Mount of Venus Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

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Hand reading, which is commonly associated with divination. What is true in this practice? What is palmistry?

Can we read our own hands? We tell you about it here. Palmistry: From the name of a god who possesses the art of healing and calming pain: Chiron (which means right hand).

Palmistry, study of the lines and mountains that are in the palms of the hands, is one of the oldest knowledge of humanity that is usually applied to know the destiny of a person and predict past, present and future events.

These particular signs are also said to reveal the consultant’s psychological and physiological profile.

This practice runs through history to this day passing through mysterious, magical and symbolic conceptions. There are those who call it science, there are those who flatly deny it.

Mount of Venus Palmistry – Reading

Palmistry is based on the interpretation of a series of factors such as the type of hand, the mountains and the lines. In this article we reveal all the secrets about the sex line or the ring of Venus.

The sex line is also called the ring of Venus or the belt of Venus. It is one of the lines of the hand that is related to a person’s stable relationships and marriage.

As it is not one of the main lines of the hand, not all people may have it. It is an extension or reinforcement of the line of love and sexuality.

To know how to read the hands of a man or a woman, and specifically this line, an interpretation must be made centered on the shape of the mount of Venus, the size of the hands and the profile of the fingers.

With this type of analysis we can learn more about a person’s sexual energy, their level of passion, commitment and the way they love.

The ring of Venus is located on the index finger and reaches the middle finger, forming a semicircle to the top of the intelligence line, between the ring finger and the little finger.

The forms of the sex line are basically two: when it appears in an intense and strong way or when it shows small breaks. If you have several Venus rings, it is possible that you will have more than one marriage.

If the sex line is straight and can be clearly visualized, it means that your marriage will be prosperous and happy. If a chain is reflected or interrupted it can lead to divorce or big arguments.

Can I read my own hands? Yes. But doing it well requires a lot of knowledge. There are several elements to take into account.

Not only the lines are the object of study, the size of the hand, the different types, its color, its temperature, the fingernails and the mountains must also be taken into account.


Here we will dedicate ourselves to the description of the main lines and mountains of the hand, to learn a little more about this practice and thus go through part of the “map of our life”, as Palmistry maintains with its postulates.

Where to start? Our hands are different from each other. According to Palmistry, the left hand reveals what is prepared for us at the moment of birth and the right hand is deformed over time (this is for a person who is right-handed, since a person who works with the right hand will change your lines according to the work you do)

For this reason, before a reading, you must take into account which hand you write with, since if you are right-handed, the left hand will be what is written for us and the right hand will be what we are doing.

It is said that the left hand is our past, considered as a maternal line and the right is our future, considered as a paternal line.

Life line (see photo, green line): It would indicate: vital force, ability to overcome obstacles and diseases. It is often believed that its length indicates the years to live, but it is not.

If it is long and thick it would indicate strength and vitality. If it is short and weak, it would indicate a predisposition to diseases, fragility. If it is red, it could mean effusive and sexual character.

Heart line (see photo, red line): Refers to the capacity for love, affections, sexuality, joys, emotions, deceptions, depressions.

If it is long and without interruptions it would indicate fidelity of the couple. If it is deep red in color it would indicate passion, if it is strongly drawn it would speak of someone lucky in love.

If it presents interruptions, islands, splinters, they would indicate a difficult, changing emotional life, deceptions.

Fate line (see photo, yellow line): They would show how much events influence your life. If it is deep, you could control your destiny more. If you change direction or have interruptions, it would signal a life with radical changes that cannot be foreseen or controlled.

Head line (see photo, blue line): It is associated with talent, thoughts, ability, and intelligence. If it is well drawn and deep, it indicates someone who is very intelligent. If it is weak or short it could point to someone with limited mental abilities.

The straighter, the more realistic the person would be and the deeper, the more memory it would reflect. If he has many curves, he would speak of someone superficial, who cannot hold his attention for long.

Love line (see photo, pink line): It would indicate the number of serious relationships in that person’s life. The closer they are to the finger, the later those relationships will take shape.

Mount of Venus Palmistry – Meaning

The Mount of Venus is that pad or cushion of meat that is located just below the joint of your thumb, being the largest of all the mountains that are located in the palm of your hand.

Like the rest of lines and mountains, this one is presented in different ways in each hand, which indicates the personality and characteristics that identify each individual.

From being very affectionate to being a person with great coldness, it can indicate the Mount of Venus.

Verify yours with the characteristics that we will indicate below and thus you can verify what his temperament is like.

This is not too bulky or too flat or sunken. This parameter indicates that the person is balanced, because on the one hand he is a lover of his home, that he is sensitive to others and, therefore, always has good feelings.

