White Butterfly – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

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There is an old adage in the dream world that indicates that dreaming of black butterflies inside your house represents big family problems, quarrels between siblings or strong arguments with close friends, a situation that would be conditioned if you observe the insect only prowling your home or trying to enter, which would mean that someone very close to you would be seriously undermining your sentimental stability out of envy or pure selfishness.

Representing the yin and yang of the world of colors, dreaming of white butterflies is invested with feelings of high purity, that you are doing the right thing to keep your loved ones safe and well protected, and that your partner or partner is giving back.

Completely all that feeling of love and sincerity that for years you have deposited in him.

White Butterfly – Spiritual Meaning

In Greek its name is psyche as well as soul. Psyche was thought to fly out of the mouth of the person who died like a butterfly. In the dream it is an announcement of good luck and prosperity.

The butterfly is a symbol of the “sidhe” and represents a metamorphosis, a metaphorical transition of the spirits that hope to be reborn, to die in the other world to be born in this one in a perpetual exchange.

These spirits who are to return to our world were often depicted as fairies riding on butterflies, to remind us of the symbolism of this transformative aspect.

The demise of the human body is identical to what happens when a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. The cocoon can be compared to the human body, but it is not identical to your real self, it is only about the house where it lives for a while. To die is to move from one house to another much more beautiful.

Some believe abundance, good luck, and independence are coming. However, when you see this extraordinary species, take a moment of your time to think about your ancestors, asking them to guide you and lead you on the right path.

For the Chinese and Filipinos, black butterflies have a disastrous symbolism, since they represent death. This can be analyzed from two points of view, it can be a warning of an upcoming death at home or it can indicate that there was a recent death or a serious illness.

For the Celts, black butterflies are the representation on earth of the soul of a deceased person, this may indicate that she has not been able to transcend the afterlife or simply does not want to do so. These souls return to their known and preferred places in the form of a butterfly.

Black butterflies are commonly interpreted as bad luck. The black butterfly is a different species that works with magical energy and from which we will decide if we obtain that positive or negative charge for our life.

Associated with sudden changes and the end of a stage, when you see a black butterfly, focus on thinking positive things so that they become good wishes.

Brown, ground or chestnut butterflies are bearers of good news. It is said that when a brown butterfly appears, good news will come that has been waiting for a long time in your life.

The Orange Butterflies predict that a change is coming and we will have to go out and seize this new opportunity. It will be a reason to be optimistic and positive about things that happen to you. Changes in your life that you must take on with a lot of attitude and enthusiasm.

It is difficult to predict the meaning of yellow butterflies, but they are said to be linked to sudden and radical changes. Sailors are said to have an omen that if they see a yellow butterfly, it will be their last voyage.


However, this species is not associated with death but with shaking us and assuming life in a better way, with more strength and creativity. They are good luck. Personally associated with progress and abundance. If the green butterfly hovers over your head it means that prosperity and health is on the way.

If the green butterflies are in an enclosed space, these good wishes will go to everyone inside. It is said that seeing a red butterfly is because a big change is coming into your life.

In addition to being red, it is a symbol that a powerful spirit watches over and takes care of you.

They also bring good luck and prosperity, they also convey joy and hope. When you see these beautiful butterflies, you will have to make a wish and wait for your dreams to come true.

However, these desires must be achieved with much sacrifice and dedication, in this way I will they will undoubtedly win over your life.

When your life has problems, you cannot find the way and you think that everything is lost, there will always be a light on the way that will show you a beautiful side of it.

Now you know meeting a butterfly is not by chance. There is always a deep message butterfly’s spiritual meaning that you must find.

White Butterfly – Spiritual Symbolism

Butterflies are insects with beautiful colors, commonly associated with the soul and with mythological or religious manifestations. Whether you see them in your dreams, they land on you or visit your home; its appearance in your life could have a beautiful and deep spiritual meaning.

The ancient Greeks, for example, used to represent the human psyche (or soul) with butterfly wings.

