Dreaming About Video Games – Meaning and Symbolism

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The most common reason why people have dreams about video games is that they have spent too much time playing one.

Another reason can be that a video game you played was scary or very specific and your mind remembered it well.

But, what about people who don’t play video games and still dream about them?

A video game in a dream can have any possible scenario and we can’t talk about every single one because there is too much of them.

However, there are some common dreams about video games that should be discussed.

Firstly, it must have happened to you that you had a dream about being in some kind of a video game that included running.

If you were running from some creature or people to save your life, it means that you are feeling anxious and stressed.

This dream indicates that you are not so well at dealing with problems and people so you constantly try to avoid them.

Another common dream about video games is that you are chasing something or someone. In that case, the dream represents your power, motivation, and strong desire for achievement.

Let’s see what the most common dreams about video games are and their deeper meanings!

The most common dreams about a video game

Dreaming of being in a video game

If you only remember dreaming of being in a video game, but you don’t remember specific details, then it means that you are trying to escape your reality.

Dreams about video games are usually related to the need to avoid dealing with real problems. It is your mind trying to find a less stressful alternative for your life.

If you are constantly under stress and you find yourself trying to escape reality by actually playing video games or excessively doing something to keep your mind off track, you should know that you have a problem.

Dreaming about a video game is a symbol of twisting reality and can be related to your personal life. You should ask yourself why would you have this dream, and try to remember specific details.


Dreams can reveal us our deeper thoughts and feelings and help us understand ourselves.

Dreams about being in a video game are a sign that you miss mystery, adventure, and fun. In that case, you are not in trouble, just find some time to fulfill your needs.

Dreaming of losing a life in a video game

If you had a dream about losing one or two lives in a video game, but still having more until game-over, it means that you will make a mistake that will cost you a lot.

This dream is a symbol of bad behavior that could have serious consequences. You should be careful with what you do and be more focused, patient, and don’t rush anything.

If you keep acting the way you were until now, you are likely to make a mistake that can change your life drastically. You should focus on making the right decision and being aware of the risks.

Dreaming of game-over

If you had a dream about being in a video game, and then suddenly something got you killed, and you saw that the game is over, it means that you will fail to do something.

Maybe your boss is asking you to do a lot of work and you won’t be able to finish everything until a deadline, or you have a huge assignment to do in a short period of time.

No matter what is the task, this dream indicates that you won’t be able to fulfill it. You should try to find out why you can’t manage to do everything you planned and be more organized.

It is important to be aware of your skills. If you are not sure of yourself that you can do something, then don’t make promises.

Another meaning of this dream is that you won’t achieve everything you wanted these days. Maybe you are trying hard and have high expectations, but you will fail to finish what you have planned.

This dream is a warning to you that tells you to be more realistic otherwise you will end up being disappointed in yourself.

Fortunately, there is no game-over in real life. If you fall, you should find a way to rise. Start over or change your plans. Everything is possible, you just need to know how much you are capable of doing.

Dreaming of running in a video game

Running in a video game can have many meanings. Firstly, it depends on the context of the running.

If you were running from something, like a beast or a scary zombie, it means that you have serious problems in your waking life. You feel like something is chasing you and you don’t even know what it is. You don’t have peace and you are constantly stressing.

This dream indicates that you are running away from everything that requires emotional involvement. You act like a cold-hearted person, but in reality, you are very soft and fragile.

This dream symbolizes your fear of commitment.

Another meaning is that you are running from your obligations. You have a lot of things going on in your life currently and you don’t know which way to look first.

If you let responsibilities accumulate, you won’t be able to breathe in the end. Try to deal with everything as soon as possible.

And finally, running from something in a video game can be a symbol of some unrealistic fear.

If you were running to get something in a video game, then it means that you are determined to do something in your life and you rarely give up.

You have ambition and you are ready to do anything to make it come true.

Dreaming of chasing something in a video game

If you were chasing a human in a video game, it means that you are trying to be better than others. You can’t stand other people being better than you and that is why you are trying to sabotage others.

This dream is a sign for you to stop being obsessed with the lives of other people and try to focus on yourself.

Another meaning is if you had a dream about chasing an animal or some creature that doesn’t exist in real life. In that case, the meaning of a dream is that you are fearless and you will do anything to get to the top.

Dreaming of finding treasure in a video game

This is a very positive dream and it indicates that you will soon have more money.

You will likely inherit the money from your family or maybe fin on a lottery.

You will be very lucky these days so you can expect a lot of positive things to happen to you. Use that to enjoy your life and don’t waste it on irrelevant things.

Dreaming of killing an enemy in a video game

If you killed an enemy in a video game, it means that you will successfully defeat every negative thing in your life.

You will overcome any problem because you are fearless and ready to do everything to make your life comfortable.

You don’t let anything disturb you, and even if you get into trouble, you easily find a way out.

Killing an enemy in a dream is a symbol of victory over the things that might have had control over your life. You will get over something that has been controlling your life and you will be very happy with yourself.

Maybe you will quit old habits and start new hobbies that will give you a lot of positive experiences.

Dreaming of flying in a video game

Flying in a video game is a symbol of overcoming any problem in your life. You will rise above the negativity and bad people around you, and you will be untouchable.

Nothing seems to upset you because you are a very strong character and you rarely burst into fire.

Flying in a game is a sign that you will achieve your goals and ambitions.

Dreaming of having a superpower in a video game

There is a big number of superpowers that you could have had a dream about, but we won’t go into details.

For the interpretation of this dream, it doesn’t matter which superpower you had.

Generally, having a superpower in a dream about a video game is a symbol of your desire to be better and stronger.

You have high expectations of your life and that could cause you a problem. Not everything we want will become the truth.

This dream indicates that you are not being real with yourself and you think that you are the best, but you are not.

Try to judge people less and let them be who they are. Even if you were the best, it’s not up to you to judge others.

Don’t compare yourself to others and focus on your life instead of the lives of other people.