Sun Line Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

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The line of the Sun on the hand tells about the talents and abilities of a person in the field of arts, as well as about the possibilities for the successful realization of these inclinations.

Palmistry considers the line of the Sun to be an indicator of innate abilities for creativity, and interprets their value depending on the shape of the line, complementary signs and the general drawing of the hand.

Let’s take a closer look at what the line of the Sun on a person’s hand (or its absence) may indicate and how you can use this information to improve your own life.

The presence and absence of the presence of the line of the Sun on the hand speaks of the innate creative abilities of a person, which help him achieve success, fame and prosperity.

However, you should not think that a clear line of the Sun in the palm of your hand is a guarantee of success in life, remembering that without proper efforts on the part of the owner of the hand, it may never come.

Sun Line Palmistry – Reading

Do you know what your line of success or line of fame is? You can locate it in your palm and reinforce the line of destiny.

Find out all the details about palmistry and the line of fame below and learn how to interpret each of the lines on your hand.

The line of fame is also called the line of the Sun, it refers to the success that a person has, as well as luck and happiness. It is true that hand-reading experts also call it the Apollo line, because it presents the triumphs of an individual throughout his life.

The meaning of the line of fame acquires multiple readings, but it is always usually found in people with great creativity and great artistic gifts.

The line of the Sun of a man or a woman begins in the lowest part of the palm of the hand, almost at the wrist and on the opposite side of the thumb and rises parallel to the line of destiny to the ring finger. These are the most common forms of the success line:

If your hand shows the line of success in any given way in the ways described above, you have a good chance of living a life with success and fame. It is one of the lines of the hand that does not appear in all people and when it appears it is not always shown in full. If your line of the Sun shows a star, it is related to positive events.

If it is branched, success can falter. If you have a triangle in the path of this hand line, this shows a success in the art world.

If your sun line has a few breaks, they usually indicate temporary problems or it can mark the end and the beginning of a personal project. If your fame line shows multiple islands, it means your reputation may be compromised.

If you want to time the line of fame, you must first draw a parallel between the line of fame and the line of success. If you want to do it independently, you should know that each millimeter towards the base of the fingers symbolizes one more year and each millimeter towards the wrist one year less.

If you thought that your birth month determined your life or that the seers can help you face your future by having some clues to know which way to go, you should know that palmistry offers you more information than you thought. The phrase “the future is in your hands” acquires all its splendor when you know what each line of your hands represents.


First of all, we must bear in mind that the above is a pseudoscience for some and a very reliable discipline for others. Let’s get down to business, the lines of the hand are as follows.

Line of life. It is the one that surrounds the base of the thumb. Its length has nothing to do with how long you have left. The most important aspect is to check its intensity: the higher it is, the more vitality you will have. If it is not too marked, it indicates a certain tendency to contract serious diseases.

Head line. It is right above the previous one. It is the one that allows you to guess the type of personality you have. Your philosophy of life, your ego and your mind are reflected in its layout. If it is easily seen it denotes a high intellectual level. If it is weak and blurred, it is a symptom of somewhat limited mental capacity. If it is straight it underlines the realism of the person, if it is curved it is related to superficiality.

Heart line. Run across the bottom of your fingers. It is indicative of the way of loving. If it is seen clearly, it indicates that this person will have lasting relationships and that his partner will be faithful. The cuts in its route mean breaks and various problems.

Remember that it is also related to other types of circulatory, kidney or liver diseases.

Line of Mars. Part of the thumb and not everyone has it. If you look at it in your hand, you have extra energy and even the support of a deceased person.

Destination line. It is born at the base of the middle finger and goes down to the left of the hand. Seeing it without difficulty is synonymous with mishaps that you will not be able to avoid.

Sun line. Part of the base of the ring finger and is only visible in the hands of people who have a long life and always with recognition and success on their side. Mercury line. From the lower area of ​​the birth of the thumb towards the little finger. It is related to sensitivity.

Line of marriage. Under the pinky, but on the back of the hand. Each line is a serious romantic relationship that you will have in your life.

Ring of Venus. It is seen at the base of the middle and ring fingers. If you see it clearly it means marriage, the alterations in its layout represent divorces and separations.

It is advisable to read the left hand to interpret these lines. There are hundreds of possibilities regarding the lines that cross the palm of the hand, their braiding, their intensity, the various shapes they form and a long series of factors that should be studied in greater detail.

