Dream of Being Rich – Meaning and Symbolism

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What is wealth for you? What does it mean to be rich?

It is usually what we think material things are, like, for example, money, gold, real estate, but wealth could also be seen as things that are immaterial things like health, peace, love, friends, and more.

So, in fact, everything that we see every day and what happens is the result of the power of thought. Just look around.

For the poor person, having one meal means being rich, and for those who have it all, maybe it is the idea of ultimate freedom and eternal life.

When it comes to our lives, and especially the financial situation, we often think that some other force is responsible for it – happiness … intelligence … education … circumstances … business decisions … as the reason for their wealth or poverty.

As such wealth can find a place in the dream world of human beings, we often can have dreams that we are rich – in various forms, to become rich, to get rich again, etc., to do it with the help of someone else, etc.

Have you ever had this dream?

Had did it make you feel?

Did you feel good or bad, were you scared, or maybe you just wanted the dream to last longer and to be true?

Read here what it means when you dream of being rich.

Meaning and Symbolism

When you dream of being rich, first we have to say that this is one very common dream, and in reality, it shows that you are the person who likes to avoid risks and prefers when things are safe and sound, secure in the bubble. You will always play it safe, and you will not allow yourself to relax and do something unforeseen.

This is the dream that most commonly comes to those who like to plan, and this planning goes to the smallest details, it is all because you do not prefer to be surprised too much, and this comes to the point where you do not like nice surprised even.

It will be difficult for you when something happens that you could not have foreseen. You will feel lost, and it will take you a long time to get back to normal. This dream comes as a confirmation that you want to stay in your bubble of life.

But if in a dream you are rich suddenly and you were poor before, such a dream indicated that there would be some quarrel in your life, it is very likely that a conflict will arise.

It may even show that it will come over the inheritance that will need to be shared; your loved ones are connected to this.


It is very likely that every member of the family will ask for a more significant part, and no one will be ready to sacrifice for the sake of peace in the house.

Everyone will just point out their merits and the reasons why they need more than others. This will leave lasting consequences on your relationships, and over time you will drift apart and communicate less and less.

In a version of being rich and losing all of your wealth which you have gained so far, such a dream shows that you have problematic personal relationships where you are neglecting someone who is your true friend, and you are not even aware of it.

Such a dream even shows how important support and understanding truly are when friendships are honest.

This dream may even indicate that you are too focused on unimportant things and that, in reality, you actually do not take good care of the feelings of that person, and this is not a healthy relationship. You will not take care of his feelings.

If you have had this dream for a longer period of time, this dream may even indicate that you can become completely alienated, and when you no longer have anyone to turn to for advice and help, you will realize how many mistakes you made.

This dream is what some like to call a warning sign, and it is very likely that that person appears in a dream as one of the characters.

We must speak of this version also- when you are rich in a dream, in fact, you are spending someone else money, and such a dream shows how you would want to get what you dream about without much effort.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to rely on luck for a long time, but you will have to “roll up your sleeves and do the hard work on your own.” Start thinking about the future and live according to your abilities.

Sometimes, dreams of being rich and feeling lonely at the time is a dream that may show that you feel lonely, and without a lover for a longer period of time, it is pretty logical that you feel lonely, even if it seems that you have it all.

However, if you are married or in a stable relationship and have this dream, you need to think about where such emotions come from.

It is possible that you have distanced yourself from your partner or that some unresolved issues have disrupted your relationship. Either way, you’re going to have to work on it if you want that relationship to last.

Decoding the Dream of Being Rich

Interpretation of the dream of being rich, of course, depends a lot on the context of the dream, where it takes place and the feelings that accompany it.

During such dreams, you can feel happiness, joy, satisfaction, pride, but also vanity, envy, jealousy, and anger.

All of these emotions reveal your current attitude toward life and the extent of your content with yourself, or do you know how to enjoy whatever wealth you have.

If you dream that you are rich, but all of those riches are, in fact, fake, it is the dream that indicates that you constantly exhibit the need to be something you are not. You always try to respect and admire the environment and present yourself as someone who has a high position in society, it is not bad, but this is not what we could call healthy behavior. You try to hang out only with valued people so that the environment gives the impression that you belong there.

Maybe it’s time to get down to earth because you are often the object of ridicule from people who know you.

If you have a dream that you are rich, but you are completely aware that you did not make it on your own, but that you inherit it, such a dream shows that you will, in reality, suffer a significant loss.

Be cautious since this is not a good time for any risky investments, and trying to get rich through games of chance will not bear fruit.

Dispose of what you have wisely, and do not put yourself in a situation of being left with nothing.

In a version of a dream where you are rich, and you love to share it with others, giving it back, such a dream can have a negative symbolical value since it comes as an implication that you will fight with your partner or a family member over your bad behavior.

It is possible that that person or a family member will blame you for the way you spend the money on stupid things.

In any case, you will realize that you have completely different plans and visions for the future, which could affect your relationship.

Reconsider your views and try to find a compromise, because otherwise, you could lose someone very dear to you.

Dreams of being rich and constantly hiding money, and all of your possessions like art, jewelry, in reality, show that you are a closed person and that you do not allow anyone to approach you. You are aware of your qualities, so you look for many qualities that you possess in your personality. You don’t have many friends because you are not interested in talking “empty” stories. You like to do intelligent things, and you would rather stay at home with a good book or movie than spend time with someone when you can’t learn anything new.

The message behind this dream and advice

Some say that the dream about being rich in whatever form it comes is a dream that, in reality, may be connected to your intention to start doing something more, expanding your work and that in that process you do not have to scare, but to listen to your own voice, and feel that richness cannot be the goal by itself and that it has to be used for something greater than that.

In fact, dreams of being rich are often an indication that your life priorities are completely wrong and that you need to prioritize them to a certain extent.

Instead of working to improve the quality of your life, you are persistently observing what someone else is doing, and yes, this is the dream that is connected to envy.

Be aware since it is a very dangerous thing if you do not control it, and the bigger the riches in the dream, the more envy, in reality, you actually feel.

If you’ve already come to a situation where you don’t have as much as you need, consider extra work. In time, your work will surely pay off, and you will see how rich will transfer to reality from a dream world.

In the end, we must speak of one interesting date – almost all of us had this dream at least once in our lives.

It is not exclusively related to the desire to get rich but is more often associated with some emotional desires that can be both good and bad, depending on the internal feelings that you have.

In some cases, it is the dream that indicates the fact that you do not lack material things in life, but love, attention, and other beautiful feelings.

In others, the dream about being rich means that you are worried about your own or the existence of a person dear to you. You feel constant pressure and wish you could help yourself or others.

Unfortunately, you can do nothing at this time, so it is not worth bothering you so much. Make sure you enjoy what you have because you certainly have a reason to be happy about something.

In the end, the message is to be careful when it comes to riches, regardless of the real-life or dream world, since this dream may indicate the personality of the one who has this dream – it can be a selfless person who sometimes wants to help others to his detriment.

Riches can be the symbol of so many dear friends who are always at hand.

Although family members warn you to overdo it, you still believe good returns to good and live accordingly.

Do not be afraid that others will hurt you because you always give your maximum without high expectations. You love life and try to live it the way you want.

Cause, you know, we are already rich from the inside, there is nothing material that could change it, it can only just like our dream, show who we really are.