Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

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If you want to defend yourself from the villain that makes your right ear ring, pull your ear so that it can bite your tongue and stop talking. And to avoid an accident, cross your fingers…

The thumb up is a sign of happiness, a symbol that represents a positive view of a situation or event. For the Roman gladiators, that meant that they would survive another day, until a new fight.

Today, it is a message of hope or praise to a person without many words.

By the way, the thumb as a symbol has its roots in prehistoric man, who noticed that babies are usually born by squeezing their thumb, and that was interpreted as the first sign of life.

When it rings in your ear, someone is trying to tell you something or someone is gossiping about you.

Older superstitions say that it doesn’t matter which ear is in question: if it is on the right, it is possible that someone spoke evil about you, and if it is on the left, someone mentioned you in the language of love.

Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning

It is difficult not to note the people’s love for omens, superstitions and various rituals to knock on wood so as not to jinx it, or to throw a pinch over your left shoulder if you spilled salt.

It turns out that our ears did not stand aside and also acquired signs, moreover, the most diverse. Checking!

Ears are scratched (itchy) the most popular interpretation is for news. The right itches to the pleasant, the left to the not very pleasant.

Other meaning of omens is to a newborn with friends or to transactions with money, and if the right one itches, profit awaits, and the left one is an unplanned waste.

Ears are “burning” most likely someone is discussing you, and if only the right one is on, they speak the truth, the left one is slandered.

75260746 – woman has a ear pain

The omen has a continuation you start listing your acquaintances and if you guess who exactly is discussing, the fever will subside.

Another meaning is the same as for itching they are discussing you and if the right one burns in a good way, the left one is lying.

Ring in the ears to a change in weather, if in winter it rings to a thaw, in summer to bad weather. But if only one ringing, then again someone is discussing. So if the left ear itches, burns, and rings at the same time as if slander!

In this case, there is a good ritual from Holland if you bite your little finger when you hear a ringing in your ears, then the tongue will be bitten by the one who slanders you.

There is also a pleasant omen associated with ringing in the ears: as soon as it rings, make a wish and ask the first person you meet to guess in which ear it rings, if you guess, the wish is destined to come true.


Scientifically, the sensation of noise, ringing, buzzing, buzzing in the ears, which occurs without external sound stimuli, is called tinnitus.

Typically, this sensation appears suddenly, in a quiet environment, often before bedtime.

And this alone is a cause for concern and for referring to an otolaryngologist. Moreover, a visit to the doctor should not be postponed if tinnitus has been following you for more than a day, and even more so if tinnitus is accompanied by:

Increased blood pressure is one of the most common causes of tinnitus. It is necessary to measure the pressure in those periods when the ringing appeared, and in the moments of its absence. If the difference is noticeable, then the reason is obvious, and you need to contact a cardiologist for help.

The appearance of noise in combination with a headache, flashing of flies before the eyes, pain in the region of the heart may indicate a hypertensive crisis or even the development of a stroke. Here you should call an ambulance

Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the brain, to varying degrees, can also lead to tinnitus and ringing in the ears. The fact is that with atherosclerosis, the vessels lose their elasticity and cannot pulsate in time with the movement of blood.

This leads to the fact that the blood flow in the vessels becomes turbulent (that is, with vortex) and there is a sensation of noise with each pulsation. Also, the noise can be caused by a spasm of the muscles attached to the auditory icicles, or by the beating of the pulse in the vessels that are associated with the middle and inner ear.

This can occur with high fever, otitis media, or significant physical exertion. To make sure that the diagnosis is correct, it is necessary to be examined by a neurologist.

In this inflammatory disease, noise (ringing, buzzing, buzzing) in the ear is combined with itching and redness of the external auditory canal, soreness when touched, decreased hearing acuity, purulent discharge from the ear.

Otitis media often appears after water gets into the ear (for example, while swimming), damage to the ear canal when cleaning with matches, toothpicks, etc., as well as a complication after respiratory infections.

Its main symptom is a throbbing, intense pain that usually captures one half of the head. It is usually accompanied by ringing in the ears.

Otosclerosis (growth of bone tissue in the elements connecting the middle ear to the inner ear, the cause of which is unknown). This chronic condition usually starts in one ear and later spreads to the other.

It usually occurs in adolescence, rarely in childhood, in women it is observed much more often than in men. It is manifested by progressive hearing loss and tinnitus, often leads to significant hearing loss, sometimes to deafness.

If tinnitus is combined with dizziness, impaired movement in the limbs (paralysis), a feeling of “creeping” on the skin, urinary incontinence, etc., then one can suspect the development of this serious disease of the nervous system. Its manifestations can be extremely diverse, so that an accurate diagnosis can only be made by a specialist after a thorough examination.

Anyone who has seen a soldier will come across wolves in years, whoever has a wolf will have a lot of grain.  If a girl sees a wolf taking a sheep away, she will marry.  Receiving money means coughing, long journeys mean illness.

