Dream of Losing a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of a disappearing child can be very emotionally draining. Especially if it’s your own child.

Anyone who thinks that such dreams have no meaning is limiting himself.

Because dreams reveal a lot about what is currently going on in us. They are a mirror of our psyche.

If you want to know more about child disappeared in dreams and dream interpretation, then you have come to the right place.

In this post you will learn the meaning of a disappearing child in a dream. I will go into the general as well as the psychological and spiritual significance of this dream situation.

Dream of Losing a Child – Meaning

In dreams you process the things that are currently occupying you in your life. It can be about fears, wishes or longings.

But things that you look forward to, that you suppress or that you are angry with also play a role. It is not uncommon for experiences from your past or ideas of your future to flow into it.

In dreams, your subconscious is in charge. Things that you don’t even have on your screen in your everyday consciousness can find expression in your dreams.

Thus, dreams have a huge potential to get to know ourselves better and to conclude with things that burden us somewhere in the background.

Basically, it always depends on the context of the dream. How did you feel during the dream? How was the child? A child is generally assigned a positive meaning.

It stands for curiosity, joie de vivre and change. It can have different meanings depending on whether it is your own child or someone else’s.

If your dream is associated with deep joy, or if it feels like the child is yours, this can indicate a desire for a child. It can mean that you feel ready and want to have a child.

If you experience negative emotions related to this, you may feel pressured about having a child now.

If the child behaves viciously, it can point to the dark side of their own personality. Have you been acting childish lately? It is important to observe what the child reacts viciously to in the dream.

Maybe there are people or things in your life that make you angry?


When it comes to your own child, it can be a fear of losing control of the child. It does what it wants and you feel powerless.

Of course, if you have children yourself, you have a great sense of responsibility towards your child. You want him to be fine and not lacking for anything.

Associated with this is always the worry that something might happen to him. This fear is often processed in dreams.

What would be a possible dream interpretation? On the one hand, the fact that the child has disappeared can be an expression of a deep fear that you have within you.

The thought “what would happen if my child suddenly disappeared?” Is a horror that buzzes in the mind of the parents? This idea is expressed in the dream and is processed in this way.

Under no circumstances should the sign be interpreted in such a way that this scenario could occur in the future. Much more, this shows one’s own fears.

It could be an indication that you can let go. Ask yourself “why does that scare me?” Deal with it to get rid of it. You may also feel that you are not paying enough attention to your child. You are afraid of missing out and therefore face the loss of the child. Do you feel guilty that you are not there enough for your child?

The feeling of inadequacy to be there for your child can also be processed in the dream. The best thing to ask yourself is “Am I really too little there for my child?” “How can I respond more to his / her wishes?” Especially when the child is sick or injured in a dream, this can be an expression of bad conscience that you feel. You are afraid of doing something wrong.

If the child is in a phase where they are slowly ready to leave the house and discover the big world, then the dream can represent the child’s unwillingness to let go.

If you do not have a child and a child runs away from you in a dream, the child can indicate an aspect of your personality that you have lost.

Probably one that you still had in your childhood or youth. Maybe you had certain visions and ideas that you gave up.

Dream of Losing a Child – Symbolism

Maybe one day in the park, you get lost for a second and you won’t see your son again. Can you imagine it? Better not, but surely you are interested in knowing the meaning of this terrifying dream.

First of all you can be very calm, because it will not come true. You are not going to lose your child in a forest, in the shopping center or at the door of the school, none of that.

It is a dream that speaks of your sense of responsibility, greatly accentuated by being in charge of taking care of a child.

This responsibility, which can seem very natural, sometimes overloads you with stress and anxiety, especially when you feel insecure.

Now transfer that responsibility of ensuring the safety of your child to the rest of the responsibilities that you have in your real life.

You may be accepting more obligations than you can carry with peace of mind and it is time to establish priorities, to disconnect for a moment and put everything in its rightful place.

This dream in which you lose your child is a dream to warn you that you are saturated and that you must put order in your life.