Also, for the Christian religion, this animal is a symbol of resurrection or a message sent from the spiritual world; In other words, according to Christians, if butterflies visit you in your house, it could be because an angel is trying to communicate with you to give you a message.

It is difficult to know exactly what that message is about, since it will never be explicit, but deep down you will know what your guardian angel is trying to tell you; It could be a reminder of something important that you’ve been putting off, a call to mend a broken relationship, or to take care of some shortcomings you have at work or with your family.

Thanks to their amazing transformation in which the caterpillar is destroyed and wrapped in a cocoon to be reborn into something completely new, but even more beautiful, butterflies are also often a representation of a journey of spiritual growth in which you learn to let the things that do not harm you, you learn from them and improve as a human being.

So regardless of whether the butterflies that visit you are black, blue or monarchs, don’t panic; now you know that his presence has a beautiful spiritual meaning that will bring faith and love into your life, especially in times of chaos.

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects that exist in nature, it undergoes a very particular metamorphosis. She goes from being a caterpillar to a beautiful insect of bright colors and of various sizes.

This transformation is what inspires its spiritual meaning, since it represents the metaphysical symbolism of the change of life, attitude or personality in the person. In addition, the rebirth of the person, his dispossession of the earthly towards the spiritual.

Butterflies have a very positive esoteric meaning, as they not only symbolize transformation or change, but are also related to joy, prosperity, enthusiasm, but above all with the light of the spirit. They always augur something positive for the soul and life in general of the person.

The symbolic meaning of butterflies indicates change, it can be a lifestyle, other decisions, or strong changes at the professional, work or family level. All this will depend on the moment that the person who dreamed it is living and the training that the person has that is breaking down the meaning of it.

When you dream of butterflies, meaning in the Bible, the message or symbolism is very clear and resounding, the person will have important changes in her life. What were once mere speculation will become tangible facts.

This change will always be positive for the person, especially for her spirit, but it must be borne in mind that it will occur at the right time and place, not before or after. So you have to be patient and calm, to let life take its course and receive that life transformation with the best possible attitude.

Butterflies are insects that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so each one has a different meaning, below, we present the most common colored butterflies that people dream of or have some earthly experience with.

White butterflies augur good luck for the house (if they enter it), prosperity and success will abound, but above all a spiritual change will occur for the whole family or for some of its members. If this butterfly flutters around any of the people in the home, it heralds the beginning of a new love relationship.

Brown butterflies have a quite varied meaning, this can predict a new life or a new beginning, in addition, depending on the context or the situation that the person is living, it can mean good or bad things or bring positive or negative news.

When the brown butterfly enters the house, it portends that important news will be coming soon. If the brown butterfly has a white striped pattern it symbolizes the soul or spirit of a deceased loved one, so it can be classified as a bad omen, or it can simply be the soul of the deceased that is nearby as protection.

In general, blue butterflies are very difficult to see, so their presence is an omen of good news, of fortune. They also symbolize joys and good luck. They can also announce that what is so desired will be fulfilled or achieved soon.

They indicate a very great joy that you are about to receive. It is also a sign that someone is going to visit you or that they are going to be a very important invitation. If you have been somewhat ill or depressed, and the orange butterfly flies near you, it is a sign of transformation and healing.

Yellow butterflies symbolize a new life, positive changes or transformations, the achievement of prosperity and family or work wealth (for business or company owners). If the butterfly is of a very bright tone, it indicates that joy will come into our life and creativity will be at its best.

When this butterfly also has white tones or streaks, it will bring much happiness. If its tone is more golden, it augurs a new life, a rebirth from the spiritual point of view. Brown butterflies have a very similar symbolism to brown ones, as they can also predict positive or negative things, so it is important to analyze the moment that the person who observes them is living.

Monarch butterflies are not only very beautiful, but also augur a total transformation in the person, they symbolize great life opportunities so there is no need to be afraid to start over or to face what destiny has, so It must be done with an open heart and soul, with the best possible disposition to obtain the best results.