The lines of the hand evolve and change throughout life. The palmists rely on this concept to justify that their predictions are true.

It depends on you. Now, if you want to succeed in life and you work hard every day, your work will pay off. Take reading the lines of the hand as a clue to know who you are and never give up until you make your dreams come true.

Sun Line Palmistry – Meaning

It starts at the wrist, closer to the hill of the moon, or goes from one of the lines crossing the palm across. On some palms, it is very difficult to identify. Sometimes it is represented by a small segment at the heart line or at the base of the ring finger.

On this line, the periods of life are determined, starting from the wrist, approximately from the level where the line of fate begins. In this case, it does not matter where the line of the Sun actually begins – in the same place, or higher in the palm of your hand. The distance to the Hill of the Sun is divided into fifteen segments of five years.

Thus, the reckoning ends at 75 years. From this we can conclude that when the line of the Sun begins to influence a person, this will happen in that period, which corresponds to the place in the palm of the hand, where it appears.

The Sun Line is associated with success or those hidden influences that lead to success. It means talent, creativity, imagination. A particularly auspicious sign is the line of the Sun, starting from the wrist and continuing up to the hill of the Sun. She speaks not only of the pronounced above qualities, but also that thanks to them fame and material well-being will be achieved.

It can be contrasted with a line that begins between the lines of the head and heart and splits closer to the hill of the Sun. This is an indication that in the first half of life a person will not achieve much success in his career, and will spend the second half unproductively.

If the line of the Sun begins late, but is further clearly expressed, then this is a more favorable sign, since it says that a person will finally succeed in one of his endeavors. The line starting on the hill of Venus speaks of a feminine influence on success, of course, if its owner is a man.

For a woman, along with other symbols, this is an indication of a hasty marriage. If the line of the Sun begins on the hill of the Moon, then in the presence of other favorable signs, this indicates success in art.

The line of the Sun may be completely absent, but this is not a bad omen. Usually, in such cases, the line of fate is well formed. It should be remembered that in any case, the line of the Sun speaks only of possibilities and abilities, about what can happen, and not about what will happen for sure.

Breaks, unless the segments overlap, are not very good signs, as they indicate inconsistency and lack of purpose. Longer gaps indicate periods of failure or poverty. Crosses and stars speak of misfortune, the island can portend a catastrophe.

The Sun (Apolona) line is one of the most important lines for chairman’s who read the palm of the hand. Received its name for the reason that it starts from the holm of the moon (at the base of the palm, carrying the little finger) and moves up to the holm of the sun (under the flint).

Basically, this trait in chemistry demonstrates the presence of talent, ability and charisma, which lead to success and popularity.

Therefore, this line was also called the success line. Good, if it’s long and you have it on hand. They also say that this is the natural line of fate, which strengthens it.

With a positive line of fate, but a flat Sun, you will notice that it will be incredibly difficult to break through and achieve success. If there are problems with the line of Fate, but everything is good with the line of the Sun, then it will be possible to achieve recognition.

Characteristics of the Sun line The Sun line is very short or not visible at all: you are destined to live a simple life that you enjoy.

The lack of the line of the Sun says that even the maximum stays will not be able to achieve success. The short line is often found among those people who work at enterprises and institutions.

A clear line of the Sun: you have a fine sense of art and literature, which will allow you to communicate to the higher society.

Narrow line of the Sun: problems in marriage and incapacity to exist in life. You move steadily along the cairn path, but you can’t achieve any particular achievements.

The position of the Sun line.  If the Sun line starts from the base of the palm and moves to the hill of the Moon (under a ring less finger), then this is a pleasant delight. You can count on wealth and good family life.


To realize our talents, we need not only the line of the Sun, but at least good working capacity, health, dedication and many other components, without which the most brilliant inclinations are very difficult to develop and translate into reality.

That is why palmistry strongly recommends considering the Apollo line in the context of the drawing of the entire palm, especially in combination with the knoll and the line of Fate, which are largely responsible for self-realization and human karma.

In addition, it should not be assumed that the absence of a pronounced mound of Apollo or the line of the Sun hangs on a person the label of a mediocre loser. With other strong lines and positive signs, the owner of the hand without the “Sun” can live a happy and fruitful life, achieve success, fame and wealth.