dreamer is planning a certain project, he should expend a lot of energy for this in order to lead it to success.

If black smoke or unusual exhaust gas comes out of the exhaust, this symbolizes fears that one develops in relation to oneself: Will I be enough, can I do it? It is time to put aside your self-doubts and believe in your abilities.

A driver’s license is required to drive a car. Without a driver’s license, it is better to sit in the back of the car or in the front passenger seat.

If you dream of driving without a license, you want more exuberance and a willingness to take risks in your life. Everyday life may be boring and without tension – the forbidden beckons, even if only in a dream.


To get into a car in the dream and to start slowly refers symbolically to the occupation of the dreaming with himself.

If the car was hit by the dreaming, his own wishes and goals, but also personality parts currently play a role in the waking life.

A reorientation may be imminent; In this case, releasing the car brake symbolizes the new path in life that is being trodden.