Neurinoma (tumor) of the auditory nerve. It is characterized by a combination of noise or ringing in the ear with a gradual decrease in hearing acuity (up to deafness) and dizziness.

A neuroma can be asymptomatic for a long time until it begins to squeeze the structures surrounding the ear, leading to hearing loss, impaired coordination of movements, a tingling sensation or running creeps on the face, etc. When the described symptoms appear, you should consult an ENT doctor as soon as possible to examine and clarify the diagnosis.

Tinnitus can occur not only as a symptom of a disease. Often it is caused by taking medications (for example, such as gentamicin, streptomycin, furosemide, cisplatin, etc.).

Sometimes noise appears when poisoning, stress, water or any foreign body getting into the ear. Ringing in the ears can cause sulfur jams, a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure (after flying in an airplane, skydiving or diving), and a change in the weather.

The causes of tinnitus in children and adults are the same. But it must be borne in mind that ear diseases in childhood have a tendency to relapse, as well as the transition to a chronic form. So, all the more, the child should be immediately shown to the ENT doctor at the first symptoms.

Safe for hearing, you can listen to music on headphones for no more than 20 hours a week at low volume and no more than 4 hours at maximum (97103 decibels). Otherwise, the manifestation of deafness will begin in 12 years.

Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Superstition

Dreamed good generally means bad and vice versa. Who laughed in a dream will cry. If one dreams that bees are flying around the house, then fire will break out or snow will fall. If you dream of mice, thieves will soon come.

To dream of the wolf means to have something to do with Germans; to be with the deceased in a dream or to hear from them means change of the weather; to hear thunder in a dream signifies an imperial order; being in the water or having to do with it threatens illness to the dreaming himself or to another, of whom he has at the same time dreamed.

Bird eggs seen in the dream mean public quarrel, tumult; Storm, rain, snowstorms mean lying talk or unfounded excitement. Hunting or catching wild animals (hares, squirrels, foxes) in dreams promises the result of a theft.

Anyone who has seen a soldier will come across wolves in years, whoever has a wolf will have a lot of grain.  If a girl sees a wolf taking a sheep away, she will marry.  Receiving money means coughing, long journeys mean illness.

The construction of a new house, the clearing away of household utensils, the sweeping of the room, the collapse of houses, the falling of objects indicates dying in the house of which one has dreamed; in winter, building heralds a decrease in the cold and an imminent thaw.

Whoever finds gloves in a dream, lambs will be born to him, who loses gloves, and sheep will perish.  Going to the bathroom means getting sick, many fish catch cold weather, a red horse see a conflagration.

Whoever dreams that he is in the forest or on the meadow will meet many people.  Anyone who has ridden a black horse in a dream will have a lot of worries, just like those who have torn boots on, but whoever has received new boots will have all sorts of new things to fall.

If one has put out a fire in a dream, thaw comes.  If one has dreamed that wood was cut, then someone will die, namely a male person if it was fir wood, a woman if it was birch wood.

In the same way it means death if one has dreamed of plowing or manuring.  Those who dreamed of blood will meet relatives.  Who has seen a snake in a dream, animals will be born to him, who has killed a snake, and animals will die.

Anyone who dreams of a hissing snake has to beware of deceitful attacks.  Who will die in a dream who has a deceased friend or relative, or someone else in white clothes, or who has infected the light of the holy image.

In the settlements between the two Morava Rivers, it was believed that a child with a squint on his right eye while his mother was pregnant would have a brother. Otherwise, it’s about the sister.

Residents of many parts were convinced that a woman was carrying a male child on the right side and a female on the left, or that a child moving in the mother’s womb to the right was a male, and vice versa.

Care was also taken with which foot a person would step on in the morning. This is how the saying “stand on your left foot” came about. At Christmas, the positions enters the house with his right foot, just like the bride enters her new home.

If you play themes, it predicts a win. When the cervical vertebra plays, a stranger will bring you a gift. When your throat plays, you will get bad news.

The forehead between the eyes when it plays, you will go on a journey. When your right ear plays or rings, you will hear good news. When the right eye plays, what you think at that moment will come true.

When your nose plays, you will experience unexpected recognition, and when you itch, you will get angry at someone. When both lips tremble, you will kiss someone.

When you’re right palm itches, you will soon pay something. When your right knee plays, your wealth will increase. When the right sole plays, it means grief. When the right heel plays, expect good news.

When your left ear plays and rings, you will hear bad news. The left eye when it plays, you will get bad news. Navel when it plays, you will soon earn a lot of money.

When your stomach is playing, you will receive a gift from a rich man. When your breasts play, you will finish a great job.

When your left palm itches, you will receive a gift or money. When your left knee plays, some trouble will befall you. The left sole when it plays, means wealth and earnings.

When the left heel plays, you will get a critique.


Spiritual meaning of ringing in the right ear, someone is trying to tell you something or someone is gossiping about you.

Older superstitions say that it doesn’t matter which ear is in question: if it is on the right, it is possible that someone spoke evil about you, and if it is on the left, someone mentioned you in the language of love.