Dream of Seeing Someone Beaten Up – Meaning and Symbolism

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Anyone who hit a person in the face in a dream is reluctant to show other people in reality what his true being is.

The facade is maintained to the outside and only a few friends or family members are allowed to look behind it.

The punching in a face in the dream can also indicate that the dreaming has failed so far in the search for himself and is frustrated about it.

As soon as the dreaming himself receives blows in his dream experience, a certain person is on his side – because the blow inserted in the dream is actually a positive symbol!

The threatened person should think about his professional environment: is there anyone who has supported him and stood up for him?

In private life, too, you meet people who mean well with you. One should therefore be grateful.

Dream of Seeing Someone Beaten Up – Meaning

However, beating can also mean something harmless that is not related to physical violence: for example, you hit some instruments, the timpani or the drums.

The individual sticks of the xylophone can be made to sound with so-called “mallets”. If you choose your words carefully and act with gentleness, “you strike soft notes”.

Anyone who is sporty beats a wheel on the gymnastics mat. You can also drive nails into the ground with a hammer.

If one sees another person strike in his dream, this dream symbol usually stands for an injury to the dreaming.

However, this wound is more of a spiritual than physical nature. After waking up from the dream, the victim should consider whether someone has offended him or attacked him personally recently.

If the person was only the observer of a fight between other dreams characters, his injury will soon heal.

However, if the dreamer is beaten himself and cannot defend himself, the offenses are deep-seated.

In general, the dream image of hitting can have very different meanings.

Often the dreaming will process his aggressions in this way, he tries to force something with the brawl which he believes he cannot achieve otherwise.


So the dreamed hitting can indicate that the dreaming is in an inner conflict with this person.

If the person concerned dreams of hitting a stranger, perhaps even several people, this indicates difficulties in the family area or financial problems.

The subconscious warns the dreaming by thrashing to keep himself better under control and to give in to his impulses less quickly.

If the dream is about the fact that the dreaming hits his partner or a friend, then this applies in the general dream interpretation as a sign that the relationship with this person will improve (!).

The dream image of the painful knocking out points to its opposite: Mildness and forbearance are required when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

If you sleep someone out of sadism, for the sheer fun of tormenting, you should take a closer look at your environment in the waking world. Because you may be surrounded by bad people.

A hysterical person who cries wildly in an argument and lashes out uncontrollably signals a time of new friendships and peace as a dream image, so it shows the exact opposite.

If one dreams of beating a child, then the dream symbol can relate to an actual child, with whom the sleeper in the waking world should deal differently than he has previously done; however, the dream situation of the beaten up child can also mean that a person is shamelessly exploiting the dreamer.

A boxer’s hook in a dream can indicate a mental injury that should be dealt with. Whoever loses a tooth while dreaming of beating, loses prestige and courage in reality.

Possibly the dreamer was treated disrespectfully in the waking world, which gnawed at his self-esteem. It is important here to realize that you are just as valuable as other people.

If one experiences in the dream the so-called “gauntlet run”, as it was earlier in the military, the dreaming is contrasted with his self-doubts.

The dream scene in which several soldiers hit another with sticks, urges you to trust yourself more calmly – even if you could make a mistake.

Killing insects such as flies or mosquitoes with a fly swatter in a dream can illustrate the preoccupation with insignificant problems.

Dream of Seeing Someone Beaten Up – Symbolism

Dreaming of beating someone known or unknown responds to a powerful impulse, an expression of an energy that, compressed and controlled in reality, is released in the dream.

It can be said that dreaming of hitting reflects the needs of violent, aggressive, vengeful parts of oneself, parts that, in many people, are denied, controlled and kept at bay.

And the more the primary self’s take it upon themselves to keep these parts of the personality confined and hidden and are identified with ideas of peace and love, the more likely it is for the dreamer to experience these dreams.

Dreaming of hitting responds to the need to overcome fear, to confront others and to be seen and considered, to the need to express one’s real emotions, to act for one’s personal power and for one’s reasons. To safeguard oneself and one’s territory by fighting for oneself and for what one believes in.

Dreaming of hitting, however, is a disturbing dream that leaves you feeling unwell and worried when you wake up, especially if a loved one who is close to the dreamer is being beaten.

We then ask ourselves about ourselves and this aggression, we fear that it may take over and manifest itself in the same way in reality, we feel the violent and vital thrust behind it, but we do not reflect sufficiently on the need it gives origin to this action.