On the other hand, he has good taste on a personal and spatial aesthetic level, as well as great creativity to generate various ideas.

We are in the presence of a person who only thinks of himself, in short, selfish and no one else enters his world. Because of this, he has no creative or artistic impulses and therefore few ideas come up, greatly limiting his creativity.

In this case, the person is very cold, has little vital energy and is often very hypocritical. In addition, they are very rigid and therefore are not creative because they do not have any spontaneity.

Passion runs through the veins of these people to a very high degree, almost reaching the level of lust. Because of this, they tend to be a bit rough and cocky on the subject of love.

Unlike other types of mountains, in this case the life line is very close to the thumb, too much compared to other palms. This type of person has a shell in the heart, because they do not express many feelings and do not feel jealousy.

On the other hand, this may indicate that the person is sterile.

If you want a serious and smooth relationship with third parties, you should avoid establishing any relationship with people who have their Mount of Venus in this way. The reason is that they are very unfaithful, although it must be recognized that they are very sensual.

Apart from the physical characteristics of the Mount of Venus, these can present certain marks or figures that can predict what the person’s life will be like.

Continue detailing your hand if you have some of these marks that we will tell you later and to discover what the future holds for you.

Having a cross printed on the mount of Venus is a good omen on the subject of love, because at some point in your life you will be with a very important person, who will be the great love of your life.

However, if this cross does not have a well-defined line and its lines are irregular, the panorama changes completely. Although an important person will appear in the love area, this will only bring you many problems and bitter and sad realities.

In the event that the cross touches the life line, you should worry, because there will be problems and big arguments because of infidelity.

In the case of having a star on your mount of Venus, regardless of whether it has firm or irregular lines, it means that that being so important and dear to you, may have a very strong disease and even mean that his death will be more close to what you want.

The square usually appears near the line of life or in the highest part of the mount of Venus. In this case, it will mean that you will have to make many sacrifices and even have to give up things that are very important to you.

Having a figure in the shape of a fence implies that you are a person who is very attached to material things and even carnal pleasures.

If you have a line parallel to the line of life that is bordering the Mount of Venus, it implies that you will always have a very important person by your side, be it a love or a great friendship. But, if this line turns towards the thumb, that great feeling towards that person will be broken.

In the case that you have several lines that are parallel to each other and the life line, it will indicate that during your life you will always be protected.

Do you have moles on your hands? If you are one of the people who has one in the palm or fingers of the hand, it is better to know about what area or circumstances of our lives could be alerting us to the future. Maybe it could be a positive thing.

Palmistry is known to be the art of reading the hands and interpreting the lines on the palms, but also birthmarks or their sudden appearance on the fingers could give us signals about our character or the future, according to the angelosopher.

If you have a mole on your index finger, it is governed by the planet Jupiter and is associated with leadership.

It means that you have the ability to lead large groups or collectives, but you have had experiences that have blocked your gift of command. Be careful of financial loss or unnecessary expense.

If you have a mole on your middle or middle finger, it is ruled by Saturn, and it means that it is associated with everything legal, justice, long processes, inheritances and education.

Be cautious in legal procedures, taxes or in everything that implies the responsibilities that we have in front of other loved ones, society or a Government.

If you have a mole on your ring finger, you should know that it is associated with fame, public success or recognition; however, these people have the characteristic of feeling bad when offered.

In that case, it is necessary to strengthen self-esteem and also the ego that is in the solar plexus chakra, in order to be a person of success and recognition on a social level.

If you have a mole on your little finger, it is governed by the planet Mercury and is associated with communication. You tend to present problems when communicating at the written level, eloquence, it can be quite limited, even if you have a great capacity.

People are suggested to reverse it with exercises, techniques, workshops, communication courses because it is one of their great strengths only that it is hidden.

If you have a mole on your thumb or mount of Venus, you have that which governs intimacy.

People with these types of characteristics face a complicated situation that makes sexual behavior different from normal, it can be exacerbated or too passive.


Do you want to know what fate has in store for you? What is the character that most represents you and how does it affect your life? You can know this by looking at the Mount of Venus in the palm of your hand.

Not only that, it can also indicate the state of your kidneys and thus indicate how healthy you are.

But, the most curious thing, it connects with your genitals and reveals how passionate or lustful you are. Read on to find out what your hands mean!

As we indicated before, the Mount of Venus is integrally connected with your genitals and kidneys.

In this way, it plays an important role in indicating how your health will be and being able to alert you to any failure.

In addition, it is surrounded by the line of life, an element with which you can determine broad features of your personality such as your artistic sense, as well as how inspiring you are.

In addition, you can verify the joy with which you face life, as well as your sexuality and health.