Dreams About Eyelashes – Meaning and Symbolism

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Eyelashes are what make eyes so beautiful. They can be long, short, dense or thin, fake. Women style their eyelashes because they contribute to the look of the eyes.

Dreams about eyelashes are often connected to the beautiful, but manipulative nature of the person. Eyelashes are symbols of beauty that someone uses to achieve something.

Depending on the situation, seeing eyelashes in your dream can sometimes mean that someone in your circle has an aggressive nature and that you should be careful.

Sometimes this dream indicates that there are hidden things from you and someone is trying to keep them out of your sight.

Maybe someone will try to manipulate you, or you are the one to do so. To find out, follow this article!

The Most Common Dreams about Eyelashes 

Dreaming of your eyelashes falling off

This kind of dream usually tells you that you should pay more attention to your surroundings and who you let into your life.

Maybe there is someone who doesn’t want to see you succeed, or is envious of your beauty.

On the other hand, this dream indicates that you are worried about your looks and you are often insecure about how people perceive you. You might want to change something about yourself, but you don’t have the courage.

Also, it may be that you feel like you are not attractive to people around you and feel less desirable. When it comes to aging, you are very insecure and worried.

However, it is a normal part of people’s lives. You shouldn’t be obsessed with your looks that much.

Seeing someone else’s eyelashes falling off 

If the person in your dream was someone you are close to, it means that you don’t find them attractive anymore and you want to distance from them.

Maybe your long time partner has neglected themselves and no matter how hard you try to change them, you can’t. That is why you decide to leave.

If you saw someone else in your dream, it means that you are afraid of aging and you want people in your surrounding to live a long, happy life.


You are worried about someone you care about, maybe your parents, and you want to help them.

Dreaming of fake eyelashes 

If you had fake eyelashes on your eyes, this means that you are not confident and have low self-esteem. You worry about how others look at you and you are afraid of judgment.

You should try to be more secure about yourself and work on it. You often pretend that you are someone else and maybe that is what people don’t like about you.

Sometimes this dream means you are naive and easily trust people. Thus you get hurt very soon.

This dream often marks a potential fraud, so be careful with who you trust.

If a woman had this dream, it means that she wants to change her looks.

If a man has this dream, it means that he doesn’t care about close people as much as they do.

Dreaming of long, natural eyelashes 

If you had a dream in which you had very long, beautiful eyelashes it may mean that you are soon going to see someone you have been missing for a long time.

It’s time for a reunion, and maybe you will see your friends from school or a crush you haven’t seen since school.

This dream also indicates that you will receive unexpected gifts or money.

Dreaming of short, thin eyelashes 

If you had short, thin eyelashes in your dream, in most cases it doesn’t bring a good message. Often this dream represents a material loss or bankrupt.

If your workplace isn’t very stable it is possible that soon you will quit or get fired from it.

On the other hand, maybe someone you care about will need financial help but you won’t be able to help them out.

Dreaming of your eyelashes getting thinner, but don’t fall off

Hard times are coming your way. This dream usually means that you or someone you love will get sick.

Also, this dream tells you that you are sad because of something bad that happened. In some cases, this dream may indicate that an affair will affect you and you will feel used.

Dreaming of shiny and beautiful eyelashes 

This may be a good sign for career opportunities or happy marriage.

Dreams like these are usually filled with good, positive feelings and are telling you that you are doing good. No financial problems, a beautiful relationship, and a stable career.

Dreaming that you don’t have eyelashes 

This dream often has a negative connotation and meaning. Maybe you will get sick or someone you love will be ill.

Another interpretation is that this dream is telling you that you are going to find out gossips about someone who is not close to you so the best advice is to keep it discreet and don’t talk about it.

Dreaming of putting mascara on your eyelashes 

If you have some important event coming your way and you were thinking about what to dress then this dream doesn’t have any special meaning.

However, if that is not the case, you should reconsider some decisions you made and how you treated other people. Someone feels bad because of your actions and is hurt.

Maybe you didn’t have bad intentions, but somehow it ended that way. Try to make it up to that person and be careful with what you say.

Dreaming of having many layers of mascara on your eyelashes 

If you can’t see good because of mascara, it means that you are being lied to. Someone is hiding something from you and you can’t figure it out.

Or, it may be that your partner is cheating on you.

This dream has a negative connotation and tells you that you are blind to someone’s lies.

Dreaming of long eyelashes 

Something is blocking you from success. You are trying your best but somehow doesn’t seem to make any progress.

But, nothing lasts forever. This dream often means that you will eventually achieve your goals despite being constantly disputed by things you don’t see.

Your boss will congrats you on a well-done job and you will get a notification you deserve.

Dreaming of dense eyelashes 

Very pleasant times are ahead of you. You will feel happiness during the next period and nothing bad will come your way.

You deserve to rest and enjoy life because you worked so hard for the past few months. You need rest and maybe you should take a week off.

If you are married or have a partner, he/she will make a surprise for you and that will leave you feeling loved.

Dreaming of your eyelashes falling off

In the next couple of weeks, your health is going to be compromised. Not only did you exhaust yourself, but also you let everyone tell you what to do and that is making you sick.

You don’t believe in yourself and you are not confident. No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t seem to help you with your insecurities.

Maybe you feel lonely and like there is no one to understand you or give you a shoulder for crying. You feel like you need someone to be there for you.

This dream represents a potential threat and that you should watch out for yourself. Not everyone wants the best for you and there is someone who wants to take advantage of you.

Dreaming of glued eyelashes

If your eyelashes were glued together and stopped you from seeing, it means that you might need to get more close to your partner to see who they are for real.

Even if you have a good relationship, there may be lots of things you don’t know about each other. Things take time so don’t rush.

Dreaming of someone with long eyelashes 

This is a positive dream because you will finally be on the same page with someone you were fighting all the time. It can be your colleague or someone from your past with who you had a hard time finding same the language.

In the end, you won’t fight with that person anymore and you will be pleased with that.

Dreaming of putting makeup on your eyelashes 

You don’t have big problems in your life, however, in near future you will have few little ones. But don’t worry, you will be able to resolve them.

Why people dream about eyelashes?

1.Wanting to change your look 

When a woman has a dream about eyelashes, it usually means that she wants to change something about her appearance which bothers her. It doesn’t have to mean that she is unconfident, it’s more likely that she is just tired of the same simplicity in her style.

2.Unexpected love

One more reason why people have dreams about eyelashes is that they are going to fall in love, or they already did. The feeling you had during the dream can determine whether you are in love, or you are going to be in love in near future.


The thing is, when you dream about abnormal eyelashes ( falling off, too long, too short) there is a great chance someone will stab you in your back.

Often, dreams about eyelashes can represent future disappointments in which someone reveals their true self and let you down.


Sadly, some dreams about eyelashes can indicate that you will be sick in a short period. This is not necessarily going to happen, but you should take more care of yourself.