Marriage Line in Palm – Reading and Meaning

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Sciences like palmistry are not accurate. Lines and bumps on the hands have their own characteristics and meanings, which can only be deciphered by a specialist in this field.

Hills on the palm differ in size, shape, hardness. All these parameters, as well as additional signs on them, directly affect the result of fortune-telling.

Planets have an influence on the fate of a person. The impact of each planet is shown by the hills on the arm. They are tubercles located along the edges of the hands, under the phalanges of the fingers. The names of the hills on the hand are similar to the names of the planets.

Marriage Line in Palm – Reading

Not every individual has all the hills on his hand, and others may not be at all. Sometimes they are very hard to see.

In some cases, interlacing, intersection of hills is observed. In the palm of your hand, there are 9 hills.

Palmists have repeatedly attempted to single out any major planetary hill, the most developed in one palm or another.

However, this turned out to be possible only in very rare cases. Much more often, at least two zones simultaneously dominate on the palm of a person.

The characteristic position of the hill also plays an important role. For example, being displaced to an adjacent zone, he can extend his influence on it.

Each palm is already a real “book of life” in itself. There is much more personality hidden in a palm print than in a fingerprint. Indeed, in comparison with fingers, the hand contains much more information about a person’s character.

We will sequentially consider the meaning of each zone of the palm separately, and then we will compare the zones of both palms. The signs on the left hand reflect the features inherent in a person from birth, and on the right – their potential embodiment in his life.

The hill of the moon on the hand is localized in the lower part of the hand. If it is clean, practically not dotted with lines, the owner will have a life with an even flow of events.

Before you is a practical person who does not suffer from speculation, does not suffer from useless thoughts.

If a line passes through the hillock, this is a symbol of unrest, which most likely will not allow the owner to live freely and think sanely. Sometimes this means that a person very quickly falls under the influence of other people, cannot think independently.

All the lines and hills on the hand can portend both good and bad events. A good moon symbol tells about upcoming travels, speaks of sincerity, developed intuition, and shows a connection with the mystical world.

Bad lunar symbol – shows possible mistakes, in character indicates constant dissatisfaction with life, superstitious speculations. The absence of a tubercle suggests that the person does not have a special fantasy.


According to palmistry, the hills do not adjoin either side of the palm. They maintain a balance between the external and internal aspects of a person’s life.

The Hill of Saturn is associated with practical ambition, the ability to make money, serious reflection, scientific research, loneliness and emotional limitations. If such a person is large, then he can be gloomy, pessimistic, cautious or be in mild depression, lead a lonely lifestyle.

In practice, it is a bridge between Venus and the Moon, or in other words, conscious and unconscious impulses. If the hill of Neptune is the same in size as Venus and the Moon, then such a person evokes sympathy among others and can tune in to both his own and other people’s feelings.

He is able to bring ideas to life, like an artist or musician who comes up with an idea and then breathes life into it, or like a writer who looks at ideas and then lays them out in a logical chain. The health indications that appear on the hill or near it in this part of the palm are also important here.

If Apollo’s Balance Hill is well developed, then it testifies to charm, good manners, ingenuity, love for children and animals, sports, arts and hobbies. Such a person usually has great style. If the hill is too developed, then the person can be greedy, extravagant and a gambler.

The Hill of Mercury in palmistry characterizes self-expression, communication, business, money, ability to literature and science, health and relationships with people, love of technology. If the hill of Mercury is well developed, then it is easy for such a person to work with a computer and modern mechanisms.

If the hill is too developed, then you are in front of a cunning swindler. When he is underdeveloped, the person can be painfully shy, unable to express himself, with a lack of business acumen.

Mercury indicates a tendency to cheat and theft. If it is pronounced, there are perpendicular lines on it that form a cross or a lattice, then the person is a liar or a fraud. It can also portend imprisonment. If on a given hill there are one or more small lines that can form a triangle, wealth and business success await a person.

These two bumps are complements to each other. Smooth hills speak of a person who has just iron self-control, he can control himself in any situation. But when there is a mesh pattern on the hill, or at least one line, you see a person who does not know how to control himself at all, hot-tempered, hot.

Mars, in Greek mythology, the god of war, and therefore the hills are responsible for aggression, strength. The active mound of Mars is lower, localized between the thumb and forefinger. An underdeveloped tubercle characterizes a shy person, indecisive and meek, who cannot dare to take risks.

A wide and convex area between the index and thumb indicates a cruel and aggressive person. The firmness of the hill speaks of the firmness of character, such individuals always soberly ponder their further actions.

The merger of the hills of Mars and Jupiter positions an entrepreneurial person who can very quickly navigate in any situation, who knows exactly when to show aggression, and when to restrain his horses, an experienced strategist.

However, such people burn out quickly. Merging with Venus speaks of a sensual nature, passion. Such individuals are guided by feelings and emotions. Intelligence and sober assessment often fade into the background, which leads a person into a vicious circle.

A large hill is located between the hillocks of the Moon and Hermes. This bump is responsible for the latent potential.

A poorly defined hill characterizes a person who often gives in to difficulties, never goes on the offensive, but takes a defensive position. Well-developed bulge is evidence of latent potential, hardness. Ability to quickly recover and get out of all troubles with victory.

A hard bump positions a strong personality. Such individuals attract those around them, possessing natural magnetism. Due to their attractiveness, these people often overestimate themselves, exchange in vain.

Close localization with Mercury speaks of broad views, intellectual abilities. The close location to the lunar hill gives people the gift of being sensitive to changes in the mood of others, analyzing it and looking ahead.

