Dreams About Being Chased – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams of being chased can easily turn into a nightmare, each of them can be related to a variety of situations in our reality, where details will always be the key to understanding these types of dreams, so we invite you to continue with us so that you get to know much better what it means to dream of being persecuted, and the true hidden message behind each of those dreams.

Dreams about Being Chased – Meaning

The general meaning that dreaming of being persecuted can have is related to remorse, a feeling of guilt, doubt or some type of action that you have carried out that has ended in a breakup or problems in your life with another person.

Where you will feel haunted by feelings in your reality and it is your mind that tells you through dreams, so that you can pay attention to certain details of your life.

We cannot say for sure that all the meanings of this type of dream are negative, but it will be very important to pay attention to each of the details of these dreams, in order to better understand the true meaning behind each one, which It allows us to understand situations in our reality and thus be able to work differently in our lives.

We invite you to continue with us, to explain in great detail the true meaning of the most common dreams of being persecuted, their concrete interpretation and the reason for each of those dreams.

When you dream that you are chased and caught in the dream, it indicates that you are a person who locks up fear, and that you do not know how to face it, you allow fear to dominate your life and this turns out to be negative for you in all areas of your reality, you have to be a strong person, capable of facing your fears and not letting them dominate your mind, be strong and capable of facing them to achieve everything you propose in your life.

When you are chased by an animal in your dreams it is an indication of the desire to free yourself from a past pain, because you have suffered a lot and want to heal and leave everything behind, because this can only be possible by yourself, be strong and brave to accept what happened in the past, overcome it and forgive, as this will always be the key to achieving stability and peace in your present.

When you dream that you are being chased by someone else, even if you don’t know it, it is an indication of internal fears, due to lack of personal acceptance, it is a type of dream that you must recognize very well, and try to evaluate what affects you or that you fear, to be able to face it and overcome it, making things improve and make you feel much better, so that internal fear is not a limitation to achieve your life goals.

When having a dream of being chased just before an important trip, it may be because you do not want to go on that trip, or you know that it can generate changes in your life and you are not ready for them, it may be a business trip, in where you are not sure what may happen, or a family trip where you are not ready to take a next step, because if you are not, you cannot force yourself, always do what makes you happy and do not act out of commitment or obligation.

When you are the one who is chasing someone else, it means that you have made bad decisions in your life, which have led you astray, and this has not been beneficial for you, because it only causes problems inside you and on an emotional level as well. It is a type of dream that indicates remorse and guilt for not having made the right decision.

Some horrible dreams that cause you anguish and fear do not have to have such a negative interpretation if you know how to take advantage of it. It is the case of dreaming of being persecuted, a dream that can point out some problems in your life that you had not realized. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of being persecuted.

You dream that they are chasing you and the anguish you feel does not let you think that perhaps the dream occurs to alert you to a situation that you had not realized. The meaning of this dream is quite literal, someone is chasing you and you are trying to escape. But the important thing is not that they chase you, but that you are escaping.

What are you running from? If one or more people are chasing you, the dream speaks of a toxic relationship from which you must flee as soon as possible, of family conflicts that you must resolve or of all those toxic people who want to hurt you. Without a doubt, this dream is for you to open your eyes.

But you can also be chased by an animal, by a monster, by a ghost or by some other strange creature, a vampire, for example. In these cases, when it is not a person who is chasing you, but something stranger, the dream indicates that you are escaping from your own life, from a job that you do not like, from a behavior of yours that you have not just accepted or from a unsatisfying life.

In any case, this dream in which you are chased occurs in times of stress or vital anxiety. It is closely related to that situation in which everything generates doubts and you feel fear, but not the fear that something will happen to you, but the fear of doing the wrong things, which is what leads to frustration and unhappiness.


You run as fast as you can. It goes over rough and smooth, you don’t know where you are anymore, but behind you can still hear that gasping…

Being followed is one of the most common nightmare motives, although the plot can vary widely. Whether you are running through Kafkaesque streets on the run from a shadowy pursuer or want to escape a physical attack: being pursued in dreams is unsettling and upsetting for all of us.

No matter whether you dream of a stalker, whether you are chased by a creepy shadowy creature or whether you know exactly who is after you: the pattern of dreams in which we are followed is always the same. The persecutor wants something from you, wants to get close to you or wants to catch you – and you want to escape or get rid of that person once and for all.

The popular dream interpretation sees dreams in which we are persecuted as a warning against slander by people around you. Especially if someone who you know well or is even one of your friends is following you in the dream, this dream symbol is traditionally considered an indication of betrayal in the waking world.

From the point of view of psychological interpretation, a dream in which we are being persecuted shows us that we are unconsciously on the run from a situation, a memory or certain feelings.

Perhaps you have a great responsibility or fear that you will fail? The background for being persecuted in the dream could, however, also be fears or feelings of guilt – mostly it is about burdens from the past that you will not let go.

