Dreaming of Unicorns – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about unicorns are often related to a person in your life that has a deeper meaning for you. Unicorns are symbols of innocence, purity, beauty, youth, and honesty.

These are all things that you might see in someone and for that reason, you had a dream about a unicorn.

Another meaning is that your life will unexpectedly change after a new person walks into your life and interrupt everything you have been doing. You are likely to fall in love with that person and start sharing your life with them.

That is a beautiful symbol of a unicorn and is telling you to be open to new things and change.

Also, seeing a unicorn in a dream can be a symbol of new excitement and adventure that you might get going on. If you plan on having a trip soon, this dream is supporting you in your decision.

A unicorn is a creature that, in dreams, gives us a picture of how we see ourselves and other people special to us.

The most common dreams about unicorns

Dreaming of seeing a unicorn

If you only remember seeing a unicorn in your dream, without any details, it is a symbol of your personality and it represents the way you see yourself. Since a unicorn is a symbol of purity, innocence, good personality, honesty, and sincerity, you are definitely an angel.

This dream indicates that you find yourself as a nice person but you are also very strong. You are powerful and you are amazing. Although some people might consider you weak or vulnerable, you know that your strength is in your emotions and your common sense.

You like helping people and you are very sensitive when it comes to other people. You are a protector and you always help others in need.

You are full of love and compassion, but you never let anyone take advantage of you. Good people are not stupid so even when people try to fool you, they don’t succeed because you are good at reading people.

You know who wants good for you and who is trying to harm you. A unicorn in your dream is like your guardian and it symbolizes your strength and grace.

Dreaming of riding a unicorn

Riding a unicorn in your dream is a symbol of adventures and positive experiences that you will go through in the next period. This dream indicates that you will be very lucky in the future and you will live your life just like you have always imagined.

Riding a unicorn is a symbol of victory and it is related to every aspect of your life. You will be the winner no matter what you do and where you are.


This dream is a symbol of success and it says that in the next period you will be growing your career or business and make a lot out of it.

Also, this dream can mean that your wish will come true. If there is something you have really wanted for a long time, now it’s time it becomes reality.

This dream indicates that your wishes will come true and you will be filled with joy and happiness. That is why a unicorn is a symbol of victory because you will get what you want and win.

Dreaming of a flying unicorn

If you saw a flying unicorn in your dream and it was far away from you, but you kept being astonished by its look, it means that you have big hopes and dreams.

This dream represents everything you want in life and it says that those things are very close to you.

But, you need to find a way to accomplish your goals. You can’t just stand and imagine your beautiful future life. You need to take action and do something in order to make your dreams come true.

A flying unicorn represents all your deepest wishes that didn’t come true. Right now, you are fantasizing about your future and the things you want to have, and people you want to meet.

This unicorn is far from you, but you can see it. You can’t touch it, but seeing it is the first step to getting close to something. If you see your fantasy, know your idea, you can easily find a way to make it a reality.

If you saw a unicorn flying away from you, it means that you won’t be lucky in the next period and you will feel poorly. Something you want will slip from your hands and you will suffer a big loss.

Dreaming of a dead unicorn

Unfortunately, a dead unicorn is a bad sign and it indicates that some of your plans will fall apart and you will feel disappointed by yourself. You might make wrong choices or actions that could lead to a big loss. Maybe you will make a mistake at your work or anything that you do right now.

This can be related to your job, education, business plans, vacation plans, anything. A dead unicorn is a symbol of losing hope, doing something bad, wrong decisions, impurity, end of something good.

This dream symbolizes the end of something important for you. You will feel crushed by that failure and it will take you a while to stand back at your feet.

Or, if you had some plans for the future, it may be that none of your plans will be put into realization and you will be very disappointed.

However, this dream can also mean that you have too high standards for something. If so, your wishes won’t come true just because they are almost impossible to be done. In that case, this dream is telling you to calm down and stop wishing for some unreal things to happen because you can only hurt yourself and feel bad.

Dreaming of many unicorns

If you saw more unicorns in your dream, it is a sign of prosperity and abundance. Your life will be filled with love, joy, happiness, and it will feel like you are dreaming. You have many positive aspects in your life and they will improve as the years go by.

