Dream of Being Shot in the Chest – Meaning and Symbolism

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Being shot is one of the most common motives in a dream, which can, as you may expect, come in numerous different versions, and all of them have different meanings.

In the beginning, we must note that dreams of being shot have become more frequent in the last years because it seems that modern days, movies filled with violence, and daily news of constant attacks and war activities around the planet have an impact on our dream world.

Apart from this, shooting in dreams is more often dreamed during the holidays, probably because there is much more shooting like fireworks and firecrackers.

Shooting is also a relatively common dream motif in people who play video games, but all of us could have this dream, regardless of sex or the fact that we play video games or not.

So, what does this dream, in a specific case, when you have a dream of being shot, not anywhere else but in the chest?

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Meaning and Symbolism

Let us start. What does this dream mean – being shot in the chest?

If you had this dream, it might mean that your conscience is not clear and that something is bothering you. You may have played someone, which is why you are afraid that they will take revenge on you at any moment, and that feeling dreads you.

Even if you had taken maximum precautions, you begin to panic at every noise and suspect anyone who approaches you. The shot is a symbol of fear in this dream.

But, the fact that you are getting shot in the chest shows that you may want to fall in love, and this dream, if it was followed with pleasant feelings, may mean that you will be in love soon.

It will be a kind of love that disables you to eat, sleep or engage in other daily activities. You will think about the person you like and make plans to meet them again.

But, if in a dream there is a lot of blood after being shot in the chest, such a dream may come as a warning sign that you may be in some kind of danger. It can happen that family members or colleagues at work will attack you for something you did.

While your intentions will be good, it will turn out that it would be better if you waited for the right moment and asked them for advice.

If you have seen the person who has shot you in the chest, such a dream may speak of criticisms that you take from your family members, and it can be related to something you have done in the past. This dream shows that it will be waiting for you.

The whole family will criticize you, not only the closest, but also further, and they will not hesitate to tell you in person what they have.


Now, the most basic version of the dream is the one in which you are the one who is firing the shot in your chest, and this is the dream that comes as an indication that you are going to be in the position to defend yourself from the attack.

Keep in mind that this is the dream that implies that you are the type of person who often thinks that the whole world is against you, and as soon as you feel threatened, you show your teeth and let others know that they are not touching you. You establish yourself as hard, but you are scared not to be broken because you are sensitive.

Sometimes you take everything they tell you too seriously and suspect that the goal is not a joke but a provocation.

Decoding the dream of being shot in the chest

Some say that the dream of being shot in the chest carries the meaning of the future – there will attack, but it will be more verbal than anything more, or that you will attack someone before you have looked at all aspects of the conflict. You will do it in advance. If there is a person in a dream, then this element shows that you will not have the slightest opportunity to defend yourself because you will present the facts in a highly understandable way.

Or, this dream may mean that you will disarm your opponent with “arguments” by your vision of what those arguments should be.

Here, supposes the person is someone very close. In that case, it shows that you have, in reality, an outstanding possibility to use your authority and actions to protect a close person, most likely in the family, to which everyone else has turned. By doing so, you will gain a grateful friend.

If there is just a chance to be shot in the chest in a dream, but the bullet misses, then such a dream symbolizes happiness.

And here also the dream has a lot to do with others, here a close person will probably get over the insult you inflicted on them and give you a second chance to correct mistakes. You should not take it lightly because if you mess up this time, too, there is no going back.

In a version of a dream where you are being shot many times in the chest, all in the chest, such a dream suggests that you are hiding your joy, so others do not take it away from you.

Maybe something very nice has happened to you, but out of respect for people who cannot boast of such circumstances, you have to hold back and not show that you are happy.

Also, this dream suggests that very soon, you may hear some good news. One of the family members may achieve success or complete something great in their life.

Another possibility is that a close person will get a baby, announce their marriage or some other fantastic event, and you will honor it together.

If you have been shot in the chest in a dream, it may come to you as a resolution of something that you have been trying very hard to attract people whose opinions you care about a lot.

Try to like them to acquire there—her trust and then to help you achieve your goal. It shows itself as a manifestation of obstacles, challenges, or troubles to discourage you on the way to achieving your intentions.

The fact is that you are facing specific problems, and it is not easy for you to overcome them.

However, if you are persistent and patient, you will complete your tasks and get where you want to be.

Often dreams of being shot are connected to the goals you may have in life, and the fact you are being shot in the chest implies that you will finally make a plan to achieve your goals or ideas. You hesitate for too long because you are afraid of failure.

However, the conditions for more significant progress will soon be created, and you will not miss the opportunity to take action. You can achieve a lot with your knowledge, effort, and work.

This dream is a sign that you are currently worried and confuses you. It would be best to let your impressions subside in these moments and only then decide what to do. If you make decisions out of effect, they will certainly not produce the results you hope for.

This kind of dream indicates that you feel betrayed by a person you trusted a lot. It can be your emotional partner, family member, friend.

When you dream of shooting someone in the neck, it is a warning that you do not trust the person who pretends to care about you.

In your immediate environment, you have someone trying to convince you by manipulating you to trust him/her.

That is why it is essential to open your eyes wide and to carefully weigh every word he said to you, i.e., every promise he made to you.

The message behind this Dream and advice

The fact that you have been shot in the chest shows that this dream is associated with your emotions, and in some cases, it shows that you are hypersensitive.

In the “negative” or “scary” version of this dream that occurs from time to time, it shows that in reality, for you, even the slightest criticism that people give you can trigger a conflict. You argue without a real reason and thus directly endanger your relationship with people who mean a lot to you.

Change this as soon as possible because you are the only one who loses with such behavior.

It is the right time to face your long-standing fears. You need to step out of your comfort zone if you want your future to be more beautiful and better than the present.

Some of your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances in life have everything you have been dreaming about for a long time. It can be a good job, a high income, or an excellent relationship with a loved one.

Instead of poisoning yourself with these negative feelings, it would be better to make your future brighter than you have ever been.

When it comes to the “negative feelings” you have when you dream of being shot in a dream, this dream indicates that you will hear the news that paralyzes you. You will have a hard time recovering from this data, but it is essential not to let stress endanger your mental health. You have been behaving irrationally, and you cannot deal with it anymore.

That is clear, and it feels like your chest is about to burst. You tend to believe that everyone has conspired against you and that because of that, you cannot achieve your goals.

This is not true, and when your emotions sink, you will become aware of it yourself. Until then, don’t make big decisions and make basic moves. It will take you much far than you have ever been.

In some cases, this dream is related to the work you are doing, and it shows the lack the creativity to complete a job or solve a particular problem. You are currently in a blockade, but if you give yourself some time, you will surely come up with the idea of ​​how to end this crisis.

Be very careful when talking about other people, especially those on whom, in a sense, your future depends – you cannot be dealt with the heart, but you have to think of their feelings.

The chest is significant here because your chest, this dream, can be a sign that you have a secret sweetheart.

Someone likes you without even realizing it. If you pay attention, you will surely quickly understand who it is and be closer to happiness and living a life filled with joy, or as it is said, living the fullest life.

It is up to you to decide if and what you will do about it. No one else can do it instead of you.

In the end, let us say that the dream where you see a chest with a lot of blood suggests that you are injured. You were probably profoundly disappointed by someone on the air, and you will need time to recover from that. You may forgive him/her, but you will never forget.