Dream About Menstruation Period, Menstrual Blood – Meaning and Symbolism

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Menstruation is a cycle and a part of a woman’s life, it appears usually between the age of twelve and fifteen but there are girls who get their period earlier or even later.

Some girls never experience menstrual cycle because of a sickness or a complication located in their reproductive organ.

Religious view of menstruation is that this cycle is a process where girls become women.

So when a girl gets her first period, from that moment, she is a woman of course religiously speaking.

Getting your first menstrual cycle doesn’t mean that you are an adult, your body is maturing and going through natural phases but that doesn’t mean that your mind should follow it along.

But the fact is that a menstrual cycle represents ability to end up pregnant, to have children.

There are still countries in which there is a tradition where a girl once she gets her first period ends up being married.

So they wait for her menstrual cycle to start so that she gets to be a wife and a mother which is wrong in every single way but everyone has their own way of perceiving things.

Some people are disgusted by menstruation and there are people who misinterpreted the way religion sees the menstrual cycle so they consider women less worthy and “dirty” because of the blood.

Religiously women are not allowed to enter a mosque or a church or other religion object while having a cycle.

For example in Islam women are not allowed to read the holy book Quran or to fast in the month of Ramadan because they are supposed to be taking care of themselves.

It doesn’t mean that they are not worthy of it, this means that even religion is making it easier for them.

But of course people understand what they want to understand, no one can really do that for them.

Menstruation in a dream can appear for several reasons, if you are a woman who has this type of a dream it may be an indication that you are afraid of pregnancy especially if you are not getting your period on time, it may be a sign that your period is coming or it has already begun.

If you are pregnant and have this type of a dream then it may be a sign of fear for your baby’s health, and sometimes this isn’t a good sign at all.


If you are wishing to have children of your own and then you have a dream about having menstruation then that also is not a good sign.

Sometimes these dreams may indicate on some unpleasant news which will turn your life upside down.

But that is mostly the case only with women or even men who want children.

In most cases these dreams are actually not that bad, they can be a symbol of happiness and comfort in your life.

Maybe you are finally being yourself around certain group of people or maybe you are learning how to express yourself in a better way so that others understand your better.

There are lots of different dreams about menstruation with different meanings.

Menstrual cycle can be so painful that you have to take medications for pain relief,  it is not easy at all and sometimes girls wish for it to never appear again.

While the ones who are suspecting pregnancy cannot wait to get their period.

So those feelings are affecting your dream state.

And according to those feelings you can find a meaning to your dream, but of course sometimes dreams are complicated and tricky.

Menstruation may appear in your dream as drops of blood, maybe you have a dream where everyone sees blood on your pants, dreaming about painful period , etc.

To find a meaning for your dream you have to be careful with details, you need to remember your dream or if you have trouble with memorizing it then write it down immediately after waking up while it is still fresh.

Sometimes these dream may appear uncomfortable or even scary.

It is not uncommon and quite possible for a man to have a dream about a period, this symbolises readiness for commitment.

This appears usually with individuals that are refusing to settle down and then choose the path of many different partners for one night stand.

At some point maturity kicks in, this dream is a sign of yours.

If you already have a girlfriend or a wife then this type of a dream is a sign that you are ready to start a family with that woman.

You want children and you want to raise them side by side with your partner.

In a religious way dreams like this are a symbol that you need to turn towards faith a bit more.

The Most Common Dreams About Menstruation, Menstrual Cycle

Dreaming about having a menstrual period – If you had a dream like this in which you are at the start of your period then this type of a dream suggests that you are considering the possibilities of becoming a mother at some point soon.

This type of a dream may also indicate that you are starting doing something that may not end up the way you thought it would.

Dreaming about having a menstrual period is also a sign that you may feel left out of particular activities in your life because other people do not see you as ready enough to be a part of something like that.

If you feel happy and relieved in this dream then it is a sign of fear of being pregnant in your wakening life.

If you are sad and disappointed in your dream then that could be a sign that you are trying to have a baby but are failing at it.

If a male has this type of a dream then this suggests that he loves being around kids deep down, even if he is not aware of that.

Dreaming about seeing menstrual blood on your piece of clothing – If you had a dream like this in which you see menstrual stains on your clothes then this type of a dream is a sign of possible reveal.

Perhaps you have been holding some things hidden from everyone in your surroundings, but after some time those secrets are slipping away and coming out to the light.

