Dreams About Ice Skating – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream about ice skating, maybe you skated on a beautiful frozen lake, or maybe on dangerous, thin ice through which you accidentally fell into and found yourself in a freezing water. And, now, you want to know what it could mean. Few explanations will help you understand the deeper meaning of your dream and help you resolve the mystery.

The connotation of your dream about ice skating depends on whether you skate on a block of thick or thin ice, whether you fell and broke something.

Also, it is important to know if you were with someone, or if it was just you enjoying skating alone.

Try to remember the feelings you had, if you were cold, or feeling settled. Dreams are part of our subconscious mind and represent our suppressed thoughts and feelings.

Dreams also reveal future events and moments that will be present in your life.

Ice skating is an activity that can bring you much joy and is thought to be adventurous.

If you had a dream about ice skating, it could mean that you are truly a big enthusiast with lots of ideas and adventures ahead of you!

Still, if you were really ice skating with your friends, relatives, or partner, it is quite possible that you were just under the impression, especially if that was your first time doing it.

Also, if you were afraid of ice skating, and still went on for a skate, it might be that your fear has woken your subconscious mind which resulted in a dream about ice skating.

However, there are some interpretations of what your dream about ice skating could mean..

Most Common Dreams about Ice Skating

Dreaming about unbalanced ice skating

If you had a dream about trying to stay in a position where you can skate on ice without falling, but you had hard times doing that, it could mean that you are sometimes clumsy.

Nevertheless, you are trying your best to keep in line with everything and hold it together.

Maybe last weeks were not exactly the way you planned and you couldn’t manage to do your tasks properly.

Also, dreaming about unbalanced ice skating is a symbol of your inner insecurities. However, you are still on skates! Try to be more secure about yourself and keep your head up!


But, you are trying hard to keep everything stable and you are always the one who has to control the situation, although sometimes it is a quite hard job.

Dreaming of balanced ice skating 

The meaning of a dream depends on the feelings you had. If you felt confident, excited, and free it means that there are lots of bright days that wait for you to utilize them and express your true self!

If you felt positive emotions during the dream, it is most likely that positive things are about to happen in your life.

Maybe you will get a raise or gift, or you will just feel productive and full of energy. It is important that you use that positive energy and create opportunities for yourself.

Furthermore, feeling of relief and joy during ice skating in dreams symbolizes improvement in your close relationships.

If you fought with your close ones, be open to resolve problems and connect with them again.

Dreaming of falling on ice during ice skating 

It is obvious that fall, anytime and anywhere, represents something bad.

Often, people think of fall as the worst thing that can happen and are afraid of it. However, it is not always like that.

Falling on the ice during ice skating is something that happens all the time in real life. But, if you felt bad during the fall in your dream, it can mean that you are afraid of success. The fear you have might be the reason you won’t succeed.

Another meaning is that you are unconfident and you let other people control you and use you. Fall symbolizes weakness and it may mean that some people want to see you down.

If people saw you fall and you felt embarrassed, it means that you will have unpleasant moments at work or school, where you will have to defend your opinion.

Dreaming of falling through the ice during ice skating

Interpretation of this dream depends on the circumstances of how you fell through the ice.

If it happened unexpectedly, there will be people who will want to take advantage of you. It means that someone wants to deceive you, so be aware!

If you saw that the ice broke, and you tried to avoid the hole, but you couldn’t, it means that you are incapable of solving problems and you always try to escape from them.

This dream is a warning that you should confront your problems no matter how big they are.

Dreaming of ice skating on a thin ice

Thin ice is always something that refers to shaky and uncertain situations.

Ice skating on thin ice tells you that you are not sure about something. It could be your job, career, partner, or friends.

If you felt unsafe on thin ice it means that you don’t trust someone around you, or that you shouldn’t trust someone near you because they don’t wish you the best.

It can be someone jealous of you, but also someone you find close to yourself.

Dreaming of ice skating indoor 

Usually, this dream indicates a family meeting where you will spend splendid time with loved ones in a circle of joy and happiness.

You will realize how happy you are with people you love and forget about all inconveniences.

