Dream of Falling off a Cliff – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams of falling should never be foreseen, especially if they occur frequently. These dreams can consciously indicate our beliefs in life and may relate to our uncertainty or anxiety about the future.

Dreams of falling must not always have a bad symbolism, but they can prepare us to be more open to the changes that are coming to us.

Sometimes it is necessary to touch the bottom before the new phase begins in our lives. These dreams can warn us that we need to become more aware of the behavior of our actions in our lives.

Dream of falling off a cliff is one of the most common dreams. They can also warn us that we exceeded certain boundaries and that the time has come to take a different course in our lives. There are a number of problems you have been ignoring for some time now.

However, these problems are going to reappear in your life even though you may try to get rid of them.

It would be a good idea for you to deal a bit better with analyzing our dreams because they can help you in discovering things you probably didn’t notice before. One of these dreams is a dream of falling off a cliff.

Meaning Of a Dream About Falling Of a Cliff

You should not ignore those problems from the past, because you will receive messages through your dreams about those problems. If we do not pay attention to what makes our lives chaotic, the dreams will become alive with the goal of showing us where the problem is.

If you dreamed of falling off a cliff that could be an indicator that you are confronted with some type of decision that is related to changing your life. You will probably have to make some important decisions, which is not so easy, as you are aware there will probably be no return after making a step.

You need to think about where you are, take a deeper look into your emotions see try to realize what causes problems in your life. Dream of falling for a cliff can tell you a lot about your current situation.

If you have dreamed of standing on the edge of the cliff, it can represent a decision that can change your life. You have reached the bottom in some aspects of life, and you are probably no longer able to continue with the same situations, habits, or beliefs. But, this may also be the possibility of some new things to happen in your life.

There is a chance that you are in a state of alertness during this period. Perhaps you are going through some tough times in your relationship. Most likely, there will be major changes due to a lack of trust.

You and your partner should be working on having more trust in each other. None of you is cheating but seems like jealousy makes a bit problem here. This is also a sign of a great passion that exists between you and your partner.

If you have dreamed of jumping off a cliff, it may represent your decision to make a big change in your life, and perhaps this is an opportunity to take advantage of the chance that you have.

Also, this may be a sign that you have already tired of the strong waiting and worry about what brings the future. In any case, this is a sign of the movement forward, and that no matter what happened, leave the past behind.

In the continuation of the text, we will talk about different versions that are related to the dream of falling off a cliff, and we will also offer you some useful interpretations of such dreams.


The Symbolism Of a Dream Of Falling Off a Cliff

If your dream was about standing on the edge of the cliff and looking down, this is a sign that you have reached a stable state of awareness and understanding. Try to understand your current situation in a different way, try to be above the circumstances that are hindering you from moving from a state in which you are at the moment. You will see things in some other light this way.

Further, if you are seeing rocks covering the bottom of the cliff, this is a sign that your goals are not still not reachable or you will have to deal with some complex tasks to reach them. It may be that you have no idea about where and how to start changing things in your life that are not making you happy.

If you walk or drive towards the edge of the cliff, it is a sign from your subconscious that tells you that you are in dangerous territory. Try combining your feelings in a dream, the feeling of excitement or fear can be indicators and tell you about your feelings in the real world. You are experimenting a bit now as you feel like you are not in the place where you want to be in real life.

However, not every decision is smart, and you should consider your options very well.

But, if you really dream to drive a cliff and you happen to be stopped just before you hit off it, this tells you that you are living a life with no rules, all of which leads to great problems that have a disastrous result. What your subconscious wants to say is that it’s high time to set new rules and stop playing games with your future.

If there is a river near the cliff in your dream and if you may have dreamed of drowning after falling off a cliff, this may be a sign that you will most likely fall into emotional depression after experiencing failure in your job or a private life sector.

You may have waited for too much for some things to come in order, but it seems like it is still not the time for your wishes to come true. This may cause a feeling of depression.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

The circumstances in which you are in your dream of falling off a cliff will determine different interpretations. Some of these interpretations can indicate a serious problem you are about to experience in the future. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you are ready to jump from a cliff in your sleep, this may indicate your fear that you will not be ready to accept a challenge that is in front of you. Other people have high expectations of you and you are feeling like you can’t meet those expectations. However, your subconscious mind suggests that you should have faith in yourself.

Don’t think about failure, but think positively – that you will reach the goal and amaze other people with the results. Yet, this can serve as a good sign to prove your value to yourself. Don’t think about what other people expect of you, but try to do whatever you do to make yourself feel better.

Falling off a cliff and grabbing a rock to hold on may be a sign that you must make decisions that are very risky. Taking risk can actually bring you some great things in the future. Try to go with the flow and be ready to do things you never did before.

You almost lost balance in your life completely. It would not be a waste of asking some people in your life for help, because the situation where you are dangerous and you can’t get out of it easily, but it would still be better to take a risk and try something on your own.

If you have dreamed that someone whom you know is falling from the cliff while you are still standing up there, it can mean that during this period you are going through difficult times and that you are scared of what is in front of you. You have to take care of every step you make. Be open and adventurous instead of expecting other people to path the way for you.

Dreams of falling off a cliff and then climbing at the very top of the cliff can symbolize your ambition. At the same time, this may represent your need to achieve the maximum in your career and that you are very professional.

But, if you see that you are climbing to the cliff without falling down, this may indicate that progress will be difficult for you. Although you have the ambition to move to the very top, your health may suffer because of this.

You may be faced with some diseases that may prevent you from achieving success. This is definitely something you should pay attention to. Don’t be worried too much, but take this for serious either way.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you are dreaming of falling, it can be a suggestion that you have lost control over a particular situation in your life. It can be something related to your job, family, or relationships.

Dreams about a fall can indicate some issues that you are not willing to accept.

There are really many reasons why you fear that you will lose your job, fear of ties, fear of not having control, lack of confidence, experiencing failure on the love plan.

You should realize that you can’t control your destiny.

It’s important to analyze your life and your decisions well, so it may be clearer to you why falling off a cliff has such importance for your future.


The dream of falling from the cliff can represent a forced change – something you don’t want but will happen either way. Or, it may indicate your inability to continue with the lifestyle.

This dream can indicate a loss of control at some critical point in your life.

With such a dream, you can have the feeling of being in a situation has gone too far and that there is a danger because of that. It all means a change that makes you feel that you have no control over some things in life.

Break free, take a chance, take a risk – just do something. Don’t give up on yourself, as falling off a cliff may be a sign to wake up from your dream and start taking more responsible steps that will lead you towards a better future.