It may be overwhelming for you to keep this thing hidden for so long and now you will sense freedom from hiding.

This type of a dream also means that you are supressing your feelings, this leads to damage of your mental health.

It may also be a sign that you are still healing from past trauma and betrayal, perhaps something so hurtful has happened to you that it left a mark so big on you that will fade over time eventually.

But it may also be a sign that it is time for you to let some things go, everything is supposed to leave eventually so accept it.

And you have to realize that when something is gone you cannot still relive those moments over and over.

You need to accept that what is done is done and move on.

If you are not able to do that then this means that you need to grow up a little bit, it is a sign of immaturity and lack of emotional intelligence.

This dream could be a message from your subconscious that you should take care of yourself and start working on yourself in order to be a better version of yourself plus happiness comes along with it.

Dreaming about seeing someone else menstruate – If you had a dream like this in which you are witnessing some other person menstruate is a sign of possible betrayal.

This dream appears if your circle is not right for you, if the topic is constantly about someone else or if there are sneaky lies and conversations then all of that is a clear sign for you to remove yourself from that group.

You are in a dangerous zone, remember that if someone talks about someone else to you they are likely talking to someone else about you.

Be careful with who you trust because not everyone wants what is best for you.

Also these people may even plot something against you especially if they have a certain goal where you can comprehend to.

Their hidden agenda is showing but you are somehow refusing to believe it, you see people the way you like to see them and not as who they are and that is your main problem in life.

You are constantly living a lie, you are choosing the truth you like to hear and not the actual one.

This dream is a message for you, it is time for you to change yourself before it is too late to do so .

Prevent the damage before it is done so you do not collect your broken pieces after.

And never trust people all the way, everyone has a side that they do not show.

Dreaming about menopause – If you had a dream like this in which you are entering the phase of menopause then this type of a dream is an indication on bad days soming soon.

Life is like a rollercoaster, at one point you are all the way up and before you know it you fall all the way down.

Biblical interpretation of this dream is that you are likely to go through a path that is filled with temptations.

These temptations could make your life a living hell if you bow to them, it is a God’s way of testing you so that you become stronger and wiser.

It is also a sign that a lot of terrible things may happen, perhaps some hurtful situations or even sad ones.

But you should not worry too much about all of this, because sometimes dreaming about a menopause is actually a sign that you are going through certain changes physically.

If your age is appropriate for menopause then this type of a dream is a sign that you are thinking too much about it, or that you recently went through a phase of menopause but it has occupied your mind so much that it appears in your dream.

Dreaming about menstruation after going through menopause – If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about a menstrual cycle but in reality you are actually going through a menopause is a sign of regret or disappointment.

It means that you were not ready for this stage, perhaps you wanted more kids or if the scenario is where you are alone without children then you are regretting never having one.

This dream reveals your deepest thoughts and missed opportunities , sometimes this dream appears because you never settled with someone for real.

Now that you do not have anyone you are realizing how big mistake all of that was but now there is no going back.

It may even represent nostalgia, you are feeling that way because you are suddenly old now.

Your whole life just passed in a second, so perhaps you even feel lost and you would just like for the world to stop just for a second but unfortunately that doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes it is really hard when it comes to letting go what is already gone but it is what it is.

Every human gets old, eventually dies that is the course of this life and we are all aware of it but it isn’t really easy when the moment comes or when you lose someone you love.

Dreaming about bleeding in the body – If you had a dream like this in which you are bleeding inside of your body then this type of a dream may be a sign of actual blood in your organism.

It can be a defence mechanism from your mind which alarms you when there is an actual danger somewhere in your body.

Blood in your body is not a good sign at all.

This dream could also mean that you are suffering or that you are supressing anger or other emotions.

It represents unhealthy habits and unhealthy way of thinking that could be a cause of illness at some point.

It may also be a sign that you are under a lot of stress without being able to handle it the right way, it can be caused by work or some other factors.

Perhaps blood in your body is a sign that you are filling up yourself with negativity or that something inside you is slowly slipping.

So this dream could be an indication on possible mental breakdown not so far away in the future.

This dream is your subconscious way of telling you to take care of yourself, you have to be more aware of your current state.

If you are having trouble with expressing your emotions then start writing a journal and if that isn’t helping then consider starting going to therapy or other kind of professional help.

You should put your health at the top of your priorities.