The dream has the same interpretation whether you have children or not, since it does not talk about starting a family, but about the responsibilities that you are acquiring.

Ask yourself in which aspects of your life you can relax because dreaming that you lose a child clearly indicates that you do not trust yourself because you cannot take care of so many things.

Usually some parents of families have been able to experience this unpleasant nightmare. Parents are like that, they live and go out of their way for their children so the subconscious is deeply linked to the offspring.

At any time you have doubts about your children, will they have arrived at school well? Will they get good grades?

What kind of friends does he hang out with? Parents want their children to be on the right track. So, why do I dream that my son is lost?

Do you think your son has gone off track? Is your son going through a period of change or maturity? Do you suffer when your son does not accept your recommendations and guides?

At other times you may dream that your child is lost simply because you have experienced dramatic experiences. Did you lose your son for a few hours in that mall or amusement park? Have you seen a tragic movie in which a son loses his parents like The Impossible?

The most common dreams is to dream of losing a child and not finding it. When it comes to losing, it is the loss itself: it is NOT death (dreaming of the death of a relative).

No matter how hard you try to look for it, you cannot find it. You call out to him, gather your family and friends to look for him. He has disappeared and the search becomes more and more painful.

Trying to interpret this dream may be different depending on the context of the dream and the current circumstances of your life.

Try to make an analysis between your current situation in your life and the details you remember from the dream. You read the following examples to get an idea of ​​how to interpret this nightmare.

Dreaming of losing a child as a concern that he will not follow in your footsteps. Your life was not easy and yet you have carved out a future for yourself.

You are honest, hard-working, and have a prosperous life. However, you are concerned that your child does not follow your path.

During certain stages, youth and maturity, children can distance themselves from their parents and become problematic. This restlessness can lead to dreaming of losing a child.

Dreaming of losing a child after a problematic pregnancy. If you have had problems during pregnancy and managed to give birth to a healthy child, you may be more vulnerable to having these types of dreams.

The worries and anguishes that you went through during your pregnancy can play tricks on you and originate a dream in which your child is lost in a forest (without protection from the mother-father). Women who suffered a miscarriage can have this type of dream about the child they wanted to have. Read more about dreaming about abortions.

Dreams can seem so real at times, you can wake up in a cold sweat or wake up laughing.

Our minds do not close, they are constantly working, which also happens when we are sleeping. So what does it mean to dream that you lose a child?

There may have been a time when you have dreamed of getting lost, this may suggest that you have lost your way in your real life.

Maybe you have forgotten where you are going or what you really want. It may suggest that you have lost track of your values ​​and your goals. But dreaming of losing a child is a symptom of responsibility.

Dreaming of the loss of a child in a crowd or in a strange place, means the fear that someone important who has always been close cannot be kept by your side.

To dream that you lose a small child like a baby or a young child, means that you fear that you have neglected the care of the little one or that you are going to leave it with someone. You feel a lack in your responsibilities, surely you show yourself so protective that you have turned everything that could happen by not being close to your child into fear.

To dream of having lost a child that you can no longer find means that you have the feeling that your child or children are beginning to be independent and that they will soon leave home or live closer to other people.

Dreaming of losing a child because he dies is a symptom of the love you feel for him and the desire to always be with him.

To dream that you lose a child but then find it reflects the fear of the education and care that you offer. You have doubts at times, but you firmly believe that the education you offer is the right one.

To dream that my son is lost and you can no longer find him, a painful loss of someone you appreciate.

Dreams are messages that are sent to us and that by paying attention we can gain a better understanding of the way we really feel and can help ourselves to better understand our lives.


Surely you have dreamed many nights with your family, with your real family or with another imaginary one. Be that as it may, these family dreams sometimes turn into nightmares, as in the case of dreaming that you lose your child, a dream that we already anticipated that will not come true.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that you lose your child.

If you have children in real life, it is normal for you to wake up in anguish thinking that it is a premonitory dream and that one of these days you are going to lose your child. We are not talking about the death of a child, but about the loss or misplacement.