Dream of Being Attacked by a Shadow – Meaning and Symbolism

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A shadow and the darkness can trigger a queasy feeling in us both in the dream and in the waking state.

Especially when you recognize a shadowy figure in it, like a silhouette. We quickly ask ourselves who is hiding in the shadows. Is it an evil shadow? Or just a shadow of our own as our constant companion? An initially harmless, beautiful dream quickly turns into a real nightmare.

If the sun shines very strongly, the shadow appears as something very positive. Because then it offers us protection and relaxation from the heat. In a similar way, the shadow in the dream can also be felt positively or negatively.

Dream of Being Attacked by a Shadow – Meaning

Therefore all other accompanying circumstances are important for the interpretation of the dream symbol. Therefore, include as many details as possible in order to find the “correct” design.

Many people see shadows and shadowy figures in their dreams. First of all, we would like to introduce you to the most important dreams with the dream image of a shadow:

Dreams in which you are chased and chased by one or more shadowy figures are very scary. Such a dream experience can indicate that one is trying to escape from a concrete situation or a certain feeling in the waking state.

In addition, it can also be your own bad conscience or an aspect of your own personality that the dreamer does not want to face.

If you dream of a shadow man or a human-like dark figure, this can be a sign of an internal confrontation with partial aspects of your own personality.

The way in which a dreaming reacts to the shadow man must be included in the dream analysis:

If the reaction consists of fear, reluctance and panic, one probably does not accept the said character trait in oneself in the waking state or is even afraid of recognizing one’s own wishes or desires.

If the dreamed reaction to the shadow man is rather positive, a conscious examination of this partial aspect of the personality has already begun.

Anyone who dreams of a shadowy figure and immediately knows that it is bad or has bad intentions is unconsciously contrasted with their own being or unpleasant traits. We don’t like every quality that we show towards other people in ourselves.

Envy, jealousy, or greed are just some of the examples of such traits. Try to moderate these traits to make it easier to deal with the environment.

A black shadow that stands next to the bed and observes the dreaming – that is a dream scenario that probably first of all scares most people.

The color black can indicate different things in this context: It can symbolically stand for one’s own dark character traits, which one suppresses in the waking state or, viewed positively, symbolizes ingenuity.


The black shadow, from which the dreaming is observed in his bed, can stand for problems in your own life, from which you cannot hide further. Worries that the dreamer even found in their personal retreat, the bed.

Did you see a shadow demon in your sleep? Then this dream could indicate that you are plagued by self-doubt and an inner conflict in your everyday life. The dark demon can also stand for suppressed fears or unprocessed feelings of guilt.

If the shadow monster drives you like the devil and you are obsessed with it, this can indicate that you feel disempowered and have a need to assume a greater position of power in your life.

Within the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “shadow” represents an important figure.

In the shadow as a dream symbol primarily the unloved character traits of the dreaming show up. This means that the schemes in the dream embody all that what the dreaming does not like in itself.

In the waking world the dreaming represses or suppresses these properties, since they do not fit into his self-image.

In the dream, however, his consciousness is switched off and through his subconscious he receives these character traits shown as a projection into another person.

Therefore the shadow man behaves in the dream often contrary to the dreaming himself.

The dream of a shadow can also be understood as a warning dream. The dreaming should bring about a clarification in an unclear situation as quickly as possible in the waking life.

The shadow of objects in the dream is an indication of the fears of the dreaming, which are caused by imagined dangers.

If the dreaming goes to the cool shade in the dream at great heat or if he stays there, an oppressive event is imminent in the waking world.

Sitting in the shade, according to the general dream interpretation, advises caution. Because another person plans to deceive the dreaming.

If the dreaming stands in the shadow in his dream, although he would rather be in the light, he can soon look forward to the clarification of a dubious matter in the awake life. The sight of one’s own shadow or silhouette as a dream symbol generally means sorrow.

