Green – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are very strange and complicated products of a human’s mind, there are a lot of different explanations and reasons for their appearance but actually there is not one firm explanation.

No one really knows what happens when we enter our dream world, it is a part of our sleeping cycle but the thing is that we relax completely while sleeping so our mind is free to do whatever it likes.

All of the little things from our lives could appear in our dreams or they could be the reason behind the appearance of that dream.

So there are a lot of factors that can be seen in a dream and they make a lot of difference while looking for a meaning.

One of those factors are colours, sometimes people do not realize the importance of colours in a dream.

Colours can represent moods, current mind-set or emotions that a person is experiencing in a certain moment.

So colours like white, black, purple, blue, pink, yellow, red and others can appear in a dream but right now we are talking specifically about the colour green.

Green is a very symbolic colour even in our wakening lives, we see green everywhere.

Nature and all its beauty is green, seasons like spring and summer are known for the way that nature lives and becomes greener and greener after autumn and winter.

Also green is connected with religion like Islam, a lot of Muslims agree that green is the most beautiful colour because it represents something real and something powerful.

It is true that green is a really powerful colour, it has shades and the most popular one is royal green.

It is also interesting that less than 20% of population has green eyes.

So when you see this colour in your dream it can have different meanings and that depends on the type of your dream.

You can dream about green objects, clothes, drinks, even animals, the most common one is about grass.

Green symbolises luck, new beginnings and new opportunities.


It is also a sign of personal growth and positive changes.

It represents positivity, great bright perspective and also maturity.

Green can also be connected with your soul and true desires, actually it means that you are emotionally intelligent person or that you are improving your emotional intelligence.

It may be a sign that you are an excellent communicator and that you are resolving your issues easily.

So it represents something fresh, something new, perhaps a new relationship or a job.

Pay attention to details in your dream and what exactly is green in your dream, is it some kind of an animal or maybe piece of clothing, etc.

The Most Common Dreams About Green

Dreaming of green eyes – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing green eyes then this type of a dream indicates on your perspective .

It means that you have a great perception of reality, it means that you know when to act and when to be calm.

You are mastering your emotions and that you are discovering yourself.

So this meaning implies if you are the one who has green eyes, the other case scenario is when in a dream you are looking at a person that has green eyes then the meaning for this dream is slightly different.

That person actually knows you in a way that you wouldn’t suspect, perhaps if your friend has green eyes then that friend actually knows when you are lying or trying to hide your feelings.

Sometimes people can dream about animals with green eyes, if this is the case then it represents instincts and survival.

Dreaming of a green snake – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing a green snake then this type of a dream is also connected with survival but it has more meanings and scenarios.

Some people see this type of a dream as a nightmare, especially people who have phobias and are terrified of snakes.

Yes snakes are not really great signs but in this case they can be good and bad.

Sometimes they represent opportunities and other times they represent some kind of a challenge with bad results.

They may represent wealth and luck but they could also be a sign of misfortune and negativity.

In a dream a green snake could be attacking you, if that is the case then the meaning behind this kind of a dream is that you do not feel safe in your surrounding.

Perhaps you live in a dangerous neighbourhood or maybe your enemy is openly plotting their attack against you, etc.

Also this type of a dream may be a sign of possible betrayal coming from someone you never should have trusted.

This will be your own fault because you didn’t listen to your intuition at the right time.

You can also have a dream in which a green snake bites you, if this is the scenario then it means that your life could be in danger.

This is caused by something or someone that is very dangerous and life threatening.

Another type of a dream that could appear is when a green snake is following you.

This dream may even appear as a nightmare, you have a feeling like you won’t succeed at running away from it.

So the meaning behind this dream is that you are not committing to anyone because of a past hurtful experience that left a trauma which is the reason behind your fears.

Message from your subconscious is to face your fears and do not let them consume or control your life.

Your life is in your hands only so act according to that.

Dreaming of green grass – If you had a dream like this in which you see a green grass then this type of a dream indicates on possible chances in your near future.

It means that your luck is about to turn around, perhaps a new job position is going to open up and the thing is that it is up to you to take it.

So green grass represents something fresh, a whole new chapter of your life.

Your life could be on a whole other level but this is all up to you and your decisions, choose wisely because you might be sad after refusing something and later seeing how good that actually was.

There is a scenario in which you see a grass that is burnt down, this means that you have lost the right to make a decision about certain situation.

Or in other words your train has left the station meaning that the chance you had has slipped away.

But if you have a dream about grass that is too long then this means that you are growing rapidly, but if you dream about having problems with that long grass like trying to remove it then this means that you are under pressure and under a lot of stress lately.

You are afraid that you are not able to handle your own emotions and thoughts, you just need some quality rest and everything will be perfect.

Dreaming of watering green plants – If you had a dream like this in which you are watering green plants then this type of a dream suggests that you are actually watering yourself.

It means that you are nurturing yourself, your body and your mind.

You are completely focused on your personal growth and on becoming the best version of you, while doing this you are opening up new doors for possible success in the future.

Changing habits, cutting of toxic people and toxic behaviour, surrounding yourself with people that love you, reading or listening to music, turning to your religion or maybe you are doing something else but you are on the right track completely.

But if the scenario is that your plants are filled with water then this means that you are not present, you  are living inside of your head without even trying to be aware of the reality.

This can be tricky for you because it is likely that you are going to miss out on some fantastic opportunities just because you are living in your fake scenarios.

Dreaming of green apples – If you had a dream like this in which you dream about green apples then this type of a dream indicates on maturity and wisdom.

It means that you are growing and becoming a better version of yourself at every step you make.

So this type of a dream is also pretty common, you eat apples and see them every single day so it is natural for them to appear in your dream.

Another meaning behind this dream is that you are calming your mind, emotions and your soul.

It is a really great sign for you.

You can have different dreams about green apples for example a dream in which you are laying under an green apple tree, if you have a dream like this then this is an indication on spiritual peace.

You can have a dream about enjoying a piece of green apple, if this is the case them this dream is an indication of innovation.

It means that you have some great innovative ideas for certain projects regarding your school, work, college or something that you are doing for yourself.

Dreaming about emerald green – If you have a dream in which the green you see is emerald green then this type of a dream is a sign of improvement

It means that you are constantly but slowly moving on a whole other level in your life both emotionally and physically.

You are learning from your mistakes and making them your strength and not your weakness.

Dreaming about dark green – If you had a dream like this in which you see the darker shade of green then this type of a dream is a sign of possible complications in your head that appears when you have to trust someone.

It may be because of some experience that you had or this is just a fear because you know that there is a chance that you will end up being hurt.