Fluttering butterflies augur great news, joys and happiness. You can also tell the person looking at them that their loved ones (deceased) are with them to take care of them and protect them, in addition, that they are very well on the astral plane.

When the butterfly lands on the person it is a symbol of luck, prosperity and much happiness. She wants to indicate that happiness and fortune will enter her life, so that her life will change in a positive way.

In general, people react in different ways when they see a butterfly arrive at their house, this occurs due to their cultural customs and their idiosyncrasies. In addition, the color that the butterfly has a great influence, but in general, butterflies augur transformation and change for the family or for some of its members.

What will favor the entire family nucleus, achieving a superior quality of life, but above all a spiritual well-being? Although butterflies may have a fairly specific meaning or known to all, but in the various cultures and religions of the world, they come to have particular meanings that fit their social and idiosyncratic system. Here, we will share with you some of these particular meanings:

For the Chinese and Filipinos, black butterflies have a disastrous symbolism, since they represent death. This can be analyzed from two points of view, it can be a warning of an upcoming death at home or it can indicate that there was a recent death or a serious illness.

For the Celts, black butterflies are the representation on earth of the soul of a deceased person, this may indicate that she has not been able to transcend the afterlife or simply does not want to do so. These souls return to their known and preferred places in the form of a butterfly.

For the Aztecs, the black butterfly symbolizes the goddess Itzapalotl camouflaged to devour the souls of people during solar eclipses. In fact, this goddess was known as the obsidian butterfly.

In many American countries, black butterflies represent death and darkness. For Native American Indians, white butterflies represent transformation, that is, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another for the tribe.

For Filipinos, brown butterflies with green tones symbolize money or luck, in short, good fortune. For the Irish, yellow butterflies with black tones symbolize the souls of the deceased who rest peacefully in the afterlife. Entering the home indicates to the family that their loved one rests in peace.

In general, people tattoo butterflies as a symbol of some transformation in their life, for the achievement of a goal after a lot of effort, for having conquered a serious disease (such as cancer) and feeling that they have been reborn.

In some cases, people have gone through very serious situations that have left them with nothing and have had to start over, achieving a better quality of life and with better expectations for the future.

However, there are those who tattoo butterflies as a symbol of freedom or as a representation of a loved one who has left this world, usually they are colored butterflies or in a tone that the deceased liked.

People who see reflected in their lives what it means to be a butterfly have often undergone radical changes or great evolution. It is very common to see these types of images tattooed on the skin, especially of women, as a reminder of the path they have traveled to rise and become who they are.

The dreams in which butterflies often appear are considered mythical and are normally associated with good luck, new opportunities, new beginnings, life transformations, etc.

Now, if the butterfly appears in the dream consumed by a great darkness, this can be a symbol of bad news.

Similarly there are also superstitions associated with the colors of butterflies. Many say that a black butterfly heralds a near death or a period of bad luck, while with a white one you will enjoy a prosperous time and good luck.

In this way each color has a special meaning, which is taken into consideration by superstitious people.


Known as one of the most captivating, harmless and innocent invertebrate animals on earth, the beautiful butterfly frequently visits thousands upon thousands of people around the world through dreams, an experience that in most cases permeates a wonderful feeling of peace, tranquility and a lot of positive energy.

Despite these magnificent properties rooted in this arthropod, in some precise cases its content would not be clearly positive, as is the case of dreaming of black butterflies, a manifestation with which they should be very careful since it would be linked to a possible call for attention from the mental subconscious.

Butterflies have been pointed out throughout ancient history as an unmistakable symbol of greatness, beauty, divinity and purity, vestiges highlighted by the elegance of their flight, the majesty present in their striking variants, and the incredible capacity to experience metamorphosis, stage through which they go from being a simple caterpillar, to a lofty flying insect.

Due to these striking indications, dreaming of butterflies would be inclined to feelings of evolution, renewal, sentimental fulfillment, or of having reached a significant emotional and economic stability.