Dream of Enemy Being Friendly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Few have terrible and serious enemies, but most have at least acquaintances to whom they cultivate a certain aversion.

What does it mean if you dreamed of one of your enemies being your friend and being friendly towards you? You can read that below.

In principle, dreaming of the enemy usually has a positive meaning for the one who dreams. You will probably have a wish fulfilled or you will solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time.

One possible meaning is that you will reconcile with the person you were arguing with. You will show that person that you are glad that you have finally reconciled and that you never want to quarrel again. You missed that person very much and she missed you too.

In the future, you will be more careful with your friends and you will not make enemies out of them.

In addition to this meaning, an enemy who presents himself as a friend in a dream can also have the following meanings.

The most common dreams about an enemy being friendly

Dreaming of meeting the enemy that is being friendly

If you met an enemy that is being friendly in a dream, it means that you are quite burdened with various worries, small and large ones.

You don’t have enough time for all your work assignments, so you’re afraid of the boss and their criticism. You should be a little more realistic about the whole situation and emphasize your good qualities in front of your superiors instead of constantly justifying yourself for the so-called omissions.

You often create stress and tension for yourself, even though no one criticizes you. Be a little more relaxed and open. That way you will be more likable to the boss and colleagues and yours will not be called out often.

Dreaming that the enemy who is being friendly has come to your home

This dream signifies your dilemmas. You are very insecure about a situation or a person in your life.

Everything looks good, but your instinct tells you otherwise. You feel great fear subconsciously because it is something that means a lot to you in life.

You may not like your child’s chosen one. Maybe it’s a financial investment where you’re not sure if it’s good that you trusted someone. In any case, the feeling usually does not deceive us, so you should withdraw money from investments that you are not sure about. As for your child’s partner, you can only carefully monitor the situation and react as needed.

Dreaming that you have driven away an enemy who is being friendly


This dream is about you and your efforts of doing everything you can to stay afloat, but it’s getting harder for you.

You cannot rest and recover from stress and problems. You have to fight with something all the time.

Don’t give up because one day you will be well rewarded for all your torments and sacrifices. Your reward will be your family or a developed business.

Dreaming that you have reconciled with an enemy who is being friendly

Reconciling in a dream with the enemy who is being friendly means that there will be major changes in your life that you did not expect. Changes can occur in any sphere of life, business or private.

You may get married, relocate, or change your long-term job. You may end a long-term relationship or quit smoking or quit some other vice.

The period ahead of you is turbulent so you have to be careful and reasonable. Eventually, you will become a different person with whom you will be more satisfied than with the current one.

Dreaming of apologizing to an enemy who is being friendly

Apologizing to the enemy who acts friendly in a dream means that you want to leave something that burdens you a lot. It is possible that it is a quarrel with a close person or a job that is very stressful.

You want peace in your life, even if you have to sacrifice something that used to be very important to you.

Do what you think is smartest and what suits you best, and in time everything else will fall into place. You can’t influence some things, so you shouldn’t let them create additional tension for you.

Dreaming that an enemy who is being friendly apologizes to you

If you dreamed that the enemy who is being friendly apologized to you, it means that you are aware that you have sinned against someone and now your conscience bothers you.

It would be best to call that person and apologize to them. Nothing will ever be the same between you two, but it will be easier for both of you.

You are an average human being, and people make mistakes. What makes the difference is apologizing and accepting responsibility for your mistakes.

Dreaming that you are lying to an enemy who is being friendly

If you dreamed of lying to the enemy who is behaving friendly, it means that you are lying to your friends, but out of good and generous intentions.

It is possible that you will keep silent about having health problems or marriage issues in order to protect your loved ones.

You don’t want anyone to worry about you. You are used to taking care of others all your life and helping them solve their problems. You will continue to do so, and it will help you forget about your troubles.

Dreaming of talking calmly to the enemy who is being friendly

If you dreamed of being calm and composed while talking to your enemy who acts friendly, it means that you have finally matured emotionally and are not taking everything to heart.

They say that wisdom comes with age, but that is not always the rule. As far as you is concerned, this saying applies to you. You will finally learn how to deal with some worries, challenges, and problems.

Dreaming of arguing with the enemy who is being friendly

If you dreamed of an argument with the enemy who behaves friendly, it means that you have become aware that you have not chosen a good way to deal with your problems. You probably made a bad decision because you were under the influence of strong emotions and now you are secretly repenting.

It would be best to consult with close people you trust, since their perspective is certainly more objective than yours, and that is what you need right now.

Dreaming of insulting the enemy who is being friendly

If you dreamed of insulting the enemy who is being friendly, it means that you are probably a very hasty person and that trait of yours will get into trouble soon.

Whenever you want to let someone know in a dramatic way that you disagree with something, remember that decisions should be made with a cool head.

This is especially true for work and a love affair. If you insult a loved one, it will be hard for them to forgive you. The same goes for the boss. Don’t quit your job until you find a better one otherwise you will regret it. You should try to behave maturely in every situation.

Dreaming that the enemy who is being friendly has suddenly attacked you

If you dreamed that the enemy who behaves friendly attacked you from an ambush, it means that you are relaxed a lot and did not react in time regarding some situation.

You must not allow yourself to lose control of important things in your life.

If you managed to defend yourself from a sudden attack in a dream, it means that someone will help you or that you will be lucky.

Dreaming of fighting an enemy who is being friendly

Fighting with an enemy who is being friendly in a dream means that you are very angry about something, but you suppressed it somehow. You may regret not reacting the way you think you should in a situation.

Don’t deal with it as you will soon have the opportunity to correct everything.

Dreaming of chasing the enemy who is being friendly

Chasing the enemy who is acting friendly in a dream means that you have decided to finally deal with some persistent problems or with some problematic people in your life.

You have gathered the courage to finally regain complete control over your life. You see, it won’t be as hard as you once thought.

The most important thing is to decide what you want and to act accordingly.

Dreaming of fleeing from the enemy who is being friendly

If you dreamed of running away from the enemy and hiding, it means that one situation bothers you, the situation in which you behaved like a coward.

You did not publicly oppose a decision and now you regret it. It’s not worth bothering, next time react in accordance with your opinion. This is a lesson for you in the future.