Dream of Getting Shot and Not Dying – Meaning and Symbolism

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Shooting in general, in life, when we are talking about the actual events that can occur, can be both scary and happy at some times.

Shooting when it is the time of the New year, in the air, where there is a lot of noise, and cracking, and fireworks, we consider to be the lucky events.

Whenever we hear about a shooting or a shot, we think of war or the New Year. Somehow there is nothing in between. It all comes down to extremes – it’s either scary, or it’s happy.

But the event when you are being shot in the event that none of us want to experience ever in our lives.

As such, they can find their place in the realm of dreams, and you are probably wondering what does it means when you have such a dream.

First of all, we must say that dreams of being shot are now more common than before. The reason is simple, once upon a time, shootings were not heard so often.

Weapons were harder for people to access, and they didn’t even know anything about television.

Nowadays, it is easy to get any weapon, and we have shootings in all possible forms on television, on mass media, and on social networks.

In the movies, the bad guys shoot at the good ones, then they give it all back and make it, and all of it does not sound so scary to begin. In reality, when ordinary people shoot, nothing seems as on television.

It is scary, and none of us want such a thing to happen.

But when it does, in a dream, here is what it means.

Meaning and Symbolism

There are multiple variations of the dream where a person is being shot – this one is the version where you are being shot, but you do not die.

Most commonly, this dream means that you would gladly really like to change, get rid of certain traits to become a better person, and you want to do it as soon as possible in an instant.

If the version of a dream where you are being shot, but you are in pain, even if you survive in the end, such a dream suggests that you are, in fact, actually very focused on your target and trying to reach it.

And you are more than ready to sacrifice for the cause, as you should have and as you planned for a long time.


It is ok to feel this way, and it is ok to let being shot or to let being in the center stage of the unpleasant event that can eventually lead you to the place you want to be or have a result you have always wanted.

In a version of a dream where you are being shot, and that shot from example the gun, goes through the protection you are having on you, in that case, this is the dream that shows how in reality, you feel unprotected, and someone is besieging you.

This could be anyone that is close to you, someone from your surroundings, for example. You do not feel that that person wants you to be good.

If you are, for example, being shot by some unidentified object, in that case, it is possible that inside of you, there are some wounds that you have not healed yet. It seems as if it is a state of war.

In a version of a dream where you are being shot by some toy, but you still got shot, you feel really much disappointed in reality because your attempts to put something into action will not find fertile ground.

The center of attention here is the toy, but that has a delay impact on you – think of what it could be in reality for you.

And in the version of a dream where you are being shot by a man, you do not know, but you clearly see him or her maybe, such a dream symbolizes that in reality, you are upset because of the feeling of jealousy and inability to express it, so you are constantly looking for new ways on how to do it.

Decoding the Dream of Getting Shot and Not Dying

Someone says that there are also old or even outdated interpretations of dreams in which you are being shot – they say that this means that these dreams are usually related to the arrival of a voice or some news you have been expecting for a longer period of time, or it is in any case, something that is truly important.

When we say that this meaning is outdated, we mostly think of previous times when people rarely came across new information, so this was a sign that some important information would arrive.

Today, when we are bombarded with news, so this interpretation is less relevant, although it has not completely disappeared.

Of course, as always, all interpretations are related to the one who dreams and the specifics of his life, so they should be viewed that way.

As you could have seen in the previous section, this dream does not have negative meanings, so you should not be scared because of it, since each of us will most easily recognize and connect to the idea that we are about to hear some good news, and that this dream can offer so many meanings.

If you are not just being shot in a dream, but you hear clearly the shot, it is not silent, and you do not die, this dream surely shows that soon you will very soon receive news about something that is important to you, and the longer you wait.

It could be some love consent, someone’s healing, or a business opportunity. It is all good, there is no doubt about it, for sure.

If there are numerous shots, and only one hits you, and you survive, then this dream suggests that you will be called for a serious talk with someone.

