Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

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If the sign is good, just wait for the joyous event. But if burning ears miss trouble or trouble, you need to try to deal with the bad reaction, calm down and concentrate. The warning is armed.

Modern science, which in recent decades has tried to understand why so often completely unscientific folk predictions are more accurate than measuring instruments and test tube studies, has an opinion about burning ears.

Why are my ears worse from a medical standpoint? There are several hypotheses, confirmed with varying degrees of probability.

Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning

The brain works in enhanced mode. Australian scientists, after conducting a series of serious studies, have come to the conclusion: there is a direct link between increased brain activity and glow. Improved blood flow to the brain stimulates blood flow to all tissues of the head.

Therefore, teachers at USE should observe students more closely. Whose ears were burning, he prepared long and carefully. But pale ears may not be ready for lyrics. Honestly, a very weak theory. Otherwise, why are there excellent students, whose ears are completely out of flame, and losers, whose right and left ears are inflamed?

The ears are only frozen. Yes, if a person has spent an hour or two in severe frost, without covering his head as he should, a slight frostbite is guaranteed. Another thing is that such an event in Russia, for example, is not uncommon. The body has learned perfectly to restore blood circulation at the site of freezing.

Heat in the ears is a physiological reaction to heat. Why are my ears worse from a medical standpoint? Because in this way the body tries to cool down, it gives off excess heat due to the rush of blood.

Mild vegetative dystonia. Simply put, the body does not have enough water, so normal blood flow is disrupted. The brain does not receive adequate nutrition, reacting to the delay in this way.

Features of the structure of the circulatory system and skin tissue. Redheads and thin-skinned people are the first to be in danger. The brutal idea that all redheads are outlaws and often thieves and cheaters from here.

Only in people with such sensitive skin, the vessels are located very close to the surface of the dermis. And since any, even the slightest arousal, can cause ugly spots on the cheeks or neck, redness of the ears.

Allergy, permanent damage to some internal organs. It is worth paying attention to your health if your ears are constantly burning. Something is obviously wrong. The reaction is most often caused by alcohol, spicy foods, medications, bee products, cocoa, hot tea and coffee.

High blood pressure is also one of the most significant signs of why lice burn from a medical standpoint. Impaired blood circulation can cause redness of the ears, and if it is accompanied by increased heart rate, headache, feeling of heaviness in the head, pressure on the ears, a diagnosis is needed.

It can be done independently at the primary level – with the help of a tonometer and regular measurements in the morning during the week. If the violation is permanent, consult a doctor immediately. He doesn’t joke with pressure.

Diseases of the inner ear, with eardrum. Symptom of violation – constant burning of the ears for several days, with itching, pain.

This is one of the signs of a dangerous rush of blood to the brain. A very dangerous sign, especially if a person is prone to hypertension, is constantly nervous, experiences stress, falls into an aggressive state. Urgent hospitalization and a complete examination are required.


Why are my ears worse from a medical standpoint? There are many reasons, and some of them require a serious examination and sometimes immediate medical attention. There is no need to treat this recommendation with a smile. Our lives are made up of little things, and each can be deadly.

There are many ways to protect yourself from bad people and just enthusiastic people. Small pocket mirrors that must be fitted with a reflective surface. It is believed that all evil will be reflected by mirror protection and will not reach you, but towards the one who screwed up.

There are many of them: from wood, natural stone, fabric, bone, glass beads, twigs, threads. What matters is not the subject itself, but the belief that it can help. Try it. A psychological device that is basically similar to wearing a mirror. It bears the name of mirroring and is used as a mental defense.

We must put in front of ourselves and the hypothetical criminal a mental block, visualize it as a large mirror or a mirror barrier, a wall that reflects all evil. Negative messages are sent back and hurt the criminal himself. The method works great.

If you know that a person close to you is potentially dangerous when it comes to energy, can run over it, or are in a confined space with a large number of people, you can protect yourself in a proven way. Cross your arms or legs, taking a closed protective position. If it’s hard to do, you can simply close your thumb and forefinger, creating a protective ring.

If the heat in the ears is accompanied by any excitement, and the person knows about it, he must master some effective way to calm the nerves, to relieve tension. Especially if there is a really exciting event – a speech to a large audience, a wedding, the defense of a diploma, etc.

A glass of brandy in a therapeutic dose is usually recommended. But you have to be extremely careful with it. For most people, such therapy causes, on the contrary, a rush of blood to the head. Soothe, perhaps, soothe. But it can make your ears burn.

How to deal with the body’s physiological response to cold, heat, and anxiety is very difficult. For example, if you have severe frostbite on your ears, then any temperature difference will later cause redness of the skin in the frozen area.