Seeing a shadow in front of you as an outline can also be understood as a symbol that you already suspect your further development in life.

However, if the dream shadow falls behind the dreaming, he feels in the waking world pursued by old feelings of guilt and fears.

The psychological dream interpretation sees a very ambiguous dream image in the dream symbol “shadow”. Usually the shadow in the dream can indicate a low self-esteem of the dreaming. But it can also clarify unconscious processes.

These should be brought to consciousness and processed as quickly as possible in the awake life. These unconscious processes are mostly repressed memories or feelings of guilt and fears.

The sight of a shadow as a dream symbol shows psychologically often that the dreaming does not get along with his life. He lacks courage and lets his fears control himself too much.

The own shadow in the dream symbolizes worries and problems. If the dreaming stands in the shadow in his dream, he should become aware that he is protected or strongly influenced by other people in the waking world.

A shadow play as a dream symbol is understood according to the psychological dream interpretation as a warning against the intrigues and deceit of others.

On the spiritual level of the dream interpretation, the dreaming receives the hint through the dream symbol “shadow” that he should bring light into an unclear matter in the waking world.

Dream of Being Attacked by a Shadow – Symbolism

There are nights when you suffer distressing nightmares that you want to forget as soon as possible, but we always advise you to seek their interpretation first because it can be very useful.

This is the case of dreaming of black shadows, a dream that invites you to delve into your darker side. You dare? Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream with black shadows.

Although they are real, the shadows have an important component of deception or trickery because, for example, you can never catch a shadow.

That is why the meaning of this dream with black shadows is related to that part of you that you know least and that you do not dare to face, with your dark side, with what you have hidden and do not want to show.

Most dreams with shadows are nightmares that indicate a vital moment of great insecurity, restlessness and uncertainty.

That the shadows are black and that quality is indicated in your dream gives a very negative character to the dream, but you have nothing to fear.

Sometimes it is at night, in the dark, when you can be most honest with yourself.

It is very common for black shadows to haunt you in your dream and that indicates certain regrets for your attitude.

If we always talk about the danger of toxic people around you, this time your subconscious may be sending you the message that the toxic person is you. Do you feel guilty about something?

Sometimes this dream with black shadows occurs because you feel that you live surrounded by lies, but it all depends on the emotions it transmits to you.

Because other times, dreaming of black shadows reflects the sadness and hopelessness that you feel right now.

If so, you should take care of yourself because the danger of depression is closer than your shadow.

Generally this dream is related to mysteries, secrets, the hidden and most likely the dark that exists in you. They point out the deception, fallacy and hypocrisy of the people around you, such as your partner or friends.

Similarly, reveal deep and negative feelings or desires, such as envy, jealousy and selfishness, you act dishonestly.

The shadows also indicate that you are going through a complicated situation, becoming a more stealthy and cautious being with your actions. You can also see them in the daytime, in the dark, or in other ways, as they also contain meanings of safety and guidance; depending on this, you can indicate the following: Own shadow.

There are aspects of you that you do not distinguish or are unfinished, these could be fears or problems from the past.

In this way, you need to change that situation that generates worries and sadness.

On the other hand, if in the dream you move but your shadow does not, warn against omitting the legal. The same meaning has when the shadow disappears.

See your own shadow dancing, talk about mockery, lies and falsehoods. Shadow of another person.


There are characteristics in your way of being that wait to be exploited, but that you still do not accept or do not know.

On the other hand, they could also be absurd fears. Multiple shadows. Your subconscious warns you about harmful people who want to harm you, deceiving you and betraying you.

Under the shade of a beautiful tree. Indicate that you are under superior protection, this will be your guide to success.

It may take a while, but you must persevere in order not to disappoint your protector.

Find a shady spot. Indicates fatigue from criticism and comments from people around you. You need to get away and protect yourself from those people.

Leave a shady place. It reflects that the decisions or initiatives you are taking are the correct ones. Also, getting out of your safe zone will bring you many rewards.