It is surprising to hear how, behind this aggressive drive, there is often a great vulnerability, the fear of not being loved, and the fear of dying.

For the ancient interpreters of dreams, dreaming of beating or dreaming of being beaten was positive: an omen of luck and good earnings.

Popular tradition does not differ much from these more ancient meanings, but considers the action of hitting in dreams a symbol of love and passion, perhaps due to the physical contact it entails. So whoever dreams of being beaten by his husband or wife will have a confirmation of his love for her.

For Freud, dreaming of hitting is linked to the sexual act and to a sadistic component that is released in the dream with the repressed aggressive charge.

Dreaming of beating a woman or dreaming of being beaten by a woman, according to the Freudian view, is a symbol of a desired or already consummated sexual relationship.

While for Jung dreaming of beating someone can bring to light the neurosis generated by the conflict between the desire for supremacy and possession (including sexual) and submissiveness, fear, self-defense.

That stands between the dreamer and a goal to be achieved, highlights the will in action which, through the physical energy and capacity of the individual, can eliminate obstacles.

But if the beaten person is known, it will be necessary to examine the real relationship, because this beating in dreams can reflect long-held aggression or be the expression of “unspoken” things, particularly when it occurs with very close people. , such as a family member.

highlights a real conflict that is not expressed: disagreement, resentment, memories related to the past are transformed into an aggression which, venting into the dream, keeps the real relationship under control, but which, unfortunately, does not allow a change in the relationship and an evolution in the dreamer.

On the contrary, it brings out malaise and guilt. This dream can also indicate a conflict with the paternal male archetype, the inner father, the part of himself that carries rules, responsibilities and authority.

It has similar meanings regarding the relationship with one’s real mother. And, as above, it can also reflect a conflict with the inner mother, the part of oneself that takes charge of others that sacrifices itself that gives love, understanding, and care.

Brings up resentment and conflict towards one’s partner. It will be necessary to think carefully about the real relationship, because this dream is a sign of malaise that perhaps is not felt at the level of consciousness.

It can be precious, then, to collect the message of the dream and confront yourself with your partner, explaining your reasons and expressing your emotions.

It can stage the explosion of underground dynamics and precede a real conflict that will arise shortly thereafter. It is often considered a premonitory dream, but its function is only to warn the dreamer of a disagreement that is not considered by the conscience, which is hidden and covered by reasons of opportunity, sympathy, interest.

This image can also connect to the internal conflict with a part of oneself represented by a friend, acquaintance or work colleague.

These people in fact embody characteristics that also belong to the dreamer and that he does not recognize.

or a defenseless being (e.g. a puppy) is connected to a charge of aggression that is not expressed and that turns against the dreamer himself, against the most defenseless part of himself represented by the child of the dream.

It reflects the fear of one’s own instinctual, sexual, sensual, selfish, chaotic energies and the need of the primary selves to continue to confine them, to block them and consider them as something bad.

Dreams of this type can also indicate a component of sadism which, not accepted at the level of consciousness, finds an outlet at night.

It emphasizes the meanings already expressed above, but shows even more fear towards the freer, uneducated, uncivilized aspects of self.

It is a very common dream among parents that causes great discomfort upon awakening and that may indicate the need, for the dreamer, to carve out spaces to dedicate only to himself.

These images symbolize an aggression that during the day, in real relationships, is continually repressed by the parental, loving, helpful selves (they are, in general, the most patient, calm and ablative people who have dreams of this type).

is frequent: the dreamer feels the desire to inflict a punishment, to vent his anger by beating (a stranger a family member a child), but it seems that a mysterious force holds his hand and, no matter how hard he tries to hit, the movement results blocked, slowed down, does not affect and causes no consequences.


This dream indicates a very vigilant censorship and a great ability to control, or it reflects the need to get out of a “parenting” role, from looking after others, and from the tiredness and stress associated with it.

The following dream, made by a teenager, highlights a charge of aggression towards his father and the inner rule that does not allow him to raise his hands on him.

The control towards this drive is so strong that even in a dream it cannot have an outlet:

I dreamed that I was arguing with my father, I was so angry that I wanted to beat him, but I could not move, despite putting all my strength into it.

During the dream I felt anger at my inability, I was not afraid of being beaten by him, but it was very bad and frustrating to see me so slow and not being able to hit him.