Dreams of Getting Fired – Meaning and Interpretation

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If we want to deal with dream symbolism in some serious way, we must speak of the famous Freud interpretations of dreams – he said that the content of dreams is related to their fulfillment or the inability to fulfill that dream.

So, we can say that one of the dream interpretations is this – what happens in our dream world is a mask to conceal the unconscious wishes of the dreamer.

Also, it is said that more dreams are weird and uncomfortable; they are more meaningful.

Now, no one can deny that we dream about so many things that occur in our lives, on a daily basis, and often times those are dreams that are present when we are tired, under stress and when we are dealing with something that is important to us.

In this sense, nowadays, when the majority of us are working for long hours, and we are under the constant pressure of getting fired – a true nightmare.

But, what if such an event is the motive in our dreams, is it just the reflection of our stressful life, or is that something else, something more meaningful?

Meaning of Dreams of Getting Fired

The uncertain atmosphere in the business environment awakens the worst in people, and in the background, everything is a fear of failure. And this fear often appears in our dream world, and depending on the circumstances of the dream itself, it can be a signal of many other things in real life that we are dealing with, and stress in the work environment is definitely one of them.

If you had dreamed of being fired, that dream certainly made you feel wonder what will happen when you go to work tomorrow.

You should truly appreciate this dream as a warning and watch what you do at work at all times, and we must say that this is one of the easiest warnings that you can get when it comes to this motive in a dream.

If you have dreamed that you are saying someone else that he is getting fired, you are disappointed with the behavior of one person, and it does not have to be the one person who appears in a dream.

In some general sense, this is the dream that can be a reflection of your actual fear that you will get fired, but it can also be the signal that major changes in life that you have no command over are about to happen.

Besides, it may also show you that you do not have the support of a colleague or someone who has left you feeling like you are not important or valuable at all. It is something that clearly hurts you, and that makes you feel incomplete.

The Symbolism of Dreams of Getting Fired

The first case of this dream and the most common is the one dream in which you are the one that is getting fired – this is a symbol of a period that is about to come, and you have a feeling that that period is not going to be pleasant.

You are about to experience numerous unpleasant scenes that will not be in line with what you have planned – and it seems like you are the person who likes to plan, but simply this is not enough to succeed.

If in a dream that you had, you see someone else is getting fired, it has good symbolism. It implies that you will be lucky – you are about to make a mistake, but you will go unnoticed so that you will get away with it.


If in a dream, you are about to get fired, and you are aware that someone has set you up to be fired, it indicates that you are unrealistic. You are the person who always develops some conspiracy theory instead of reconciling with the facts and accepting your share of responsibility – you are getting warned to change this aspect of your personality.

Another version of this dream is the one where you get fired, but you feel joy and happiness about it, you may even feel relief and comfort, in a dream you feel like a tremendous burden has fallen off your shoulder and that from now on you are on the right track.

And here comes the good news- this is the dream that marks a new beginning. You believe that everything happens with a reason and that the new door opens as soon as the old ones are closed.

From the difficult situation, you will get stronger, and you will be delighted to make moves that you only imagined before.

If in a dream, you are the one that is firing someone unknown (in a dream), it is the indication that you are a person who exaggerates at times, and that you are not really about that person, you may even be the person who likes to put others down, so that you can feel better about yourself.

It maybe means that you often try to abuse authority and deal with someone you cannot stand; such a situation is backfiring at you – and in this sense, you should look at this dream as a warning.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried – if the case is that you are afraid that you are going to be fired, it means that you should think through what do you want to do in life, and to face this fear once and for all, learning along the way, that having such anxieties do not help you in any way.

It is not an easy task to deal with such matter, but there is a way, and this dream appears in times when we are not dealing with some of these issues in the right way, so our mind is sending us signals that we are not doing something right. In this sense, you should see this dream as a good sign, because you still have the time to make a difference.

We have spoken about the meaning of this dream and the fact that you may be the person who is not realistic. Such an attitude creates difficulties in communicating with people because you do not accept good-hearted advice and do not correct yourself, but misleads others.

Dreams of failure can reflect your real fear of losing a job. But it can also signify a major life change over which you have no control.

Also, such dreams can symbolize that your colleagues or life partner do not support you enough and that you feel bad about it, but somehow you cannot change it, and your mind is sending you signals.

What should I do if I had this dream?

As we have said, you should either face the fear of getting fired, or change your job and execute in an environment where you will feel accepted and wanted, without too much pressure; and in another meaning, you should get ready for changes that are about to come your way.

Also, in the case when this dream has a somewhat negative connotation, you are expressing your inner discontent with your co-workers or boss – of course this is the simplest explanation, and it is the smallest aspect to change, but if by any chance things are deeper, then they demand some other introspective and care.

It may be even said that you are not the person who can separate business and private life, which will be considered by many as an immature and unobtainable situation in which you are.


All of us have at times, woke up in cold sweat after a dream where we have missed an important meeting appeared without clothes in the office or the worst-case scenario – got fired.

The most common dreams about work include quarrel with the boss, delay to work or meeting, unprepared presentation of the presentation, loss of important documents due to computer failure or something else.

All of these dreams carry a significant message to us, and it is up to us to find out what a certain dream means, and what should we learn from it.

If you dream of being fired from a job that you have been working for a long time, it is a symbol or your subconscious fear of failure and anxiety of insecurity and poverty, or is the result of some of your mistakes that you are very aware of can cause you trouble because you succeeded in some “lighter” way or quite unfairly to get a raise, improvement, or rise to a leader position.

This is maybe the part that we did not explore enough in our article, but it should be mentioned, cause a lot of people to struggle in their work environment, they have the need to succeed and to climb higher on the ladder, but they cannot do i.

So their mind is responding through the dream of getting fired.

So, if you had a dream that you are getting fired, in the first place it can mean that you are quite dissatisfied with what you are doing in the reality (it does not have to be a job that is causing you trouble, it can be a private life that is reflecting as work environment), and that you “think” for a long time to look for a better job and that you are not inclined to fear failure or rejection.

Maybe the most significant message that is behind this interesting dream is that you should try hard until you find what you want in life, and also in work, finding purpose is mandatory for you, so that you never, or rarely feel discomfort.

To dream of being fired, it is certainly very stressful. You have to be careful because the problems at work will start to accumulate. Only effort and work will give you peace and success.

In the end, this is a dream that can be looked at as a sign that you are disappointed with the person you have dreamed and the relationship with it will be severely affected, so as a learning lesson, you should be extra careful in a relationship with a loved one.