Dream of Losing Phone – Meaning and Symbolism

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It has been a while since no notification has reached your mobile, so you open your bag to check it. What you check with horror is that it is not there, you have lost your mobile phone.

It is not in the bag, it is not in the pocket, it is not in the office or at home. Relax, because you will regain your connection.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of losing your mobile phone. And no, it is not a nightmare. To understand the meaning of this dream in which you lose your mobile phone, you have to pay good attention to the emotions it transmits to you.

Dream of Losing Phone – Meaning

You will probably feel uneasy at first, which can turn into panic if you are expecting an important call. Later you will feel lost, as if something vital is missing, but you may feel liberated in the end.

It is normal for you to feel overwhelmed when you lose your mobile phone, even in dreams. We are so used to using it that it has become essential. And there is more. The dreamlike symbolism of telephones refers to communication.

Your phone represents your relationship with the environment and, in this dream, you are losing your way of communication with them.

You are losing connection, which in dreams means that either you feel estranged from your friends due to some misunderstanding or specific anger, or that you have wanted to distance yourself because you are changing.

Communication does not work, but if it is because of them or because of you, that is something you must find out on your own, the interpretation of the dream does not tell you.

There is one more aspect of this dream in which you lose your mobile. For many people it can be a nightmare, but for others it can be a liberation.

Losing your mobile in dreams and feeling free, you no longer have to be aware of the happy device from which you are never separated.

What if you are happier now that you have lost your phone? What if now you can be yourself? What if now you can shout all that you have left to say? Find out for yourself!

A cell phone, mobile or also known as Smartphone, is currently something essential for millions of people around the world who can be in contact with all their friends from anywhere and that is why as time has passed.

It has been become something fundamental and that is why we have to talk about dreaming of losing the cell phone means that you will receive a series of news where everything that will come can be somewhat uncomfortable and could even cause the separation of a family.

Indeed, this dream alerts us to changes in our life, where you must be very careful with what you do and say, otherwise, you will end up having problems with the people around you.

Dreaming of losing your cell phone at home expresses that you are going through a series of confusions and problems that you have not been able to solve, it can also warn us that all this may increase and you must be very careful to be able to eliminate the people who once hurt you.


As in relationships, talk about some heavy problems that have been happening, to the extent that the response of the things you live is something that now makes you feel uncomfortable. It is an opportunity to fix things with your partner once and for all.

Dreaming of losing your cell phone on the street warns that there is a person you appreciate who could get sick, you need to investigate what is happening so that after all this, you can avoid any complication that may be greater.

Also, this augurs us a series of changes about your personality.

While in relationships, it means that you will go through moments, where you could go through a series of complications or instabilities that have begun to complicate you.

Dreaming of losing your cell phone in a restaurant means that you feel uncomfortable about many things that are happening and that is why you need to look for a series of changes so that after all this, you can see how you will go through a series of changes that, although they may.

To be complicated, you go through a series of moments that now you will only have the control to make sure you do not go through any kind of complications.

Dreaming of losing the cell phone at a friend’s house as such, this dream tells us that you will go through a series of changes, where some people will move away and many others, the only thing they will do is go through a series of complications, as well as doubts about the things that are happening today.

Dreaming of losing your cell phone and recovering it this dream tells us that you have begun to have doubts about what you do with your life but despite everything, you are going through a series of doubts that can be quite uncomfortable and that you cannot answer.

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Dream of Losing Phone – Symbolism

It means appreciating the communication that exists with a certain person, and that has apparently been forgotten.

Currently the cell phone is very important for people, reaching the extreme that accidentally losing it a large amount of information is lost with it, which is very valuable for the owner of the lost mobile.

When you dream that the cell phone in question was forgotten among your clothes from a known person, it means that communication with the aforementioned person is forgotten, that is, it is no longer as reliable as before.

The reasons can be many, such as apathy, laziness or lack of interest, the latter being the constant for communication to fail, in the same way that happens with a forgotten cell phone, which despite dialing a person, sending text messages, or try to locate it, it just doesn’t respond.

In real life, it is common to forget the cell phone, so in the dream that moment is not unknown, only that it is intensified by associating it with an esteemed person.

The dream of such a common event becomes a nightmare, thinking that the cell phone was forgotten, in addition that for some reason I expected to contact an important person in this way, and this maximizes the feeling of concern when knowing that the aforementioned mobile device was lost.

There are even times when you dream of text messages from an unknown or lost phone, this dream means changes in the life of the dreamer.

Dreaming that you lose your mobile means that you have the feeling of being lost. Nowadays, people consider mobile phones as something that makes their lives much easier, given the amount of features it offers. In this device many things are stored that are a great help to our lives, so its lack will cause us problems.

In general, when you lose your mobile, you feel very frustrated or worried, since you need the information stored in the device.

Thus, the loss is not only of a mobile phone, but of many things that belong to you and that can be lost forever.

For that reason, when you dream that you lose your mobile, it refers to your feeling of being lost, that is, of not knowing how to act in a given situation.

In order to better understand your message, you have to take into account the details that appear in the dream.

The general meaning is related to the idea of ​​not knowing how to act, but the other elements of the dream will allow you to obtain a more specific interpretation.

Thus, although the dream can represent different issues, you know what it is about, given its importance.

Here, the loss of the mobile represents the loss of control over something very important in your life, something that you want to solve.

The dream indicates that you must have patience to solve what is necessary.

The first thing you should do is come to understand that things will not go back to the way they were before the problem occurred.

However, it is possible to achieve something better in your life, remaking it as much as possible, and also enriching it.

Just as the ground can be ordered to find the mobile, you will also find new ways of directing your life in this area.

Dreaming that you lose your mobile phone in the river indicates a feeling of loss related to your love life. You are aware that your relationship is ending, or maybe this has already happened, and you don’t know how to move on.

In this sense, the dream arises to help you face your loss, comparing your life with the river.

Losing a mobile phone in the river means that you will never find it again, as it will be washed away by the water.

However, that does not prevent you from getting a better one that is, continuing to enjoy other things in your life.

In this case, life is represented by the river, it will not stop because a relationship comes to an end, but it will move on and bring you new things.

Therefore, the dream tells you that the time has come to focus on other positive things that exist in your life.


To dream that you lose your mobile phone inside your house indicates that you feel lost in the family relationship.

This dream shows that you do not know how to relate to one or more people in your family. There may be something that is problematic, making the relationship difficult.

However, the dream tries to show you that the only thing you need to solve this matter is to pay a little more attention.

When you lose something in your house, the worry is much less, because you know that you will end up finding that object.

In the same way, you should not be scared in real life, because your feeling of being lost can be worked on little by little, in the daily relationship.