Poinsettia – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Women dream of flowers and plants more often than men, and it is clear to everyone why. Women simply prefer flowers and plants and it has a special symbolism for them.

Dreaming of a poinsettia known also as a Christmas star has many meanings, but most often it concerns joy, happiness, and passion.

Poinsettia signifies the most beautiful holiday of the year when the family gathers. Its red leaves are associated with love, beauty, and passion.

Maybe Christmas is approaching, so you are thinking about what to buy for your loved ones?

Or maybe your subconscious mind reminds you of something from the past that happened on Christmas?

Maybe you’re just in love, so you’re dreaming of red flowers?

Either way, if you’ve been dreaming of a poinsettia, read below all the meanings your dream can have.

The most common dreams about poinsettia

Dreaming of Christmas and poinsettia

If you dreamed of Christmas and within it of a poinsettia, expect well-being in your family home. There will be harmony and joy among your family members in the future. You will be overjoyed about it, and proud of them.

Everyone will look at how to please and help others. In your home, you will find shelter and a solution to all your problems.

Although there will be minor problems and obstacles at work in the future, you will easily overcome all that because you will have a harmonious and happy family. You will be able to rightly say that you are a happy and satisfied person.

Dreaming of buying a poinsettia

If you dreamed of buying a poinsettia, it means that you should dedicate more time to your family.

You’ve been neglecting them a lot lately, but now it’s time to repay them. Take a walk with your family or watch a movie together. Do some sports together.

No more excuses, you have more time now. You need to think about your relationships with family members. They are the most important in your life. Now you can get better organized and spend more time with those you love.


Dreaming of giving a poinsettia

If you dreamed that you gave someone a poinsettia, it means that you are a very good and generous person who always thinks of others and is ready to sacrifice for others.

Your life would be completely fulfilled if you joined the Red Cross or some other humanitarian organization. That way, you would fulfill your life mission of helping others in need.

Dreaming of selling poinsettia

If you have been dreaming of selling a poinsettia, it means that you will soon make a person who is not close to you very happy, perhaps a stranger.

That stranger will be delighted with you and your actions. This will affect you greatly. The good impression you have left on this person may mean a lot to you in the future.

Maybe that person will be important for your job or something else that is relevant to you. You will see that goodness begets goodness.

Dreaming of stealing a poinsettia

If you dreamed that you stole a poinsettia, it may mean that you will be embarrassed in some larger company. This is a sign not to talk about something you do not understand. Listen first!

Because of your ignorance and desire to be smart, you can say something stupid. Basically, think before you say something for sure.

Dreaming that you are surrounded by poinsettias

If you dreamed of being surrounded by poinsettias, this means that you have spent a lot of time with a loved one and that it means a lot to you in life.

This dream does not have to refer to a love partner. It can also refer to a friend or close family member. Basically, you are surrounded by love and happiness and you are happy with yourself. This is a wonderful dream.

Dreaming of planting poinsettia

A dream in which you plant or have planted a poinsettia indicates your desire to create something beautiful and be surrounded by beautiful things or divine nature.

You may have something very appealing in your life that you admire every day.

Also, this dream can indicate your desire to be loved, but also to be the center of attention. Sometimes it can represent the great ego of the one who dreams this dream. Our dreams advise us too so this dream could mean that you should stop being conceited.

If you planted poinsettia in your sleep, it can sometimes mean that there are some minor problems ahead of you, but you will successfully deal with them.

Dreaming of a poinsettia in the desert

If you dreamed that poinsettia sprouted on some barren soil, it means that you probably have some troubles and accidents in life. You may have experienced some tragedy or accident in your private life and are now trying to recover. Have patience, time heals all wounds.

In addition to this meaning, there is another meaning of the dream of a poinsettia that struggles to survive on barren soil. This means that you are fighting for a better job or a better position in society. Your struggle will be rewarded to some extent.

Dreaming of picking poinsettia

If you dreamed of picking poinsettia, it can have two meanings. The first is that you will soon enter into a new and exciting love affair or things will get better in your current relationship.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are eager for knowledge and that you will soon spend a lot of time learning.

If you stay so diligent when it comes to learning, you will go a long way in life in a professional sense.

Dreaming of destroyed poinsettia

If you dreamed of someone destroying a poinsettia, this is not a good sign. This dream means that you have a powerful enemy who wants to harm you. You already suspect someone, but you’re not sure.

So far, that enemy has been cleverly hiding, but the time has come to reveal himself. Take care and take care of your finances

. Don’t invest in untested and risky projects as much as they offer you a profit. It is a trap for greedy people. Do not allow greed to destroy you.

Dreaming of making a flower arrangement of poinsettia

If you dreamed of making decorations and flower arrangements from poinsettia, it means that good news awaits you soon.

It is possible that someone will have a child in the family or you will suddenly get some large amount of money. All in all, expect good news that will make you very happy. Your time is coming soon!

Dreaming of a poinsettia of another color

If you dreamed that poinsettia is not red, but some other color, it means that you are interfering in other people’s personal things, and you should not do that.

If you continue to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations and interfere in what does not concern you, you may be left without a friend or even a family member because they will end the relationship with you.

Stop behaving inappropriately and deal with your personal life, which you obviously don’t have.