Dream of Being Buried Alive – Meaning and Symbolism

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Burial in a dream indicates that one must come to terms with one’s feelings regarding death.

It does not necessarily have to be about your own death, it can also be that of another person.

The dream can draw attention to the fact that it is necessary to mourn because of an event or for a person in the past, and that only this time of mourning enables one to make plans for the future.

Fear of one’s own death, which will be suppressed, or of the death of loved ones can also be used as further meanings.

This meaning results from the real life circumstances: profound changes in the personality, in which many hopes, desires, goals, attitudes, convictions and other psychological contents are buried.

Dream of Being Buried Alive – Meaning

Funeral can be understood positively, because only with this burial the way is clear for new life opportunities

. The dream of one’s own funeral can represent the desire for sympathy or indicate that part of our personality is dead.

Or it shows our inner attitude, which lets us tread the wrong path in waking life, inhibitions, inferiority complexes or self-pity, and calls for more self-knowledge.

Sometimes something has died in us that we should be buried.

Even being buried alive actually carries a positive message. This is especially beneficial for us when we have suffered financial setback.

This dream vision heralds a professionally and financially successful time. The thicker the soil above us, the greater the boom in our finances will be. One could e.g. B. receive an unlikely inheritance.

A person’s funeral can symbolize an unacknowledged wish that another person is dead or at least gone forever from one’s life.

Not infrequently behind this is a disturbed mother-child relationship, which was shaped by the overwhelming dominance of the mother, which one would finally like to overcome as an adult.

This can be accompanied by pathological mental disorders (often neuroses) that should be treated with psychotherapy.

The funeral of the parents symbolizes a first step towards independence or stands for the possibly painful letting go of the past.


Perhaps one needs to release one’s childhood (or childhood experiences) and reinforce this act through a ritual or a celebration. Very rarely has to do with a death.

Often times it means something better to bury, a dispute with whoever is buried, a liaison, or some useless object that was planned.

But also being overwhelmed by a multitude of duties and tasks, from which one is literally buried and hindered, can trigger a funeral dream. Or loneliness, in which one feels isolated from life and from other people, as if in a grave, and sees no possibility of escaping from it.

Severe feelings of guilt about alleged or actual past mistakes for which one is so ashamed that one would like to sink into the ground; this can also indicate depression with a risk of suicide and must always be taken seriously. Psychotherapy may be necessary in individual cases.

Dreams about death are considered nightmares most of the time because they cause us a lot of fear. But more terrible than dying is being buried alive, don’t you think?

Dreaming that you are buried alive is one of those dream experiences that confront you with your greatest fears and, although when you wake up you are shaking with fright, you should know that this dream also has an important message for you (and not as bad and atrocious as you think).

Do you want to find out? We tell you it’s meaning with the help of our dream dictionary.

The truth is that dreaming of death is not as bad as it seems, since it can be taken in most cases as the previous step to a rebirth or a new life stage.

However, we cannot say anything encouraging about the meaning of this dream in which you are buried alive because in reality it has nothing to do with death, but with the interruption of life.

Or with a vital purpose. Although it is one of the most frequent nightmares and the fear of being buried alive is part of the most common fears, you do not have to take it as a premonitory dream or literally.

But be careful, because we do observe that there is an interruption beyond your control of something important. And then here we start talking about lack of freedom or frustration.

There is something that you were doing, with great enthusiasm and that you considered important, perhaps even something fundamental for your happiness. And for some reason that project has stopped.

Perhaps the circumstances have not left you, the forces have not accompanied you or maybe the people you needed to get ahead have not believed in you. And then your illusions die, you have to bury them, but that does not mean that you are not still alive.

Don’t let yourself be overcome by frustration. There are things that we want very much and that we never get, but that does not mean that you have to give up and look for other dreams, other illusions and other projects that keep you alive, that keep your illusion alive.

Because illusion is precisely what this dream in which you are buried alive is talking about.

