Dream of Seeing Someone Double – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of someone double is very common, since it is very rare that we find ourselves completely alone in our dreams; usually there is always someone double keeping us company or someone double who gives some context to the dream.

However, depending on the person and the context, the dream can have different meanings.

That is why in this article we will see the meaning of dreaming about someone double, whether it is an old love or a past friendship. Dreams are messages that our subconscious sends to tell us a message, so the people we see in dreams may also have something to tell us about the meaning of the dream.

Dream of Seeing Someone Double – Meaning

For all human beings, knowing the true meaning of our dreams generates an enormous intrigue, and it is that the explanations and interpretations of what we dream are very varied, in fact we can find explanations that go from the psychological and scientific point of view, even interpretations based on the mystical or religious.

Among the many possible dreams that exist, dreaming of people is one of the most common; however, those who try to interpret dreams usually have a different explanation depending on the type of people we dream of.

Therefore, to understand a little what the different types of dreams with people can mean, we want you to pay attention to the detailed information that we have brought you in this article.

That our ancestors appear in our dream can be a signal from our mind to remind us that we are just one more piece in a long chain of people that make up a generation that has its own bases and its own past, which we should not ignore, since they form part of who we are.

Now, when characters like our grandparents appear, this can be an alert that tells us that we have a duty to pay more attention and protect them, as well as maintain great respect for their customs.

When people who are no longer on the earthly plane appear in our dreams, it can be an indication that this has been a very significant and important loss in our lives, and that we have not yet been able to fully overcome.

Although from a mystical perspective, there are those who point out that this could be a way that deceased people have to communicate with those of us who are still alive.

In these types of dreams, the explanation will also depend on whether we dream of our own baby or someone double else’s baby.

In the case of our baby, it means that it is time to begin to identify those feelings that make us vulnerable, perhaps it is time to review ourselves internally and be able to know how much control we have over our feelings and the feelings that we awaken in other people.

When the dream is with our current partner it can be a manifestation of our sexuality, or aspects that make up our masculinity or femininity, in many cases this is one of the ways in which doubts about our sexual orientation are usually expressed.

However, when people dream about partners, the matter is different, since if we find ourselves in a relationship with another person.

It can be a reason to doubt whether it is the right partner, or perhaps we still have some kind of feeling towards that ex-partner, being able to feel a little regret for having cut off the relationship.


From a mystical point of view, dreams where friends appear are indicative of a good omen, since they are usually bearers of good news in most cases, although dreaming that we fight with a friend is also related to the arrival of a friend disease.

However, from a psychological point of view there are those who point out that the friend that appears in our dreams can be a projection of our personality.

This is one of the most puzzling people, especially when the actions we perform with these strange people are usually very confusing.

For example, when a large number of strange people appear in dreams, it is usually related to the help of a very good friend in real life.

If the unknown person claims to be a person that you know in real life, this may be related to the side that only you know of that person and that other people do not know.

On the other hand, psychology interprets kisses with strangers as a sign that we must accept many things that we have repressed in our lives, but when contact with these strangers goes to the sexual plane, it can be a sign that we need more adventures and discover new horizons.

Despite the fact that there are general parameters about what our dreams can mean.

Depending on the people who appear, other aspects must also be taken into account, such as the actions they carry out.

The people that appear in our dreams are simple characters in stories, stories that can range from sad or violent actions, to happy and funny actions. You also have to measure the level of protagonist that each character has in the story that takes place in the dream.

That is why both experts in psychology and those who study the spiritual world usually make interpretations of dreams individually, and that is that in addition to focusing on the dream, they also usually take aspects that are happening in real life to determine a much more exact meaning.

Dream of Seeing Someone Double – Symbolism

Sometimes the meaning of these dreams can be quite clear. For example, if in the dream, we see a person that we have not seen for a long time and we feel great happiness when we see him, it is clear that our subconscious tries to tell us that we really want to see that person and be with them as in the old days.

However, these dreams can have much more complex meanings, which we will review below.

Most of the dreams in which we dream of other people are usually a representation of past relationships or relationships that are maintained today, whether they are friendly, loving or even family.

It is possible that the mood you have is calm and calm, having a dream in which you see a person with whom you had a good relationship for a certain time.

Likewise, it is common to have dreams with people we care about. It can be an old love or a person who is constantly thought about throughout the day, even carrying her in dreams when we go to sleep.

However, it is also of utmost importance to pay attention to everything that happens in the dream. Since dreaming of someone double can have different meanings, such as happiness, excitement, anxiety or sadness.

Another meaning of dreaming about someone double can be related to the feelings that one has against enemies.

Likewise, dreaming of someone double can also be a sign that the dreamer is ready to face the changes that are approaching her life.

When you dream of someone double that the dreamer likes, it is an experience that serves as a clear reflection of how deep that person has come into her life. His thoughts are analyzing the situation very carefully to determine what type of relationship is maintained with that person and how far he can go.

To dream that someone double has died and mourns for it is a dream full of negative aspects, since the dream represents the complicated and difficult situations that will come to the life of the dreamer.

It does not exactly have to mean that the person who died in the dream is in danger in real life.

In case you have a dream about someone double who has already died, then the dream is a way of the dreamer’s subconscious to seek to face the pain that the loss of that person has caused; Or it can even show the great desire you have to see that person again, so that you can feel a sense of joy when you see that person again.

When in the dream you can see directly how a loved or unknown person dies, the dream can turn into a nightmare and cause anxiety or stress.

However, this dream is not connected with a dark wish from the subconscious or that something bad will happen.

Dreaming of someone, double who dies is an indication that soon a great change will come to the life of the dreamer and will help him to be reborn as a person.

In dreams, we usually see people we meet at some point in our life; whether they are old friends, classmates or work with whom we do not get to cook, our best friends or our family.

So sometimes, it can be confusing to dream of someone double you do not know.

In this case, it is likely that the dreamer is going through a stage in his life in which he seeks to hide some personal qualities.

Dreaming of someone double you do not know, means that the dreamer has not been sincere or honest with the people around him, trying to hide her true personality.

Without a doubt, dreaming of kissing someone double can be a very interesting dream.

When in the dream a person is kissed that the dreamer likes, this dream clearly shows the infatuation or affection that one has for that person.

The interpretation of it can change when you dream of kissing an unknown person, this can augur uncertainty.

This dream indicates that the dreamer continues to cling to the past, to a certain stage of his life that he really enjoys. You need to accept the life you have and move on.


So far, all the interpretations of the meaning of dreaming of someone double or an unknown person, we have analyzed each one of the situations that can occur during sleep.

Have you discovered your dream and its meaning? Remember that you can consult any interpretation through our complete guide on the meaning of dreams and their interpretation.

The people that appear in our dreams are simple characters in stories, stories that can range from sad or violent actions, to happy and funny actions. You also have to measure the level of protagonist that each character has in the story that takes place in the dream.