Dream of Being Naked – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever dreamed that you are going to a job interview, to college, on a date or walking down the street when you suddenly realize that you are naked?

Dreaming that we are naked in public is a recurring nightmare that many often have, but very few know the meaning. We have been researching dream interpretation topics and we have the answer.

Dream interpretation is a technique that understands dream representations as symbols susceptible to interpretation.

Dream of Being Naked – Meaning

It is an ancient practice to which esoteric charges are attributed, but to tell the truth, psychology has also investigated dreams, as a representation of the human unconscious. Obviously in the latter case we refer to the studies developed by Sigmund Freud.

But in any case, it is understood that dreams are representations and as such, they have a meaning. In this sense, there are many recurring dreams and nightmares, such as walking barefoot and not finding shoes, feeling that you are falling into the void or that you are flying, dreaming of insects, etc.

There is an interpretation for all of them. But what does it mean specifically to dream that you are naked? Find out below. Dream Interpretation: What does it mean to dream that you are naked?

The meaning of the dream varies according to each person, but in general there are two interpretations. When you dream that you walk naked in public but do not feel any kind of modesty inside the dream, it means that you are living an important and emotionally healthy moment with yourself.

You’ve probably just come out of a state where you constantly had to be lying or pretending, so now that you can be yourself, you feel free and comfortable with who you are.

Also, dreaming that you are naked but not ashamed indicates that you are a confident and self-confident person, with a well-balanced self-esteem who knows how to recognize good and bad. You feel comfortable in your own skin, that is, you are satisfied with what you are experiencing.

In that sense, if you dream that you are naked and shameless in front of your family, it means that your situation and family relationship is going from strength to strength; If you dream that you are without clothes in your work it means that you feel fulfilled in that context, and so on.

But what happens when you don’t feel comfortable if you don’t experience an embarrassing sensation while being naked?

This dream is very common in perfectionist people who on a day-to-day basis are waiting for all the details to go well. If you feel shame in the dream to be naked, the meaning of the dream is adverse to what we explained above.

To dream that you are naked and feel ashamed reveals a palpable fear of making a fool of yourself, and in that order, it also means that there are many insecurities in you that you must overcome.

Many times, these are not permanent characteristics of your personality, but they are stages that you are living in which you feel emotional, mental and social instability.

It means then that if you dream that you are naked at work, university or in front of a certain group, in that context you are feeling insecure, incapable and often anguished in everyday life.


But on the other hand, also dreaming that you are naked can be a symbol of your feeling of economic, paternal, loving helplessness, etc. A person who is going through an economic crisis or who is distressed by the debts of it, may have this dream.

The truth is that these types of dreams are very common because they reveal the conflicts and satisfactions of human interiority, and now that millennials have a growing interest in esotericism, the occult and there is even a growing tendency to make pacts with the devil, it is important to have an open mind to know a little about everything.

You can test how real the dream interpretation is just by equating the meaning we have given of your dream with your current reality. It is an empirical technique, so to be effective it must necessarily reveal part of you. We hope that this has been the case.

In real life, you are only rarely naked when you are showering, bathing or doing very intimate activities. In the presence of other people we cover our bodies and in a certain way expect the same from others. In dreams, however, it often happens that one is completely naked in actually unsuitable situations.

For example, one can dream of sitting naked in a business meeting, which is inappropriate per se. Or you walk across the street and suddenly realize that you have forgotten your clothes and are completely naked in public. Such situations are a nightmare for many people and trigger intense feelings of shame.

Dreams about nudity have nothing to do with sexuality in very few cases. Erotic dreams are more shaped by sexual acts than by simply being naked. Nudity is a symbol in the dream for the self-image and the mental state of the dreaming.

Who is naked in the dream, shows himself in it exactly “as God created him”. Man is born naked, it is completely natural to be naked. As we grow up, we are taught to cover our bodies and to see clothing not only as an expression of our personality, but also as a status symbol. However, we are always naked under our clothes.

To be naked in a dream means to be completely natural. There is no covering clothing, one stands naked in the truest sense of the word. Nudity also shows vulnerability and (asexual) exposure. Other people are able to see every part of the naked body. Nothing is hidden anymore, every physical flaw, no matter how small, is visible.

If clothing is also seen as a status symbol in the sense of an aid to communication (we communicate something through our clothing), the naked person has no aid. The only thing that remains is you and your personality.

This is exactly what is revealed in the dream of nudity. The naked ego is free of concealment, it no longer has anything with which it can cover up mistakes or deceive someone. The nudity is a symbol in the dream for freedom of personality, for the naked self and the honesty towards others and oneself.

When interpreting naked dreams, the first question is where you show yourself naked in the dream, what you feel and how other people react to it. It’s also about whether you’re completely naked or only partially exposed. The persons, in front of which the dreaming naked, are not pictures of real people, but rather symbols for parts of the own personality.

If the dreaming shows himself in the Adam costume before people known to him, he would like to be seen by these people as he is. If the dreaming stands, for example, naked in front of his boss, he probably cherishes the wish to be perceived by him all around. Alternatively, the boss is a symbol of respect and authority.