Dream of Being Buried Alive – Symbolism

Regardless of whether you see yourself or another person as a corpse in a dream: Such a corpse dream often has an effect after you wake up and causes uncomfortable, oppressive feelings.

In fact, most dreams about corpses tend to be perceived as nightmare, since the sight of a corpse always refers to death – and thus to our own finitude. But if you dream of a corpse, it can have numerous other meanings.

The traditional dream interpretation sees the dreamed corpse as a symbol for emotions or relationships that are actually “dead” long ago, but which you still carry around with you.

Although this doesn’t help you at all, you continue to stubbornly deal with a topic that could long ago have been ticked off.

It is possible that you have not yet been able to clarify your very personal questions regarding this problem to your satisfaction. Think about whether it couldn’t be better to brush these considerations aside.

Another possible interpretation relates to people around you whom you secretly wish to die – this can also refer to the feeling that your life would be better without this person.

If you recognize yourself in this perspective, it would be advisable to detach yourself mentally and emotionally from this person.

This also applies if your funeral dream relates to the professional environment: Think about where your strengths lie and how you can bring them to your everyday job. A new position can also make a difference and revitalize your career.

Who is stuck, experiences a feeling of powerlessness – this inability to act is embodied in the dream by the corpse.

In your dream, the alleged corpse suddenly sat up from the death bed or from the coffin? Then a certain development could have stalled, which you should quickly “bring back to life”.

Did you find your dream consistently positive and felt really liberated at the sight of the corpse? Perhaps you have now ended a phase of your life and are longing for relaxation and recovery before turning to something new.

However, if there has been a bereavement in your environment recently, a dream about a corpse associated with relief can also mean that you have experienced the death of the loved one as salvation.

With dreaming, who attach great importance to emotional ties to their friends and relatives, dead dreams can also be evoked by an inner fear of loss. It is likely that sooner or later you will mourn someone close to you – unfortunately, this experience is before us all at some point.

However, it is important to accept death as an inevitable part of our lives and not let such fears get you down.

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol corpse also often stands for a guilt or a mistake in relation to the past. The corpse can also embody a relationship or a long-lost character trait that is still bothering you.

What worries or torments you? Which experiences do you think are unforgivable mistakes? Do you have to apologize to someone else? As soon as you can clarify these questions for yourself, your dreams will also change.

Coffins are always associated with death, which is why dreams in which the dream symbol coffin appears are often interpreted as death dreams.

In fact, a coffin in a dream only has something to do with death to a limited extent, the connection is to be interpreted more metaphorically.

A dreamed coffin is a dream symbol, which is related to life and death, but also to the transition to something new, because the deceased is finally buried in the coffin and the mourners say goodbye to the deceased one last time.

The funeral ritual represents a conclusion, it is not uncommon for the relief to be great after a funeral and the mourning phase usually ends relatively shortly afterwards.

A coffin dream is thus a dream that addresses a conclusion or farewell.

When interpreting dreamed coffins, it depends on the individual life situation and of course the appearance of the dream symbol coffin.

A dream of a coffin usually has a positive meaning, because either it signals to the dreaming to have finished with something or warns him to let a part of himself die.

A dream about a coffin is always a dream that is related to change.

In order to interpret coffin dreams, both the exact dream content and the current life situation of the dreaming should be analyzed.

A closed coffin, especially if it is magnificently decorated, usually stands in the dream interpretation for a positive conclusion or farewell to something or someone.

The jewelry indicates a positive feeling of the dreaming, it is a sign that one is paying the actual “last honor” to the coffin contents.

The content of the coffin is something from the past, which is now magnificently buried and stylishly interred.


With every interpretation, the feeling that you felt during the dream always plays a role. Of course, your funeral dream can also deal with your partnership in the waking world: like a person, a love relationship can “die” or feel lifeless.

Especially if you already feel relief or indifference during your dream, the end of a “dead” relationship could soon be imminent.

Do you associate your funeral dream with grief? You may fear that you are not making good progress on your life path.