Dream of Being Pulled Up in the Air – Meaning and Symbolism

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Oh, if only we could fly! Escape everyday life like a bird by simply taking off – wouldn’t that be a dream? Because we humans, unlike birds, flying insects and bats, unfortunately cannot fly without aids, we have always been particularly fascinated by this type of locomotion.

In the meantime, all sorts of technical developments are helping us to conquer the airspace for ourselves: Our options range from a ride in a hot air balloon to a vacation trip on a low-cost airline.

For some years now, thanks to easily controllable drones, we have even been able to get a bird’s eye view at any time without even having to go into the air.

Dream of Being Pulled Up in the Air – Meaning

We can only simply take off and fly ourselves in dreams: after all, depending on the study, around 30 to 60 percent of those surveyed state that they have had dreams of flying like this before.

For most of the dreaming, it is a great feeling to sail weightlessly through the air: Maybe with arms spread wide, maybe also floating.

However, how can the dream symbol of flying actually be interpreted?

Traditionally, dreams about flying stand for the freedom that the dreaming hopes for, or which he has already achieved.

This also applies when flying is interpreted as an expression of sexual ecstasy: In both cases, we leave behind restrictions and compulsions in order to take off.

In general, the desire for freedom seems to be more pronounced among men, because experience shows that they dream of flying far more often than women fly.

The dream symbol “fly” can, however, also be understood as a warning: Proverbially arrogance comes before the fall – and so every high altitude flight can soon be followed by a crash if the dreaming overestimates himself too much in the awake life.

If you already have problems taking off, this dream draws your attention to previously unrecognized obstacles.

In the psychological dream interpretation, a clear distinction is made according to the direction of flight. If you fly up towards the sky, this can express the desire to give your life a new direction. Do you rather dream of a descent?

The downward direction stands for a confrontation with your subconscious: You may be trying to understand your actions and to analyze your motives more closely.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychoanalysis, suspected the dream symbol of flying to be the expression of erotic wishful ideas that cannot be lived out in the waking state.

From a spiritual point of view, the scope for interpretation is much more open: Here the dream of flying is interpreted as a general longing for more (spiritual) freedom – the detachment from purely worldly aspects leads to spiritual independence.


If you breathe clean air in a dream, then that dream has success. It is possible that you will introduce rituals that will help you concentrate on your obligations and complete them as soon as possible. You will try to get up earlier, exercise, eat healthy and change bad habits that have slowed you down and made you ineffective.

This dream signifies failure. You cannot concentrate on obligations and that is why you do not finish them. You need rest, sleep longer, eat better and live better.

If you dream of foggy air, it implies that your thoughts or mind is blurred. You may not be aware of the situation you are in, which is why it would be a good idea to postpone important decisions for a few days. Consult with trusted people who will open your eyes and help you do the right thing.

When you breathe cold air in a dream, it means discord in relationships and business endeavors. You probably do not get along well with your colleagues, and you are forced to work together. There is a tension at every step that you will have to reduce if you want to achieve good results.

If you breathe warm air in your sleep, it means that someone is badly affecting you. It is possible that this is a person who wants to impose his will and attitudes on you with which you do not agree.

For now, you manage to defend yourself, but as time goes on, you will function on the principle: “if you can’t go against him / her, join him / her” and you will start to adopt some patterns of behavior and thinking.

When you lose air in your sleep, it implies that someone or something is burdening you. You are probably under stress so you have no peace even while you sleep.

Even though you are doing your best, it seems to you that it is not enough and that you are not doing anything properly. You feel like you are losing ground, so it would be best for you to travel somewhere or talk to someone who will help you relax.

Dream of Being Pulled Up in the Air – Symbolism

The most common nightmares include those in which we believe we can no longer breathe. If we experience it in real life, shortness of breath usually triggers panic, the fear of suffocating.

This also applies to our dreams: At this level, we also panic if we can no longer fill our lungs with oxygen.

Usually we are only released from such a nightmare through a sudden awakening; we may even gasp frantically until we realize that it was just a dream.

Then many people ask themselves what this shortness of breath felt in the dream could mean.

Shortness of breath can symbolize a longing for changes in the dream. The person affected has the feeling that they can no longer continue to live as before and would like to be able to better use their personal strengths in everyday life.

The reason for this is possibly foreign determination: The dreaming believes that he cannot develop freely and that he only has to fulfill duties that others or his environment impose on him. Against this background, he may even develop self-doubt internally.

The dream should therefore be understood as a positive, encouraging sign, as a confirmation that the person concerned needs in order to really change something in the end, to dare to step into a new, freer phase of life.

Anyone who feels short of breath in a dream, perhaps during an asthma attack, and then wakes up suddenly and violently gasping for air, may see this as a sign that promises success.

On the one hand, the dream and, in particular, the awakening indicate your own possibilities for self-healing.

On the other hand, this symbolizes a successful liberation from aspects of one’s own everyday life, which hold back the dreaming here and prevent his free development.

In this way, he could succeed in large projects in the future, both on a professional and a private level.

Even according to the psychological approach, the dream symbol “shortness of breath” can indicate the feeling of constriction and foreign control.

The person concerned is under the strong influence of another person in everyday life and, figuratively, cannot breathe freely, cannot develop according to his own ideas.

In some cases, dreamed shortness of breath on this basis also allows conclusions to be drawn about the relationship of the dreaming to the mother: often she is precisely an imperious person by whom he feels restricted.

If one threatens to suffocate in the smoke of a fire or due to poison gas in the dream, and therefore puts on a gas mask, the dreamer tries to protect himself from too high expectations in reality. Bad thoughts are also warded off.

According to the spiritual view, shortness of breath also symbolizes restrictions in the dream. These prevent the spiritual unfolding and development of the dreaming.

The symbol should therefore be understood as an urgent warning to deal with this problem and to find a solution.

When we dream we know that they can be premonitions or warnings, which means dreaming that I am dancing or that I am dancing, it is different if I dance alone or dance with another person and the place where the dance takes place.

When in our dream we dance, either alone or with other people, it should be noted that this type of dream has a high sexual component, we could also say that this type of dream is highly erotic component.

In general, dreaming of dancing is good; it indicates that we enjoy life.

If we also dance with joy, loose and dancing in a place with light and colors to our liking, the dream means that we have independence, we feel powerful and free.

If you dream that you are dancing on stage, this is also related to the issue of the economy and work, this dream bodes well since it indicates that you are going to enjoy professional success and prosperity in the economy.

If you are dancing with more people on stage, success will depend on teamwork and you are doing it alone, it will mean that you will shine for your own abilities and without needing anyone’s help.

If you dream that you are dancing at a popular party, the dream congratulates you that you are doing things well.

If in the dream you take a person out to dance, it is warning you that you must take the initiative and decide for yourself as soon as possible, rest assured that your decision would be the correct one.


When you dream that you are dancing and you fall, it is a warning, a clear and direct message that it is time to have less ego and pride, you are being too arrogant and you are harming others with your way of acting so overwhelming.

If the music that sounds in your dance is very loud, annoying and even strident you should pay attention, your subconscious is talking to you, this dream means that the frenetic rhythm of your life does not allow you to listen to yourself, you do not listen to what you really feel and what your interior has to tell you.

If in our dream we are dancing with someone that if we like, we are happy and we are having a good time, the dream means that we are sexually satisfied, it can be simply sexually satisfied, or satisfied with the sexual aspect of our relationship if we have a partner.

To dream that we are inside a masked ball has a quite different meaning, the dream is indicating that we must be careful with others; we could be the target of ridicule and lies against us.