It can be related to a person, but also it can be related to a job, maybe if you are unemployed and looking for a job, this could be your chance, and if you already have a job, it is possible to talk about promotion.

If you dreamed that you are holding the gun from which the shots are being fired, then, in reality, this dream shows that you would be disturbed by gossip that will reach you, so you will try to justify yourself.

If you are on the run or in the car, and the same event occurs, this dream then means that very soon, you will have a completely new insight into the things and events around you.

Once you get the latest information, you will launch a new action. If this place is a public place, then such a dream represents a great desire to present and show something in public. You need others to see what you can and know, but you don’t know how to show it to them.

Let’s forget more about what we want, and we instinctively want to start defending ourselves from someone.

In any case, if you had this dream, and it was truly unpleasant, and you do not feel good, you remain scared, such a dream clearly indicates a direct threat to life or health – go see the doctor, this is true if there is a lot of blood in the picture, and you cannot stop it, even if you are surviving such an event.

Always have in mind to remember all its details: who shot and why from what weapon and if the shot reached its goal and with what outcome?

To find out what you can really expect from such dreams and how to interpret them correctly, the information presented in the article will help.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

All of this clearly shows how used we are to hearing gunshots or gunshots, so it is not uncommon to even dream of them.

However, regardless of the fact that shooting is a part of our everyday life, in dreams, no one feels particularly comfortable when it has such dreams.

The explanation for that is simple – as much as it is normal for our consciousness to be surrounded by violence and shooting, our subconscious knows that it is abnormal and that it is violence, so it reacts in a dream.

It is also true that the majority of us will wake up feeling so exhausted and worried from dreams like this because there is present a constant feeling that you are being attacked in reality, and this is the way you are trying to explain their meaning.

It is not pleasant for anyone to dream that someone is being shot, even this does not mean being killed, nor is it pleasant to dream that he spent a day under burst fire on a training ground.

Of course, the exceptions are people who constantly play war and other action video games. They probably don’t know when they are dreaming or when they are awake.

In some versions of this dream, you can expect the realization of everything you started with a large introduction of new and useful information, and things will go well in the end.

If you have been doing something intense on an emotional level and that was your priority, you will achieve a relationship, marriage, and maybe get a new addition.

If you dreamed that you were shooting from a weapon that you can clearly see in the dream (its appearance, its size, and looks), you feel the need to say something, and it seems to you that the environment does not take you seriously and that you need to do it more aggressively.

Weapons are certainly something that everyone will hear and take seriously, so in your dream, it is a great tool.

Depending on the looks of the tool in a dream, you will know what you have to do in reality to listen to.

Use it wisely and do not miss a target because the chance that has come to you right now should not be missed out on.

In some cases, this is the dream that shows how you want to get rid of some cargo you are carrying and transfer it to someone else, and even if this means that you will have to hurt in some way, this is not a bad thing, it is a necessary thing.

It may even show that in reality, you are a very tired and overwhelmed and tired human being who wants to resolve things as soon as possible.

In some other cases, which are also common, the dream of being shot and not dying shows that soon, you will feel envy towards someone and want to smother it in yourself because you are aware that it is not a positive emotion.

Always think who it may be, and try to deal with this before the “mass shooting” has started.

If there are more shots, and only one hits you, in that case, in reality, you can expect that the major and one-of-a-kind outburst of emotions awaits you at one event that soon you will attend. You will be emotionally affected by something, and you will not be able to hide it, everyone will see it, but you will get out of this, to a certain extent, unpleasant situation.

In the end, in some cases, this dream means that you are emotionally overwhelmed and that you cannot carry those feelings anymore; they are becoming to be a major burden on you. You feel that they are suffocating what you feel in yourself for a long time.

It can be anger, rage, envy, joy over something, or hidden love for someone.

Dreams like this usually show that you will soon find yourself in a situation where you can somehow express those feelings.