Dream of Parents – Meaning and Symbolism

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Parents are the ones who provide for their family, they make sacrifices for their children in order to raise them properly.

A lot of couples can become parents but very few of them can be proper parents, so today we are familiar with a lot of different stories about early pregnancies or parents who are leaving their child alone, etc.

There are a lot of horrific stories, those stories can be so disturbing that makes us wonder how did everything in this world become so cruel.

It is sad actually how some people only think about themselves and their own wellbeing.

But it is what it is, a lot of us are lucky with our parents while others well know they could’ve been luckier.

Parents represent safety and maturity, they are supposed to be the people their child looks for when it gets into trouble.

And we have different types of parents also, for example we have the strict ones, the hippie ones, the best friend ones and we have different techniques of parenting.

The truth is that being a parent is really hard, just imagine you are in charge of a whole other life and everything he or she does could be a product of your own behaviour towards them.

So when making a decision about having kids, that couple should think it through very wisely.

Sometimes it is better to have no kids than to have kids and not be there for them in the right way.

Everything that a parent does or says affects that child inside of that house, so if a child is acting rebellious in school it could be because of abuse in his or hers family.

Sometimes children supress their feelings and they end up being adults with unresolved trauma while other time children are raised in a home filled with love so they have an example on how to run their own family when they grow up.

And there are times where parents make mistakes, not because they want to do that but because they are humans also.

Children can be annoying and hard to deal with, especially when they start going through puberty.

At that stage parents sometimes can’t even think of a solution on how to control their child’s behaviour.


Parents are the ones who don’t really have time to slow down and to rest.

They are constantly working in every aspect of their lives.

Sometimes they do not have the patience for their kids and other times it is the other way around.

Dreaming about parents is not an unusual dream at all, you see your parents every single day or if they are not there with you then you think about them a lot.

There are a lot of different reasons for their appearance in your dream and it all depends on your life situation.

First example, you have never met your parents or you had recently found out that you are adopted so know you simply feel like you need to know who your parents were and why did they leave you.

If this is the case then you are overwhelmed and you are constantly thinking about possible scenarios that could have been the reason why they left you.

Another example is that you have moved out to college or perhaps you are marrying someone so this would be the first time that you are leaving your parents, so you start missing them and that affects your dream state.

Perhaps your parents have passed away recently or long time ago so you see them in your dreams.

In a religious way these dreams could be a sign that you are not praying enough for your parents or that you should appreciate them more than you do now.

Religiously, you should never argue with your parents not even raise your voice if you want to escape hell.

Parents in dreams are a symbol of maturity, it means that you are growing up and evolving as a person.

They could be a representation of improvement and success.

And of course if you are the one who is expecting a baby with your partner it is completely normal to have this type of a dream.

Meanings can be easily found if you simply remember your dream and the details that appeared in that dream.

But you should not worry about this type of a dream, mostly they do not have bad meanings.

Sometimes they can appear as disturbing especially if you dream about the death of your parents or some kind of an accident with them in it.

And sometimes these dreams do not have any special meaning but they could indicate on your current thoughts.

These dreams may appear if you crave for love from your family or if you wish to have a family like your parents had.

The Most Common Dreams About Parents

Dreaming about dead parents – If you had a dream like this in which you are either having a conversation or just seeing your parents who are not alive, then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are still grieving or that you are not accepting the fact that they are gone.

Next explanation is the one some people refuse to believe but there is a chance that your parents are giving you a sign that they are still there with you.

They are following you on every step you take, so when you feel like no one is there remember that there is a chance that you are not alone.

And you are never truly alone, your parents are living in your memory so as long as you think about them they will ne there .

People die but memories don’t.

Perhaps your parents are trying to warn you about something through your dream, maybe about a bad friend or some trouble ahead of you.

So analyse your life properly if you want to be sure of the meaning behind this dream.

Dreaming about a family gathering – Well family gathering can be the best time ever or the most painful time ever spent, this depends on the type of your family.

If your family is critical about everything you do then it is normal to dislike certain members but if they are supportive and proud of you then you are likely to get there first when there is a gathering.

When you have a dream where you are sitting with your family members and you feel happy then this is a sign that you are going to experience positive moments in your near future especially with your family.

If you are stressed while sitting with your family or you feel fear then this type of a dream is an indication that you and your family have s poor communication.

So this is a message to you that you should be more open with your family members about your feelings, if you do not like them making fun of you then you have to tell them directly.

Just talk with them and you will see that situation could change, but if it stays the same or if you had already talked with them but they didn’t consider your words important then find a way to ignore them.

If your family is too toxic think about cutting them off completely you always have a way it is up to you to find it.

To every problem there is a solution but before jumping to any rash decisions think about everything and every single consequence that may appear.

Dreaming about your parents dying – If you had a dream like this in which your parents are dying or being killed, then this type of a dream is an indication on your biggest and deepest worries.

Perhaps you are so afraid of your parents leaving that you stress yourself way too much and that leads to a dream like this.

Perhaps you are expecting something bad to happen very soon so that reflects in your dreams.

Or if your parents are ill or in some kind of trouble then this dream is not unusual at all, it can actually represent your expectations.

Dreaming about your mom – Mom in a dream has a special role, she is a symbol of peace and elegance.

So when you dream about your mother it means that you are working on your emotional state, perhaps you are trying to bring the kinder version of you.

If you dream about your mom being ill then this dream may be a sign that you love your mom so much that you are afraid of anything bad happening to her.

Without a mother there is no balance in a family so another meaning behind this dream is that you are balancing your priorities.

If you see your mother walking away from you this could be a sign that you are missing certain balance in your life or that you are taking the wrong path.

If your mother is looking at you with a worried expression on her face then this means that you are doing something which could hurt your mother.

And that thing that you are doing is harming you, so this could be referred to drugs or alcohol or one night stands.

I means that you are lacking morals your mother taught you.

Sometimes dreaming about your mother is a sign that you miss her and that you need to talk to her about something.

Call your mom either way, she would love to hear your voice.

Dreaming about your father – Men on the other hand are not a representation of elegance or peace, father in a dream is a symbol of drive and passion.

It means that you are likely to succeed at something that you are currently working on.

So your father in a dream is a sign that you are likely to make a decision that will change your life.

If you dream about your abusive father then this type of a dream is a sign that you are not over the trauma he gave you.

Or perhaps you still fear him, maybe you feel like he is going to get you again if you escapef from him already.

But this could mean that you are still going through a certain type of abuse so it reflects in your dreams.

Dreaming about your parents divorcing- If you had a dream like this in which your parents are going through a divorce this could mean that they are actually going through divorce, that is stressful and hard for you to deal with so it appears in your dream.

But the other meaning behind this dream is that you are having certain people with hidden agenda in your life, but you are not seeing it.

This could lead to a certain betrayal and damage on your mental health.