This dream is telling you that you will manage to do everything you want and make your life perfect. Many unicorns can represent your future in which you will have a lot of friends, family, and a great job.

However, another meaning of this dream can be related to your ambitions. You are a very ambitious person who wants to achieve a lot of things in life, but you can’t decide which ambition to start achieving first. Maybe you are overwhelmed with ideas and plans and you can’t decide what to do.

This dream indicates that ideas are great, but if you have too many of them, you will have to choose one by one if you want to put them into action. You can’t do a thousand things at the same time so you should carefully decide on your plans related to your future.

Dreaming of a picture of a unicorn

If you saw a picture of a unicorn, for example on a phone screen or a real picture on a wall, it means that you have lost your ability to make wishes. You stopped making wishes and you don’t have any plans anymore.

This dream indicates that you have left your plans in the past and you gave up your dreams and hopes. Maybe you had big plans in the past but they never came true so you gave them up because you weren’t strong enough.

You have likely gone through a failure and you can’t recover from it. That is why you have stopped making wishes and goals because you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t think you can do things you want because you lack confidence.

This dream is a reminder that you used to have a lot of dreams and goals and that you can always try to make them come true, no matter how much time has passed.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to recall your previous plans and never give up on yourself. You can do anything you want to so don’t let your past insecurities stop you from achieving your goal.

Dreaming of drawing of a unicorn

If you were drawing a unicorn on paper in your dream, it means that you will get more creative in the next period.

This dream is a symbol of creativity, art, ideas, and is a sign that you should focus on your creative nature. Having this dream is a symbol of something from the past that you really used to like doing.

Maybe you had a drawing talent and you used to draw every day, but then you stopped. This can be anything you used to do in the past that now you don’t do at all.

This dream is reminding you of your talents and is telling you to start being creative again. It can be writing, drawing, singing, sports, etc. It is very important that we do things that we enjoy.

Drawing a unicorn in a dream is a symbol of the creation and pleasure that comes when we see the product of our work. Do what make you happy even if nobody supports you.

This dream can also be a sign that you should make a change in your life. Maybe you are tired of acting the way people expect you to and you want to break that cycle and do what you want, as you should.

Dreaming of a unicorn toy

Unicorn toy is a symbol of childhood and is related to the child in us. Everyone has a child in their soul and everyone used to be a child.

That child has gone through a lot of bad and good things and it can appear in our minds sometimes. Some people had a beautiful childhood, some had a bad one. The child in us remembers everything we experienced and it stores memories as emotions.

This dream is a symbol of the past wishes and needs of a person who had this dream. Maybe you weren’t always satisfied and happy and your wishes never came true when you were younger.

This dream is a symbol of the void you might be feeling right now because you didn’t receive what you needed when you were a child.

Unicorn toy represents hope and dreams that never came true when you were younger. You should try to remember what is it that you missed in your life and try to be more self-aware.

Also, a unicorn toy is a symbol of childish dreams and hopes an adult could have. It means that you, as an adult, shouldn’t have these hopes because they are reserved for the kids.

But, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t have dreams and hopes. This dream is a product of your subconscious which is worried about what people might think of you. Let it go and do what you want.

Dreaming of a white unicorn

A white unicorn is a symbol of purity and innocence. Maybe you have met someone who is a very good person and it made you wonder how can someone be like that.

This dream is a product of your environment. It means that there must be someone who makes you feel beautiful in a way nobody else does. That person is a light in your life and is guiding you to be better.

You will fall in love with someone with grace and dignity and that person will help you get up when you fall. They will support you always and love you like no one else did before.

Dreaming of a black unicorn

A black unicorn means that you have lost a part of your innocence and you will never be able to bring it back. Maybe you did something you regret, but there is no turning back.

This dream indicates that you had your hands dirty and you did some things in the past that you are not very proud of.

However, you regret it and you want to change, which is great news. Your past is dark, but your future can be bright.

This dream is a message from your subconscious mind and is telling you to never do something similar again. Be better, do better, because you can.

A black unicorn is still a unicorn. So, even if you did some things you are not proud of, you are still fighting for yourself and you care about your dignity.