Dream of Blood Moon – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream about blood moon then this is not the best sign, this type of a dream symbolises danger and a really tough path in your near future.

Blood all by itself while appearing in a dream may cause reactions like fear, it looks like a nightmare in most cases but actually these dreams don’t have that bad meaning they show you your flaws and changes you must make.

But dreaming about a blood moon is a whole different type of a dream with different interpretations, and of course different meanings.

So these types of dreams are an indication on possible danger along the way, this could also be connected with unexpected betrayal and lies.

It could also mean that you are likely to be disappointed by a lot of people you never thought would hurt you.

This type of a dream is not very common and in most cases it has a meaning that depends on the type of the dream.

These types of dreams belong to a group of dreams that are reflecting on your deepest fears and mistakes.

So they are not always pleasant or understandable for the dreamer.

Our subconscious is a very powerful thing, but unfortunately people do not believe that we have a subconscious.

There are a lot of different theories about dream world for example there is a theory that perhaps our lives when we are awake are a dream and that our dreams are reality.

Perhaps that life is so complicated that we dream about this normal life with normal activities.

There are no proofs that could even hold this theory, and it sound too drastic.

But everything is possible, our dreams are very important and in most cases they have a meaning which mustn’t be ignored but people tend to ignore it.

Even religions agree on the importance of dreams, they can’t really be predictions because no one really knows what could happen in the future but they do show possible scenarios in the future that may or may not come true.

Blood moon in a dream religiously may be a bad sign, perhaps it means that a person is going to follow his or hers desires instead of being on the right path.


These desires are not the good ones like a desire to study or desire to move somewhere to start a business, these desires are the type that can destroy the whole foundation of your life.

Humans make mistakes, some people choose to fix them and others choose to continue that way of living.

Blood moon can appear in a dream in different shapes, forms, interpretations, so it is very important that you remember your dream if you want to find the true meaning behind it.

You shouldn’t stress about these dreams there is always a chance that it won’t come true,  if you read about blood moon or are educated for those things then it isn’t really so uncommon for this to appear in your dream.

They might appear as nightmares or they could appear in a realistic way that may confuse you a little bit after waking up.

Listen to your intuition and your subconscious, do not ignore signs that could help you when it comes to overcoming something.

These dreams may also indicate on your uncontrollable emotions, you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by them.

The Most Common Dreams About Blood Moon

Dreaming about seeing more than one blood moon – If you had a dream like this in which you see two or more blood moon then this type of a dream is an indication that you are not able to make a final decision when it comes to certain things.

Perhaps you are having trouble with choosing between your partner and your career or having more free time or more income.

Those are really hard choices but at one point you have to decide before you lose everything, but always be careful because you are always one decision away from a whole other life that is all up to you completely.

Other meaning behind this type of a dream is that you are having problems with relationships, friendships and maybe even yourself.

Perhaps you are on the verge of breaking up with your partner because of small issues that eventually became bigger and now the main reason for your misery.

Maybe you are about to find out that your partner is not the person you thought he or she was, there is a chance of possible betrayal in the near future.

People are full of surprises and sometimes that isn’t good at all, but you cannot really close yourself up in a room and choose to live that way.

There are really terrible people in this world but at the same time there are people who are literally sunshine in a human form so maybe you are one of those people but you are not using that ability.

Perhaps you are not really alright mentally but you are refusing to talk about your issues and thought because you feel like you are a burden to someone.

Maybe you are having troubles with your family, especially if you come from a toxic one.

Whatever the problem is it will resolve only if you take some action, you cannot just sit there and feel like your whole world is falling apart but refusing to do anything about it.

That is not logical and of course it is not smart in any way.

Dreaming about huge blood moon – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing a big size blood moon then this type of a dream is a sign that your life is going to turn around completely.

This dream also has a message for you that you should control your temper a little bit more because it will bring you some serious damage if you do not control it properly.

Also these types of dreams may also be a sign that your decisions are very important , every single thing you do and everything you do not do has a way of coming back at you when you least expect it to.

So this period right now is not meant for any fast decisions, whatever it is that you have to decide about do it slowly with thinking it through patiently.

Analyse all of the possible consequences that could appear after you make that decision, then try and balance something out.

Be careful with your choices because they are building your path to the future, if you want a great future make some harder but smarter decisions.

Sacrifices are also a part of life and they are made when you have to succeed at something but that is only possible if you let something else go.

And never make decisions while you are sad or mad.

Dreaming about blood full moon – Dreaming about seeing a full blood moon could mean that you are likely to lose your respect for your romantic partner.

But this can also be referred to your colleague,  work partner.

Their actions won’t be easy to believe in, at this point you will see them as who they really are and not their mask.

It may be heart-breaking and it may look like you will never get over it but the fact is that you will, sooner than you think.

So now your healing process will arrive, new chances and new opportunities to build yourself up again are arriving so take then when they do.

Dreaming about a blood moon that is covered with clouds- If you had a dream like this in which you are barely seeing the blood moon because of the clouds that are covering it could mean that your past bad deeds will be fixed by you.

Whatever it is that you have done in the past can be fixed now, an amazing chance will appear so you have to take it in order to fix what you have broke in your past.

If you are a religious type of a person then this means that you are getting closer to holy months and ways to clean your soul.

Dreaming about blood moon near the sun – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing the blood moon near the sun then this type of a dream could be a sign of possible misfortune in your near future.

Perhaps you will lose your job or there is a chance that your salary is getting lower, maybe a project that you started making in order to make some extra money is going to fail but the investment you have put in it is about to fail with all of it.

This will be hard for you especially if you were constantly wealthy.

But try to see the brighter side behind this, there is a chance of possible growth and adjustment to current situation.

This will help you a lot because it will transform your view of money completely.

Dreaming about blood moon being clouded with the Earth’s shadow – If you had a dream like this then this type of a dream is a sign that you are learning to see the difference between the good ones and the bad ones.

It may also be a sign that you are cutting off toxic people, habits and that you are not handling unnecessary drama anymore.

So this dream could be considered as a good dream with a good sign.

Keep doing what you are doing at this moment.