The same goes for a long stay outdoors. People who are exposed to constant insolation and do not cover their heads for work may experience a chronic overdose of UV radiation. So their ears are sure to burn in the evening.

This causes a reaction and a sharp drop in temperature due to thermal procedures: sauna, bath, steam bath, swimming pool, and shower – all this can lead to a hot ear. Of course, the reaction will take place on its own, but in order to speed up the process, you can use cold compresses, soothing creams, lotions.

The question arises: if the burning of the ears is caused by physiological reasons due to the activation of brain activity, is it possible to start the reverse process? For example, rub your ears on a crimson dye on an exam to start blood flow and activate the brain to the fullest? Will this help in getting a good grade on the test or exam?

Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Superstition

Human signs make our lives pleasantly predictable. Itching of the left arm – wait for an emergency. Sparrows bathe in the dust – take an umbrella, the rain will start soon. Cilia fell – as a gift. Excitement, shame, brainstorming, swearing at bad sages are the most popular interpretations.

But still, why are the ears up? Folk predictions have accumulated over the years, and modern scientific knowledge can answer that question accurately.

Let’s start with the popular characters. If your ears are suddenly bright, there are several options: someone is talking about you; you will soon meet someone who thinks a lot about you, with impatience; someone is thinking about you; the weather will change soon.

If there is a strong fever with no additional “symptoms,” then there is no reason to doubt what they think or say about you: check for centuries. But the context of these conversations depends on who does it.

Human energy is able to perceive both negatively and positively. Therefore, if the ears are up, only the strength of the emotions is unambiguous. But what they say – good or bad, depends on which ear burns harder.

The human sign of a change of weather connects two feelings: warmth in the ears and severe itching. And if a person is born in the summer, it is soon warmer. If the heat and itching at the same time feels “winter” birthday, wait for a cold crackle.

Advice! If you want to find out who exactly washes your bones or think of you with terrible force, simply select all possible candidates in a row. As soon as you mentally touch that person, the heat will stop.

The left side is the traditional area of ​​the heart, the soul and therefore many signs associate it with negative energy. Therefore, mothers-in-law, sarcastically explaining to young daughters about what the left ear is burning, are superstitiously spitting … right! Over the left shoulder. They drive away evil spirits.

And rightly so. According to national signs, if the left lobe is on fire, then you have relentlessly scolded, slandered, and for no reason, in general, diligently filled with negative energy. If the energy envelope is weak, such an impact can affect health.

Especially if a bad person smiles in his face and behind his back he betrays his anger, gossip, uses dirty words. It is not enough to know what the left ear is burning for. You must be able to repel the invisible enemy.

Rinse the negative with water. Water is a very powerful helper of energy, it has incredible power of purification and recovery, both physical and mental. You can pour it on your limbs or even simply by rinsing (remember that washing a baby from the evil eye is the same principle);

If there is holy water, you should wash it three times, always taking the top of your head. If you know a prayer, read it. After washing with holy water, it is not wiped off – the moisture should dry naturally. With it, the heat will disappear; Instead of praying, some people read slander. If this method works for you, read on.

By the way, the Dutch use an unusual way to silence a fiery person from a distance. True, they don’t think about what the left ear is burning for, because they consider ringing in the left ear a sign of slander behind the back.

But this special! So if there was an uncomfortable feeling in your left ear, you just need to bite your little finger.

At the same time gossip bite and his dirty tongue. So much so that for a long time he doesn’t want to talk and slander about you.

As for what the right ear burns, the proverbial wisdom is also not limited to one option, there are several of them: friends say something very good; one of you is trying to get in touch with you, to meet, but he can’t do it at all and is therefore upset, maybe even sworn.

they only talk about you in a neutral context; someone is praising you; waiting for good lime; friends are telling the truth about you; someone is in a hurry and a meeting will be held soon. The right side is always something good, right, and so don’t worry about causing your right ear to burn. For something good.

If you really want to know who you need so much, who says kind words about you, or needs an urgent conversation or meeting, mentally go through all of your relatives and friends. The principle is the same as with the left ear: when you get to the right person, the ear will stop burning.

It is possible to draw parallels between the national sign of what the right ear is burning for and scientific research. Scientists say that when adrenaline is released, it starts burning.

Therefore, strong joy, fear, excitement, shame – any strong emotion can cause just such a physiological reaction.


There is a fascinating way of divination on days of the week. But with cards or beans, but … with ears! Or rather, on what day they set fire. Monday: Morning fever – someone is very jealous, day or evening – there will be an argument.

Tuesday: for lovers it marks a sad break, for lonely people – slander and deception.

Wednesday: ears burn in the morning until the long-awaited date or meeting, in the afternoon – until the appearance of enviable, in the evening – until a new romantic adventure, easy flirtation or a full-fledged love affair.