Marriage Line in Palm – Meaning

Every person on planet Earth is a unique, talented, brilliant individual. Despite the fact that there are about 7 billion people in the world, everyone has their own personal destiny, their own way of life.

Ayurveda science – palmistry – says it is already inscribed on the palms of each of them. But all this is information of the note, which can be corrected by the person himself (if he wishes and with serious intent). What do the lines on the hand say? Where is the meaning of the line of marriage, of love? And much more – in this article.

Palmists (from the ancient Greek meaning “manual interpretation”) is an ancient system of foresight along the palms, which refers to life, health, love and human wealth. It originated in India approximately 3000 BC. They practiced in Tibet, Egypt, China, and Persia. In the past, Aristotle and Julius Caesar often used surgery.

It is not currently recognized by official science, although it is very popular among some people. There are schools in India and Canada that teach this direction. No matter how skeptics treat chiromancy, the share of truth that palmists (experts in the field) read about each person is undoubtedly true anyway.

The lines on the palm speak of life, character, happiness, health, well-being, family life, children and other aspects of the owner’s life. Also about spiritual love, relationships with other people and so on.

The study of palmistry under the power of any person who wants to master this knowledge. To do this, there is no need to have a special gift, but it is important to understand the main aspects that include: the ability to decipher lines, dots, strokes and other signs on the palm.

It is advisable to start the interpretation from the main lines (destiny, heart, life, and mind) and then move on to the secondary ones – lines of marriage (photograph of the hand on the left), intuitions, and children’s lines and so on.

A very important line, which is pronounced on the palm. Because it is located between it and the lower part of the little finger, in marriage there is a wedding line (which is explained in this article below).

The line of the heart speaks eloquently of a person’s ability to love and be loved, to serve others, to be generous in feelings, towards temperament.

The owner of a palm with a deep and brightly colored line has the strongest ability to sincerely express feelings, nobility, kindness, and disinterest. It is above the line of the mind. They can be uniform, slightly curved, light or mild, reddish or pale yellow in color.

The longer the line of the heart, the greater the amount of love energy in a person, the greater the desire to give feelings. Such a feature may end up on the hill of Jupiter. Also, such a sign indicates that its owner has a probability of later marriage, because it has high demands on the partner and relationships (above average).

If the line ends in the area of ​​Mount Saturn, then it means that the person does not show his feelings towards his partner, beloved, especially cheerfully. The end that falls between the little finger and the ring, is inherent in people with an even and deep worldview, simple and natural in terms of expressing feelings.

If the line of the heart is so long that it ends on the back of the hand (behind the hill of Jupiter), then that indicates a jealous attitude towards the partner. When the line in question ends with a small jaw (“jaw”), it indicates the truth of the owner of such a palm. As well as the ability to have serious feelings in family life.

The line of the heart, which includes a number of tiny lines, of which it is composed, shows that a person is fickle in a relationship, that he likes to flirt. The connection of the line of heart and mind is a probabilistic sign that there may be problems with the birth of a child (in a woman).

If the end of the main line under consideration falls on the clusters of Saturn and Jupiter (that is, it has 2 branches), then the owner is a man of irregular, temperamental, difficult to build love (family) relationships in his life.

Branching the line of the heart with the position of one part at the base of the little finger and the other between the little finger and the ring finger it says that its owner is a pure, friendly and happy person with a good destiny.

Line of the heart, starting from the edge of the palm to the middle, there is a horizontal dash (or several). This is the line of marriage in surgery. They are characterized by close love relationships that involve living together (in an official or civil community).

To see this line better, you need to squeeze your hand into a fist. And if the line of marriage on hand is shown clearly, brightly and expressively, then the probability of creating a strong and happy family for the rest of your life is very high.

Some more detailed characteristics of family relationships can also be described because of the direction and end of the dash that explains the line of marriage in surgery (the photo shows the location).

if the line of marriage is lowered, there is a possibility of leaving the partner; the abrupt lowering of the wedding line to the lifeline suggests that the union will experience a difficult divorce; if the line of family life is crossed by other lines, then there are people who can intervene and even destroy the family;

the presence of a line extending along the line of family life with a thin line indicates that there is a deep feeling that is followed through life (to another person); a trait that characterizes a marital union tends to grow upward – there is a possibility of not starting a family;

when the dash merges with the line of success (middle palm), the union will be concluded by calculation; if the line of family relations reaches the limit of destiny and even merges with it, then the marital union will be long and happy. Features a line on a woman’s hand

There are some differences from the dashes found on the palm of a man and a woman. The line of marriage on the hand of the latter has a number of vertical strokes, indicating the number of children.

If these lines are thin and delicate, a baby girl will most likely be born. Rough and broad talk about the son.

Such lines may be one, two, three or more. They characterize children who are destined to be born, and those who are not (abortion). The sign “V” among other lines speaks about the birth of twins.

The clarity and brightness of the dash that characterizes the offspring indicates that they will be healthy. Pale and barely noticeable – about possible health problems.

If the hill of Venus (under the thumb) is an expressionless place in the palm, and it is also characterized by a plane of shape, then there is a chance that there are no children at all.


The vertical lines on the middle phalanx of the little finger and middle finger show how many children there will be. The lines located at the base of the thumb also make it possible to determine how many children will become a parent.

The beginning of the heart line has small processes – it also means the number of babies of the palm owner. The mild “fairy”, which separates from the line of life, indicates a joyful event – the birth of a child.

The child will affect the parent if from the lifeline on the arm of the last string it lasts.