Dream of Having a Girlfriend When You’re Single – Meaning and Symbolism

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Just because you do not have someone to love doesn’t have to mean that you can’t feel complete.

And vice versa, if you are with someone, it does not have to mean that you are complete.

Being single is the modern-day sickness, or maybe it is the choice. Many choose rather be single than with just anyone.

But, as such, being single can find its place in a dream world, and it can show up in numerous forms and shapes; people have very common dreams of being single, even if they are with someone in a relationship, and also people who are single, dream of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

These dreams have a certain meaning, and it is our task to help you find one.

As expected, this dream may be an indication that you are not happy with your current lover or that you miss something in life.

Meaning and Symbolism

A dream of Having a Girlfriend When Your Single falls under the category of especially fascinating dreams, which unfortunately have some negative connotations and can speak of some deep problems that a person who dreams has.

But do dreams really, when they are negative, also mean something negative for us in real life?

The answer is maybe, in some cases.

A dream where you see yourself having a girlfriend when you’re single in reality is the dream that speaks of the need to help yourself, as you seem to be recent, in a conflict with everyone.

Interestingly, this dream means that you are about to surrender to fate since you have the feeling that the surroundings do absolutely nothing.

This is your task, and it is the dream that comes from the depths of your soul, where you want to calm down the situation, after which you may even, in reality, receive the answer that you need, in an emotional sense.

In some cases, this dream may speak of your angry nature, and such a dream comes as an idea to change something in your life so that you can calm down.

In a case that you are very happy with the dream, and it is someone who you think could be your perfect match in reality, then, in reality, you have not been heard properly in the past times, and you want to be heard. You want someone who speaks to you about your interests.

In a dream, it was an ideal girlfriend who may not even know some parts of your personality, but she is always present in your life, even if you work too much and “do not have any time for love.”


And yes, from a symbolic point of view, this dream is so common that it just proves that almost everyone occasionally feels lonely, and it is ok.

But you certainly don’t want to end up in a bad relationship, and this dream may just show what is your perfect lover, in the first place, someone who has time for you.

This dream of having a girlfriend when you’re single can be, in some cases, related to the feeling of loneliness.

This dream usually shows up when this loneliness arises, and it just let it pass you by and does not give the feeling that you are complete with that special someone.

Decoding the Dream of Having a Girlfriend When You’re Single

Judging by your dreams of having a girlfriend when you’re single, you feel in conflict with yourself – the reality is not what you wanted it to be.

And if in a dream you are really happy and not so much, in reality, you do not love your single status, and this dream shows that there are two solutions to this situation in life, and you already have doubts about choosing a suitable solution.

And, of course, you doubt yourself too, and this is the reason why this dream so departs from reality.

But if in a dream you are not happy with the girlfriend from a dream, and you would prefer to stay single, it is believed that this dream shows an attitude towards power and her desire for control. You want to keep control over your life, not just your love life.

If a dream was with some bizarre details when you did not behave normally in a dream or a girlfriend in question, in that case, this dream might show a hidden vicious impulse or mentioned desire to control your own life.

In this case, it is very likely that you have woken up scared or with strange feelings because, on a conscious level, this dream certainly means nothing good.

However, there is no need to burden yourself, as dreams of having a girlfriend when you’re single are not so rare.

In dreams most often occur when the subconscious at night processes your desire for control during the day.

There is a situation in your life that you would like to control a bit, but so far, this is not going well for you.

Once you are aware that the needs of your heart and reality are not at the same place, then you know why this dream has such an important symbolism.

At times, depending on all other aspects of this dream, it can symbolize your restless mind and instinct, which is burning in you somewhere deep in the subconscious.

Something is going on inside you, probably after everything described. It is a situation in your life that you want to solve one way or another.

When you are almost faced with the thought of solving the matter, stop again.

The change must come in your life, and you are the only one who can do it, and who knows what kind of closeness you actually need.

The manifestation of a girlfriend is just the manifestation of your needs and desires, and in reality, even, it does not have to be a lover, it can be anything that makes you feel good, that provides satisfaction if a certain need you have in reality.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

This dream of having a girlfriend when you’re single is common, and it can be a symbol of so many things; for some, it is heaven, an idea of what you would like to have in life, someone/something that will help you become a better person. It is the symbol in which all fears concerning life should be stored.

Above all, it represents repressed sexuality and an indomitable and irrational instinct that we do not know how to control or are not happy within reality.

Nevertheless, the dream symbol can be seen as very positive, as it is, after all, a symbol of family, fertility, and new opportunities.

Yes, for now, it is just inside of your head, but, in fact, it is something that you strive for in life.

We hope that we are providing you with a good connection with the dream world and the proper explanation of the dream of having a girlfriend when you’re single.

Certainly, this is the dream connected to the little with the events in your life, that means the world. You may realize that there is something in your life where you should clearly state your attitude towards this situation and expose yourself and not just approach it in a slightly invisible way. You have the right thoughts.

In some cases, these dreams symbolize someone who has a powerful character and wants to control some situation in life, but somehow it misses out.

Be it your co-workers, your partner, or someone with whom you currently have unusual reactions in life.

This dream may come as a consequence of a situation in your life that you want to solve in your way, but you do not know-how, so you idealize too much.

In some cases, this dream shows that you are the person who doubts you the most, but you’re slowly getting over the edge, but not enough yet.

This is well illustrated by a friend who did not want you to interfere in the situation, and you still knew what was right. You still wanted to help, but you say that you calmed down the situation in the end. Why in the end?

In some cases, this is the dream that is a wake-up call, a call for help, and you are right if you think in this way. Your thoughts are likely to be correct even in a real situation in real life, so do not be afraid and always insist on your own.

After all, we put it to your heart once again, resolve the situation as you see fit, and beware of ill-intentioned people.

Be careful when you choose a lover, look into your heart, and do not settle just for anything or anyone.

Alternatively, think how you feel when you progress in something or do things that are dear to you, not settling for just anyone or looking for an ideal.