Your nightmare ends at an insurmountable wall or a similar obstacle that cuts off your escape route? If you turn to your pursuer in this moment of your dream, this is an indication that repression can only postpone the problems, but cannot finally solve them.

Sometimes we also dream of being persecuted when old (bad) habits are troubling us – this also includes addictions such as smoking, the consequences of which only become more and more apparent over the years. We all know how difficult it is to shed such inclinations.

A dream scenario in which we are followed can be interpreted as a relapse – if you recognize yourself in this, it is obviously difficult for you to overcome familiar patterns.

The interpretation of dreams in which we are persecuted is greatly simplified for us by recognizing the persecutor: In him we can usually see what we are actually fleeing from in the awake life. Do you always wake up before?

If you finally want to look your captor in the face, a little trick may help: Over the next few days, keep imagining how your dream could go on and how you ultimately want to expose the persecutor. Also, think about this right before you go to sleep.

In many cases, with a little practice, it is possible to influence the action at some point during the dream to the extent that the hunter is exposed. Bet that this sense of achievement will take you a lot further?

Once you realize who or what is following you, your real fears suddenly become tangible – the best way to get rid of your nightmares and get to the bottom of their causes. You can finally deal with the fears and emotions that you do not let go of.

You tried this method – but your pursuer is a faceless shadow? From the psychological perspective, this dream scenario indicates an unprocessed trauma that is burdening you. In the dream, the shadow of the past catches up with you again and draws attention to itself, just like a drama queen.

If, on the other hand, we are followed in our nightmare by a recognizable person who we perceive as sinister and ominous, this makes the interpretation easier. We can rethink our relationship with this person – is there really a reason to be afraid? Not infrequently, all doubts vanish into thin air during this consideration and we are no longer pursued in dreams.

So far, so good – but what do dreams mean in which we are followed by an animal? In psychoanalysis, animals embody our animal instincts and desires, but also our feeling-driven side, which does not follow any logic. An animal persecutor symbolizes the qualities that are commonly ascribed to its species – and thus those character traits that you might fear in yourself and would like to shake off.

The spiritual interpretation for dreams in which we are pursued sees in this dream symbol the fear of the consequences of our own actions. Often we still have to take risks in order to achieve our goals.

Dreams about Being Chased – Interpretation

This is usually one of the most common and repetitive dreams among people, this type of dream can vary depending on the person since some dream of being chased by animals while others dream of people. This dreams is usually constant for those people who are fearful or have panic abroad, it can also occur in people who have an important change in life which they do not want.

If you have this dream constantly, it is recommended to visit a specialist because the continuous feeling of persecution can greatly affect the individual to the point of taking away the peace of daily life.

What does it mean to dream of being persecuted? This dream can have several reasons, it could be an attempt by the subconscious to say that you do not want the reality you live or it could be a way of fleeing from problems.

This dream could occur in people who want to run away from a particular person, either because that person hurt in some way or simply because they are not pleasant. It could also occur in people with fear of the outside world, since the constant thought of being hurt creates a feeling of persecution that manifests itself in dreams.

This could also manifest itself in those people who do not want to stop a habit, since the feeling of lack of control is usually manifested and related to being persecuted and harassment.

This dream can also be present in those people who feel that their life is repetitive and are exhausted from continuing like this, the desire to get out of the routine is such that the subconscious relates it to a feeling of persecution.

Dreaming of being chased can be interpreted as the subconscious desire to escape from something that happens around, be it a routine, a person or a specific place.

People who usually fear for the safety of loved ones may dream that they are persecuted with those people, this could be interpreted as the failed desire to take care of that loved one.

If you dream about this before an important trip, it means that the subconscious does not really want to travel or is simply not prepared for the change that the trip brings so you want to flee from the situation.

If this dream manifests itself before receiving important news such as the results of an exam or an important answer, it can be interpreted as a deep fear of the results and changes that such news will entail.

An example of this would be receiving the answer to a medical exam that could go wrong or the answer to a job proposal, the fear of being rejected could generate a feeling of persecution.


The context and actions seen in dreams can make the interpretation of these dreams change.

If you dream that you are being chased by some dangerous animal, it could mean a fear and a desire to flee from the painful past, the desire to hide but always having the feeling of being found usually generates this type of dreams.

In the case of dreaming that the persecutor is another person, even though this is not known, it can be interpreted as an internal fear, it should not necessarily be linked to changes but to self-acceptance.

This is due to a fear of not being accepted by society or by the person you are pursuing in your dreams. The dream that the persecutor manages to catch is interpreted as a subconscious sensation of being locked up and a fear of facing problems.

Your nightmare ends at an insurmountable wall or a similar obstacle that cuts off your escape route? If you turn to your pursuer in this moment of your dream, this is an indication that repression can only postpone the problems, but cannot finally solve them.