Dream About a Car Being Stolen – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream about a car being stolen then you should know that these dreams are a representation of your current feelings.

Dreams about a stolen car are symbolizing your lack of control and your uncontrollable temper.

These dreams could mean that you are supressing your feelings in order to keep everything calm.

You are constantly trying to make everything go according to your plan but in reality you are trying to hide the fact that everything around you is falling apart.

It is not uncommon to dream about your car being stolen, especially if you have recently bought a new one.

Or if you have a fancy, expensive car then it is normal that you have these types of dreams which are caused by fear.

Usually when you buy something expensive fear of losing that certain item kicks in, so that happens when you give a lot of money for a brand new car, you get afraid of every scratch that could appear on it.

Every now and then you can hear about some car that is missing on the news or radio so perhaps if you know something like then that appears in your dream.

These dreams may appear if you are losing your old self, perhaps something is changing you but unfortunately in a negative way.

Dreams about someone stealing your car could be a sign that you are choosing the wrong path and that you are not having a clear vision about your morals. These dreams can appear in different forms.

You can have a dream about someone stealing your car in front of you or perhaps that someone is stealing someone else’s car, maybe you are unable to find your car in the place you left it before, etc.

Even the colour of the car that is in your dream matters, colours are a representation of your feelings and emotions so they play a big role while finding a true meaning behind your dream.

There are dreams that appear so realistic, so the person who has it even thinks that that dream is a reality.

Sometimes this is bad especially if having a nightmare, when you feel like you can’t get out of that situation from your dream or if you are unable to wake up immediately after some kind of shocking moment in your dream then this leaves some consequences.

Some dreams you remember for years while others are forgotten the minute you get out of your bed.


Dream about someone stealing your car can look so real that after waking up you start  questioning whether it actually happened or not.

These dreams may appear as nightmares, sometimes violence is a part of this type of a dream so it can be stressful for the person who dreams about it.

But as just like all the other dreams sometimes the meaning could be good and sometimes it could be bad, and there are cases in which these dreams are not even good or bad they are just warning you about a certain type of behaviour in your life.

Your emotions can be the main cause for the appearance of dreams.

So stick around and find out what your dream about a stolen car could mean.

The Most Common Dreams About a Car Being Stolen

Dreaming about someone stealing your car in general – If you had a dream like this in which your car is being stolen by a thief or someone else, then this type of a dream could be an indication on possible indecision about important things in your life.

This means that you are not being serious about your main priorities .

You are constantly making poor choices that are leading to disorganization and a bad routine.

At this point you will have to make a decision that you have been avoiding for a long time, this decision will determine your future so you should really think it through.

The truth is that everything you do affects something in your future, you are the master of your own faith so start acting like it.

If you do not choose something then you will end up with whatever it is that you can get, don’t allow yourself to fall down on that level.

You are lacking ambition and maturity which are truly important if you want to live a good life, without them you will make your life a living hell.

Maybe this is just a phase that everyone goes through but maybe this became a habit to you so now you are too lazy to change it.

Imagine the best version of yourself and your life, after imagining it try to find a way to make that dream a reality.

Dreaming about someone stealing your car after washing it – If you had a dream about washing your car and after that you see someone stealing it then this type of a dream could be a positive sign for you.

This type of a dream could be a sign that your life could change very soon in a great way, perhaps there will be a certain situation in which your choice could improve everything.

Or perhaps some kind of a chance is coming into your life very soon and if you are smart enough to embrace that change then it will bring you great results.

Sometimes these dreams could mean that your luck will turn around completely, or that you will build something new out of your life.

Perhaps a certain opportunity will arise and it will give you a brand new start just like you wanted to.

But always be careful, don’t start being arrogant, practise gratitude.

Dreaming about someone stealing your white car – If you had a dream like this in which the car that is stolen is actually white, then this type of a dream could be an indication that you are likely to face certain challenges in your near future.

White symbolises calmness, peace and clarity so when losing a white csr in your dream it means that you are losing these things.

There are a lot of different reasons for the appearance of this type of a dream.

Perhaps you are choosing the wrong path in your life which is stealing away your peace,  or perhaps you are letting other people to control your emotions and your path.

It is easy to lose the right track but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to go back to it again.

So this type of a dream could also be a sign that you are having issues with your mental health, perhaps you are constantly supressing your feelings and now it is starting to affect your health.

There is also a chance of possible trauma in your near past which is affecting your peace and state of mind.

Dreaming about a family member stealing your car- If you had a dream like this in which your car is being stolen by your close family member, then this type of a dream means that someone close to you will actually rob you in a certain way.

Especially if you dream about your siblings, it is common that your brother or sister usually get everything while you end up with nothing it is not that rare.

So maybe you are experiencing this let’s say betrayal right now.

This can be related with property, belongings, even romantic partner.

So for example let’s say your sister is now with your ex, you are feeling like you are robbed literally and you can’t really do anything to change it.

Perhaps your siblings are getting more love from your parents and you are currently feeling like you are not enough for them or that you do not belong there anymore.

Sometimes it is a sign of possible betrayal in your near future from people you trust the most.

This dream could also be a warning for you to stop trusting people because most of them have a hidden agenda .

The main problem is lack of your analysing skills, you do not read people and you do not want to understand them this right here will cost you a lot of things.

It is never easy when it comes to emotions and it is always tricky or complicated but that is because people make it that way.

When you change your mind-set everything around you will change the way you want it to, so start working on yourself.

No matter what happens you just need to work on yourself and just forget about everyone else for a minute, make some decisions and if your family is not being appreciative towards you then think about moving out of there.

Dreaming about seeing someone else driving your car – If you had a dream like this in which you are seeing some stranger driving your car, then this type of a dream  could be a sign that you are being manipulated.

Perhaps by your boss, friends, or even family members.

You are aware that you are being manipulated by someone else but you are not doing anything about it, so this dream appears as a red flag to you so that you could take some action when it comes to this.

If you are unware about your current situation then this dream is trying to show and tell you this, you just need to listen to its message.

Or perhaps if you are surrounded by the wrong people then this dream is telling you that you need to get out of that group before something truly bad happens.

Manipulation can come in any sort, whatever their reason for it is you need to protect yourself before it is too late.

Sometimes this dream is an indication that you are not the one in charge of your life, it means that you are letting everyone else decide about your life and your future.

So this dream appears to shake you up a little bit so that you can come to a certain realization about all of this.

If you continue living this way you won’t last for long, it is a matter of time when all of it just collapses so do not let that moment come.

Dreaming about your car not being in the place you parked it – If you had a dream like this in which you are unable to find your car right where you left it, then this type of a dream could be an indication on possible failure.

It means that you are focusing on doing the wrong thing so much that you do not even see the consequences behind it.

You have chosen that one path without even considering the damage that path can make in your life.

Or perhaps you are way over your head in that task or a job so now you do not see the exit from that situation.

Your subconscious is sending you a message to collect yourself and to fond a way to make things better than they are now.

You can either make or break your life so choose wisely.

And if you truly think that this current action is likely to make your life better and you more successful then go with it.

But do not be surprised when it all fails and it all becomes the biggest lesson you ever had to learn.

Dreaming about someone stealing your car key- If you had a dream like this in which someone is stealing your car keys, then this type of a dream could mean that you are failing when it comes to your priorities.

This dream is not a good sign, it represents your possible breakdown.

So you are trying to do everything but in the end nothing matters because those things are nothing when being compared to some serious matters.

But you are constantly focusing on the wrong thing, that type of behaviour will cost you big time.