Dream of Sunglasses – Meaning and Symbolism

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The main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from UV radiation. This is particularly important at the sea or in the mountains.

However, sunglasses are also a fashion accessory that brands conscious customers spend a lot of money on.

However, there is also a large selection of inexpensive models from simple and chic to cool and extravagant. The tint of the lenses is different, but it is important that they have a good UV filter.

Dream of Sunglasses – Meaning

If someone dreams that they are wearing sunglasses, they might want to hide behind the dark glasses. If they are even mirrored, others can no longer see his eyes.

However, in the dream he may also see himself face to face with another person with sunglasses. In order to interpret the dream symbol, the dreamer should clarify the question of what he or another has to hide.

In contrast to the proverbial rose-colored glasses, sunglasses darken the view. In the sense of dream interpretation, the dream symbol can be understood as an indication of a negative perception.

The sleeper tends to be pessimistic and often sees only the negative aspects of a matter. It is important to also consider the points of view that speak in favor of a measure or a change

As protection for the eyes, however, the sunglasses in the dream also symbolize the intention not to want to see something.

The dream symbol can indicate that the dreaming would prefer to close the eyes before certain situations or people. The sunglasses can be seen in the dream interpretation as a weaker form of this behavior.

A dream in which someone else is wearing sunglasses is a warning signal according to the dream analysis. The dream symbol warns to be careful with a certain person.

If a friend or acquaintance looks at the dreamer through sunglasses, this is a sign that he cannot see through it and that it is difficult to understand his behavior.

If glasses appear in the dream world, then they can also give an important clue for the dream interpretation there. If one dreams of looking for a toilet, the toilet seat may also be meant as glasses in the dream.

Look at the interesting most common dreams about the symbol, as well as the general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation:

The eyes symbolize knowledge and open-mindedness in dream interpretation. If they are hidden behind sunglasses and watch the sleeper through the dark glasses, the dream symbol is an expression of his insecurity and restlessness.

Perhaps the dreamer is hiding something from himself and the dream image encourages him to be more honest.


If the glasses of the sunglasses suddenly become transparent and you look into the pupil of the person you are dreaming of, the color of the iris should definitely be interpreted more closely: Were they blue, brown or green eyes behind the originally tinted glasses?

From a psychological point of view, the eyes are a symbol for the bright consciousness. As a mirror of the soul, they say a lot about the psychological state of the dreaming person in the dream interpretation.

The eye is both female, because it perceives optical impressions, and male, because it transports the feelings to the outside world.

In this context, the dream symbol “sunglasses” indicates secret instincts and erotic desires. With the help of tinted glasses, the sleeper wants to prevent his emotions and needs from becoming visible in a dream.

However, inner attitudes and thoughts that could offend others can also be hidden behind the sunglasses.

In addition, it darkens the light, which embodies clarity and knowledge in the dream interpretation. The dream symbol thus also represents the uncertainty and the doubts about existence on the part of the dreamer.

The dream symbol “sunglasses” is a symbol for the restriction of sensual and intellectual perception. Following the spiritual dream interpretation, the dreaming has an obstacle on his way to divine truth and energy in front of him.

If he manages to take off his sunglasses in a dream, his gaze will be clear and bright again.

Dream of Sunglasses – Symbolism

A pair of glasses is a construction that is worn in front of the eyes. It is used as an aid for people when they can see poorly or when positioning errors in the eyes are to be corrected.

In the past people liked to wear a monocle, a single lens that was attached to just one eye in order to be able to read better or see details.

The forerunners were so-called “reading stones”, which consisted of transparent quartz or beryl – the German term “glasses” is also derived from the latter.

Special glasses can be worn as protection from the sun or external influences; sunglasses also play an important role as a fashion accessory. Other goggles, such as diving goggles or swimming goggles, protect the eyes from chlorine or salt in the water.

Welding goggles protect against flying sparks. Therefore, there are many different types of glasses, depending on the purpose.

If glasses appear in the dream world, then they can also give an important clue for the dream interpretation there.

If one dreams of looking for a toilet, the toilet seat may also be meant as glasses in the dream. Look at the interesting most common dreams about the symbol, as well as the general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation:

If we wear glasses in a dream, this is primarily to be seen as a positive dream symbol. Depending on the exact dream event and our own life situation, wearing glasses stands for our endeavor to question our life again and again into old age and thus to understand ourselves better.

If you are looking for glasses in a dream, you may have lost your glasses. In the dream, lose the glasses, gives the dreaming to understand that he can develop further in relation to his intelligence and serenity.

At the same time, however, he should also be considerate of his property. If he can find the glasses, negative events may occur in his life. However, favorable developments can also be announced.

If someone cleans glasses in their dreams, the symbolic reference to the fact that it is currently worthwhile to maintain business contacts and to be committed in the area of ​​their job can hide behind them. This can result in good opportunities and successes now.

If you look at the dream image of buying glasses from the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, this can indicate subconscious needs that are suppressed in the real world.

Perhaps the person concerned would like to deal with himself or herself more often and not always just focus on other things.

A dream in which glasses break or glasses are destroyed can be interpreted in different ways. The glasses break in the dream, among other things, as a warning of damage or loss in the waking world.

However, the broken glass of the glasses in particular can also be interpreted as a symbol of luck.

If the eyeglass lenses are the focus of dream attention, this may be a call to the sleeper to devote more attention to the vulnerable side of the self.

In addition, a pair of glasses can also herald happiness in different areas of life in a dream. Also, pay more attention to the exact details of the dream.

Even if we associate sunglasses with good weather and a good mood, they can block our view in dreams and thus represent a negative attitude towards certain things.

If the sunglasses have a protective function in the dream, you might close your eyes to something in the real world.

If the dreaming sees glasses in the dream world, then this dream image is a sign of inner restlessness as well as for the preoccupation with oneself. The glasses however also symbolize the cleverness and the superiority.

If the dreaming wears glasses, then he will reach a great age and will always try to understand his own life better. If it is green glasses, they announce good prospects. This can refer to related to business success, but also to other matters.

If the dreaming buys glasses, then the warning to be careful is shown here. If the dreaming puts on the glasses, it warns him of cheaters.

If the dreaming gets the glasses put on by someone, then it can be seen from them that he can possibly be influenced too easily.

If you stow the vision aid in a case or case, you would like to draw a line under certain topics and have already done so for yourself.

Should the dreaming lose a pair of glasses, he will possibly not take good care of his property also in the waking world.

In addition, there can be lies and intrigues in his environment. If a pair of glasses breaks, then damage can happen to the dreaming in the waking life.

Therefore, he should be on his guard in the near future.

If the dreaming sees a person with dark glasses, then a person has to hide something in an environment. This dream is to admonish the dreaming to be careful.

The sight of a well-known wearer of glasses, such as Harry Potter or Heinz Gerhardt, can indicate that one will cope well with the adversities of life.

If the glasses are clear, then the dreaming will also have the right perspective in the waking life. However, if the glasses are fogged up, then he may be stubborn about some things.

In the spiritual dream interpretation, the glasses asks the dreaming to take another point of view. It also symbolizes virtue and temperance as well as balance.


In the psychological dream interpretation, the glasses are interpreted as a symbol that the dreaming directs his attention outwards and not inwards.

However, it also stands for the opportunity to take a closer look and gain more perspective and understanding.

If the dreaming borrows the glasses from someone in order to put them on, then this is seen as a sign that he may also be strongly influenced by other people in the waking world. The dream research interprets this dream image as a request to the dreaming to rely more on his own opinions and not to listen to the deceptive advice of other people.