Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning and Symbolism

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Marriage is a unique moment in the life of the couple and even of close family and friends. Many people, men and women, will dream of this moment. And it all starts with the proposal.

Dreaming about the proposal can mean a lot, and in general, it symbolizes unexpected changes and events – and that’s not necessarily a good thing!

The correct interpretation of dreams can vary depending on a series of events, objects and the setting in which the dream takes place.

So, look at some possible meanings of dreaming about the proposition and the big day.

In most cases, the marriage proposal is an unexpected moment, in which one of the parties plans everything in the smallest details to surprise the loved one.

Dreaming of proposing it can only mean that something unexpected will happen!

Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning

Dreaming about the marriage proposal is a dream that has a lot to do with our emotions, especially love and relationships in general. However, in some situations, Dreaming about Marriage Proposition may have other interpretations.

Dreaming of a marriage proposal, for example, can unfortunately herald positive omens or not so much. Also, they can be alerts, which are important warnings and therefore should never be ignored.

Still, dreaming of a marriage proposal can bring messages about us and life in general. They can be messages that we already know and others that are totally surprising.

In short, the meanings of Dreaming about Marriage Proposal are directly related to the dreamed plot and context. Did you dream of a marriage proposal or are you just curious?

Do not remain in doubt and curiosity, know, below what the proposal to dream of marriage can reveal. See the most frequent dreams about the marriage proposal and their exact and respective interpretations.

Be sure to also pay attention to the recommendations and advice offered. They can greatly help you improve with each forecast. Do we start now?

If you dream that someone proposes marriage to you, this is a very good dream and it is not always related to your emotional life. The dream reveals a lot of positive news, which can refer to various other fields of life: work, finances, health, etc.

The dream also reveals that the news is achievements that you have been waiting for. Very good, no? But, don’t forget that you always have to do everything you can to make the good news really happen, right? To persist!

This dream is a warning, although its meaning is not bad. To dream that you are proposing to someone is a warning that she may be acting only under emotions in some situations that do not suit her.


This means that sometimes you should use rationality more, leaving out explosions or emotional impulses, especially when it comes to professional or financial problems. Being a person with high sentiment is a noble thing, but in relation to practical or even complicated situations it can hurt you, right? So, use common sense and judgment!

To dream of the marriage proposal of others, that is, to witness someone ask or ask another person to marry is a dream that reflects the need for it. Possibly, you feel dissatisfied in your love life, whether accompanied or not.

If you have a partner, check your feelings, if you are not charging the other person too much or if the relationship is really falling short. And so, call your partner for a sincere and frank conversation. Respect yourself and others, right?

But, if you are not accompanied, there is no point in feeding this lack within yourself or trying desperately to search for love. Fill the inner voids by dedicating yourself and important things that give you pleasure.

When you’re ready, make sure the ideal person approaches you. Don’t be in a rush and don’t force things by getting involved with people who may have nothing to do with you. Dreaming of marriage Proposal accepted, whether or not it is a very good dream. This indicates happiness in love life!

As with other similar interpretations, those who have a partner must live moments of great love, complicity and company. Those without obstacles can also get excited: very interesting people will cross your path! Unacceptable marriage proposal (whether it involves you or not) indicates relationship problems.

These conflicts can arise emotionally or not, such as at work, with friends, with family, etc. Better to try to keep your balance if it happens.

Don’t renounce your opinions, but do so in a civilized manner. Try to keep a cool head. If you can resolve peacefully with those involved, do so. But if there is no agreement, walk away.

It is better to leave certain things alone than to get involved in worse conflicts, don’t you think? Dreaming of an ex-husband or ex-wife can be unpleasant for many people. Imagine, then, dreaming of the proposal.

On many occasions, the meaning of dreams is associated with something that has happened to us in real life, with our feelings and our fears.

Dreaming of a wedding has positive and negative connotations, and each of these interpretations of dreaming of a wedding is usually associated with the marital status of the person who dreams, since it does not have the same meaning for a person who is single as for one who is already married.

In the case of dreaming that you are asked to marry the meaning varies. Probably when dreaming of a wedding our subconscious is telling us the desire you have to turn your life around and change things.

However, it does not have to, because in order to get a good interpretation of dreaming that you are asked to marry it, it is important to analyze the dream and observe from what perspective it arises.

There are different interpretations related to the meaning of dreaming that you are asked to marry, some of them are:

To dream that you are asked to marry means that there is going to be a change in your life. If you have dreamed of being asked for marriage, it probably represents a great change that you will experience in the next few days. The change can be good or bad, so it is important that you analyze the dream and find out what will happen in your case.

On many occasions, dreams with a marriage request represent progress as a couple. Your love relationship is going through a good time and everything is better than good between you.

If in the dream your first reaction is to be afraid or startled at the news of being asked for your hand, it probably means that you have serious doubts about the future of your love relationship. The best thing is that you rethink things and do not make any hasty decisions.

Dream of Marriage Proposal – Symbolism

A marriage proposal is undoubtedly something that you think about very long and intensely.

Once you are sure that you would like to marry her loved one, the big question now is whether the other person feels the same way.

The opportunity must be well chosen, as well as the place and time. Originality and romance are required.

Often times, a sparkling engagement ring does the ultimate job of convincing and proudly dating the relationship partners and then showing off your ring fingers with the jewels after a successful application.

Rejecting marriage proposal dream meaning is different. However, a marriage proposal is always a risk that requires something of value, because the couple, of course, can also say “no.”

So, the disappointment is great and the relationship will probably break down: the consent of the courted person provides great relief for many.

If one dreams of a marriage proposal in Islam, he tries to make sure his feelings are clear. Would you like to ask the other person if she wants to get married or is she waiting to be asked?

For the interpretation of dreams, it is also important who asks the crucial and sometimes surprising question and how it is answered.

A marriage proposal is not only an exciting experience in real life, but it also has great meaning in the world of dreams. Learn more about the different possible interpretations of the marriage proposal in the land of dreams in the following section:

If the dreaming person receives a request from the groom or the bride, this means the will of harmonious fusion and overcoming any difficulties in the relationship.

Dreaming thus receives the signal from your subconscious that the relationship with the applicant is developing positively.

Also, a marriage proposal can be a sign of fear of loss and lack of security.

If strangers appear in the dream, it is usually not strangers, but possibly rejected parts of your own personality that seem almost strange.

The marriage proposal of a stranger usually shows the unacknowledged desire for a closer and more intense connection to oneself. In the interpretation, there are overlaps with the dream image “wedding with strangers”.

If the dreaming witness to a wedding proposal, the subconscious indicates that changes are imminent. These changes can be related to sleep and are most certainly related to feelings and relationships in real life.

The emotions that may have been felt in the dream provide more information about reality: What did she feel while watching the application?

The rejection of the application by the reverie shows the person’s primary fear of real social exclusion. A marriage proposal rejected by the couple expresses the subconscious but existing fear of rejection.

If the marriage proposal is rejected by the dreamer himself, this means a conflict within the relationship with the couple.


Seeing a marriage proposal is exciting too! Dreaming that you are facing this event is directly related to your desires.

It also shows that you are frustrated that other people can achieve their goals while you haven’t yet.

In the end, the dream serves to show that everything has time to happen. You just need to be calm and move on, always striving for your happiness.

Living your present is one way of doing it. Leave your past where it is! Dreaming of a wedding party: what are the meanings?

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Remember also that to truly know people you need to look at much more than appearances.