In this case the dreaming stands naked before his own authority. He wants to be seen by her like that. He does not surrender himself defenseless to her, but rather has a desire for recognition. He probably wants to respect himself more and not just be able to exude more authority to the outside world.

Dreams in which one is naked in public are very common. Most of the time, one does not consciously go naked on the street in the dream, but rather follows the dream action quite normally until one looks down at oneself and realizes that one is naked. Only then does one become aware of it, only then does the panic reaction or shame overcome one. The latter can also be omitted.

Moving around naked in public and feeling completely normal is a sign of healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. The dreaming is not ashamed to be as he is, he is at peace with himself. Normally, the other dream people do not even notice their own nudity or at least do not react to it. Here the acceptance of the other shows, it doesn’t matter to them at all that the dreaming shows his whole personality openly.

The meaning of being naked in the dream depends largely on the feelings during the dream. It’s about experiencing and being experienced.

If the dreaming feels fear in the dream of being seen naked by other people, this probably expresses a low self-esteem. He would like to show himself as he is, but he is afraid to reveal himself and therefore suppresses his feelings.

If the naked dream goes hand in hand with a feeling of shame, the dreaming is possibly ashamed because of an act in the waking world. It is often an expression of guilt here. The dreaming is ashamed of something and would like to cover his body, which is symbolic of the fact that he would like to hide or disguise himself so that nobody finds out what he has done.

If the naked person feels comfortable and self-confident in the dream, this reflects a positive self-image in the waking world. He is satisfied with himself and sees no reason to hide anything. If the dreaming feels sexual arousal due to the nudity, it is quite possible that it is an erotic dream.

If the naked person experiences agony and pain in the dream, it can either express submissive fantasies. On the other hand, such a dream can also be due to a repressed sexual experience in the past, possibly rape or sexual abuse.

Dream of Being Naked – Symbolism

Among other things, nudity is closely related to a person’s sex life, as it is in a certain way imperative for the sexual act. At the same time, being naked also means freedom, lightness and shamelessness for many people: they enjoy evading certain norms and being able to move freely without clothing.

Nude models pose in front of the camera without clothes and aesthetically put the naked body in the right light; in the sauna you sweat naked, after which you only wear a towel or bathrobe to do something good for your body.

Nonetheless, nudism is not for everyone: The disguise can also trigger feelings of shame and discomfort, the feeling of being exposed and vulnerable. This is especially the case if the person concerned is in an unfamiliar environment, feels observed or, of course, if he involuntarily stands in an Adams costume.

Nakedness can also play an important role in dreams. Many people dream of being naked. This can also be felt both positively and negatively here. The feeling of the dreaming regarding his nudity depends, as in real life, on his character. Showering with someone can also be related to this. But how is the dream symbol “nudity / naked” to be interpreted exactly?

If a female person feels good when she walks around topless and maybe only in underpants in her dream world, the dream situation indicates that she would like to live more openly and freely while awake.

That does not have to mean that the dreaming would also like to run through the streets in reality without a bra and top. But maybe she feels pressured to meet certain expectations of others. The dreaming person would like to break out and show himself more often as he really is.

If the dream is instead rather embarrassing and the dreaming would like to wear clothes, she often feels inferior in reality.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, anyone who dreams of “bare facts” and does not feel uncomfortable has a longing to be able to show himself as he really is.

The dreaming is indeed very self-confident, but may have the feeling in real life that he cannot develop freely and cannot fully live out his actual character.

In particular, if the person concerned is seen naked in public in the dream by many people, he has a great desire in the waking world to openly show certain facets of his character and to be able to express his opinion completely independently. He processes this dissatisfaction through the nakedness of the body in the dream.

At the same time, dreams of bare skin can also be an indication of the subconscious to behave more openly and honestly in reality.

The dreaming should not hide his true feelings and intentions behind a facade, but should be open to them.

On the other hand, if you dream of seeing yourself naked in a strip show, you may be afraid of being misunderstood. He fears that his fellow human beings will not accept or understand certain behavior.

Also frequent are dreams of nudity in which the person concerned feels very uncomfortable and tries to hide his genitals – for example behind a fig leaf.

This expresses a fear of being exposed in real life. The dreaming is ashamed, for example for a certain sexual need.

In addition, the dreaming is usually not self-confident enough to be open to all areas of his life or character and is afraid of a derogatory opinion of his fellow men, because this would make him vulnerable and expose him.

Anyone who bathes naked in a lake, river or sea feels at home in nature and can recharge their batteries here. At the same time, the dreamer has enough strength to withstand external influences.


According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, dreams of being naked are an expression of an unconscious longing: The dreaming wishes back the lightheartedness of his childhood. Children know neither shame, nor worries, nor morals. For them, nudity is something completely natural and self-evident.

So anyone who dreams of being naked longs for this state of affairs and wants to be able to behave completely impartially and independently again.

According to the spiritual n interpretation, the dream symbol nudity indicates a new beginning: the person affected will be able to restore his natural innocence through a rebirth. This state is considered heavenly.