Dream of Eating Mango – Meaning and Interpretation

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Mango is a tropical fruit that reminds us of exotic places and warm weather. It has an orange color which can represent positive feelings and warmth.

Dreams in which mango is the primary subject directly indicate sensual feelings and sexual desire and in some cases can have various expressions during the dream.

The dreamer can sense good vibrations and positive feelings mostly, but in rare cases can present moments fulfilled with sadness and grief depending on the context.

Dreaming of eating mango 

If you had a dream about eating a mango that tastes sweet and wakes your senses it means that you have suppressed sexual fantasies about someone. Often you don’t want to admit that you like someone and you want their attention.

Having this fruit in your dream means you want to start a relationship with someone you find attractive but you don’t know how, or maybe you are afraid of rejection.

However, your feelings towards someone are so strong that you will do anything to get them.

You have an erotic fantasy about that person and it is what occupies your mind the most. You should think about your emotions and what you really want from that person. Being straightforward is essential when it comes to admitting your intentions.

Dreaming of someone trying to steal mango from you 

When you have a dream about eating or planning to eat a sweet, tasty mango and suddenly someone tries to stop you from eating it, it means that your love relationship with your partner is going to be interrupted, or already is.

No matter how hard you want your relationship to last, sometimes we have to let it go and continue further.

If you dreamed that your partner is trying to steal a mango from you, it means that his/her feelings are cooling down and that you should think about whether they hide something from you.

Maybe you will have to try hard to keep them close to you and you will do anything to stop them from leaving. However, breaking up is sometimes the only thing left do to.

But, if you see someone you don’t know trying to stop you from enjoying this fruit, it may mean that you will meet someone who you will be attracted to or someone who will try to win you and start a relationship with you, despite the fact that you are currently taken.

Be careful with who you let into your life and don’t hide feelings from your partner.


Dreaming of sharing a mango with someone

If you had a dream about sharing a mango with your loved one, there is nothing strange with that and it means you have strong feelings towards your partner.

However, if you are taken, but dreamt of this situation with someone who is not your partner, it means you have feelings for someone else.

If you are single, it is very likely that you will start a relationship with the person you had a dream about and that they have the same feelings for you.

Dreaming of eating a rotten mango

Dream in which you hold or eat mango that started to rotten and is already over mature means that you are feeling tired of your current relationship and need a break.

Maybe you are saturated with your partner and want to try something new.

If that mango tastes sour, it can mean that you feel empty in your relationship and the reason your feelings are cooling down is that you don’t receive enough attention from your partner. In this case, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is going to fall apart, and there is a great chance that it can be saved.

Again, you need to put effort into saving your relationship and you can’t just wait for it to fix itself.

Dreaming of buying mango 

This dream, in contrast to others which symbolize the relationship, means that you will achieve success or you will be in a better financial situation.

Maybe your superior at work will give you a raise or you will inherit money that will help you with your loans.

All in all, buying a mango almost always indicated improvement in material status.

Seeing a mango tree in your dream

This dream often tells you that you have support from the people that surround you and that you are not alone.

It is good to know that you are not alone and you can always ask for help from people you trust.

Your friends and family think of you as a good person and cherish you. You are important to them and they can always rely on you as much as you can rely on them.

The only thing that can stay in your way is yourself. You have to be careful not to break their trust and to show them affection as much as they show it to you.

Dreaming of picking a mango from a mango tree

Dreams in which you pick a fruit from a tree usually symbolize unfulfilled wishes you have toward someone.

If you had a dream where you were picking mango from a tree that means your fantasies about someone won’t come true. No matter what wishes you have, if they are sexual, emotional, or businesslike, there is a very small chance you will accomplish them.

Sometimes you wish for things you can’t have. Maybe you have to be satisfied with what you already have instead of looking for something that is out of your league right now.

Dreaming of selling a mango

Selling mango to someone in your dream indicates that you will be disappointed by the way people treat you or by the way someone special to you treats you.

You will realize that people you thought to be truthful and honest, aren’t really. Maybe you will lose your trust in them and distance from them.

It can be that people who you work with don’t trust you. This situation is something you can easily fix, but try to figure out if there are any reasons for them to think about you that way.

Dreaming of giving a mango to someone 

If you gave mango to someone as a gift it means that you will receive help from someone you would least expect. It can be someone you don’t have a close relationship with that will help you out.

This dream is telling you that giving is receiving.

You can expect a piece of good advice from someone who isn’t really close to you but has good intentions, so don’t reject help.

Dreaming of receiving a mango as a gift 

As opposed to when you dream about giving someone mango and receiving help, this dream means that you will give a hand to someone in need.

You will help a person to achieve something really important to them, even if you know you don’t have anything from it. It is good to help others and that feeling will fulfill you.

With a little effort, you will make someone really happy because your voice will be the reason they accomplished what they wanted to.

Dreaming of others picking mango from a tree

You are very worried about someone you can a lot about. Someone in your life is in trouble or is having hard times and you truly worry about them.

Worrying about others means that we care about them. However, even if you try to help them you may be told that they are fine and don’t have problems. If that happens, you can only stand by the side and respect their opinion.

Don’t rush that person to tell you anything, just let them take time and do so.

Dreaming of planting mango

Seems like you have long-distance plans that you want to achieve. You took a lot of time to think through them and you are finally ready to take action.

You are getting bored of living life the way you don’t want and you plan to make big changes. Don’t doubt your decisions and do your best to achieve your goals!

Even if you don’t have support from your friends and family, you know how important it is to follow your inner voice which tells you to try. If you never try, you will never know. Eventually, everyone will start accepting your decisions and will involve in your plans to help you.

Dreaming of others planting mango

Someone close to you will make drastic changes that are going to shock you. You will wonder why did they do it and how you didn’t know about their plans earlier.

Maybe your partner will decide without letting you know and you may be disappointed. You will think about your relationship and how much it matters to you two.

In the end, you may break up because your paths are going in separate directions.

Dreaming of peeling a mango 

This dream suggests that you will soon find out the real personality of someone you have known for a long period. The person won’t be who you thought they are and that will affect you.

Someone you trust will break that trust by telling a secret you told them in privacy.

You will get to the conclusion that he/she isn’t who they say they are and you will realize they are not people you should rely on.

Dreaming of others peeling a mango 

Someone will put false accusations on you. They will say things that are not true about you and will try to make you look guilty in front of others.