, Indoor’’ depicts that you feel safe and warm, even if you skate on freezing ice! Family is an important part of our lives because it gives us love and support.

Dreaming of ice skating outdoors

This dream is symbolizing happiness that will come out of nowhere. You will feel good about yourself and you will realize that you have it all.

Maybe you will hear the good news that is related to the people you love – your friend is getting married or is waiting for a baby. It will be time for spreading happiness and buying gifts!

A similar connotation has a dream of ice skating with friends and close ones.

Dreaming of being pushed during ice skating 

If only we are aware of negative situations coming our way…Wait! I had a dream which symbolized that someone will let me down!

That is exactly what you would think after being in a bad situation that was subconsciously depicted in your dream before it happened. People tend to let other people down, and some can even sense when something bad is about to happen.

This dream indicates that there will be tough times when you will have to stand for yourself.

Being pushed while enjoying sports sounds like a very threatening situation. Not only will someone try to fraud you, but they will do so at the moment when you feel safe. Be careful who you let into your life.

On the other hand, maybe you have difficulties in trusting someone or you find people in general untrustworthy.

That said, you have to regain trust in people and open up more. The fear of being betrayed is only leaving you unsettled.

Try to be careful with who you trust, but don’t be afraid to do so.

Dreaming of pushing someone during ice skating

This dream means that you will tell a joke which won’t be considered funny, but rather mistaken for insult. That situation will not be near pleasant, and you might be in a position to apologize.

Another means of this dream is that there is someone who makes you feel bad or angry, and pushing them from you symbolizes your negative feelings towards them.

It depends on who you pushed in your dream. If that was someone you know, but don’t hate, you may have a dispute with them.

Dreaming of ice skating for competition

You are about to do great things you never imagined you will be able to comprehend.

Dreaming of competing in ice skating means that you will be encouraged to do something you were always afraid of.

Great success is coming and you should take your chance!

This dream also implicates resolving problems and fears based on your capability to overcome your inner insecurities.

You will have the courage and strength to shine your light and be the best version of yourself.

Dreaming of running while ice skating

Like the previous one, this dream suggests a lot of success that will bounce you forward in your life.

However, if you fail during this dream, it means that you won’t be able to achieve all your goals because you have too high standards.

Dreaming of getting an injury during ice skating

If you see an injury on your body after you fell during ice skating, it means that some problems may disturb you or interrupt you.

Be careful in the next couple of weeks because you could encounter some problems which will require a cool head.

Dreaming of ice breaking during ice skating

New beginnings are about to come. You are starting something new that will bring you happiness and joy.

Dreaming of ice breaking suggests that new chapters are going to be written in your life and that you are about to change something drastically.

Change is always a good thing. You can’t be better if you don’t change. You can’t always be in the same position expecting to change without action. You have to move in some way.

The actions you will take in near future will transform your life into something much better and enjoyable.

Dreaming of someone falling during ice skating

If you saw someone falling on ice it means that you are sad because of someone’s bad life situation. You are worried about someone close to you.

Maybe you know someone who suffers but you can’t help them, and you feel bad because of it.

Try to show them that you care, sometimes it’s not what we say to make someone feel better, but what we do. Do something nice for the person in need.

Dreaming of spinning on ice

You had a dream about making a pirouette or spinning uncontrollably on ice. It indicates that you will express your intelligence and sharpen your mind.

Maybe you will become aware of something you couldn’t realize for years, or you’ll be able to do some tasks properly. Your skill in something will improve.

Your mind will be very productive and you might get a job promotion.

Many people are going to find you interesting and think of you as of good organizer and will follow your word.

Also, the sense of art is enhanced and you will have inspiration for creation.

Dreaming of ice skates

This dream often implicates that you have a strong desire for traveling.

Seeing ice skates in your dream is a symbol of adventurous spirit and enthusiasm. Maybe you will go on a trip by yourself, or with your friends.

It is possible that you will go on a journey to the place you always wanted to visit but you didn’t get a chance. Don’t miss this chance.

For business people, this dream means you will have to travel for a business meeting or training.