Dreaming of a Dead Person Smiling – Meaning and Symbolism

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When dreaming of the dead, you can usually feel fear, anxiety, panic, nervousness and other similar emotions.

Very rarely, there can be a feeling of joy for someone you loved while he was alive.

Such emotions that this type of dream gives are the result of a general vision of death and dead people.

There is a lot of ambiguity about this phenomenon, and that arouses a repulsive attitude in people and rejection of any serious analysis.

Many philosophers, scientists and religions have tried to give their answers regarding to death and life afterwards.

The direct connection between the spiritual and the physical and dying itself has been interpreted in different ways, so the very interpretation of dreams related to this sphere is under the influence of these views in various cultures.

Generally speaking about dreams of the dead, their interpretation is largely connected by the level of emotional connection with the person or persons who appeared in the dream.

A Dead person smiling dream- Certainly this type of dream is not very common, and is largely disturbing. This is a dream in which a dead person or a real body is seen with a smile on its face.

The meaning of this dream depends on who the person was and what kind of smile it was.

If you’re dreaming of a person we knew, and who passed away, and who was smiling, it all depends on the smile.

If his or her facial expression was calm, a nice and kind smile, it is a dream that reflects only your own feelings towards that person and all the good times you had with her.

It could also be one of those protective spiritual dreams. This could mean that the loved one who has died still cares for you and wishes you all the best.

He or she also suggests that you do not worry about them, even though they understand your grief.

This shows that they want you to be happy and get on with your life.

This is a dream of accepting the reality that is present; it should help you deal more easily with the sad feelings associated with lost of dear person.


In case you are dreaming of a dead person smiling wickedly, then the dream has a completely different meaning.

This dream largely depends on the actual experience with the person while she or he was alive.

Well, if someone has always annoyed you, this dream could be an indication to process your mixed feelings about their death.

You may feel guilty because you feel like it’s not right that the situation doesn’t bother you much.

You should relax because it’s a normal thing and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

In case you dream of a completely dead stranger smiling, it is a more metaphorical dream. A dead person who laughs calmly also represents acceptance, but acceptance of certain ways things went or peace in decisions.

There was a loss, and even if it was good, it’s time to move forward.

This smiling dead person is in a way telling you to find a peace with the loss and prepare to face with new challenges.

Even if you feel terrified remember that this is just a dream with a message.

The Most Common Dreams About A Dead Person Smiling

Dreaming about deceased person smiling- This dream is a good sign.

It indicates that whoever is dead is alive in your mind and heart.

This person was a huge part of your life and their death was devastating for you so you are still in a bad place.

If you see this person in a dream it means that you are thinking too much about them that it is hard for you to let them go.

Perhaps this is a sign that you are watched by that person and they are letting you know that they are fine and in a good place, these dreams are connected with spirituality and religion.

Maybe they are there to warn you about something or that they are trying to remind you to finish something you promised to them.

But in most cases this is a sign from them to move on and focus on yourself, what happened cannot be changed and you should stop blaming yourself and the whole world for that.

You need to accept it even if it is hard to accept so you don’t end up grieving for years and years.

Destiny is an interesting thing you never truly know how our future is going to look, but one thing is certain whatever your plans are they are not going to play out the way you think it will .

Dreaming of  an annoying dead person smiling to you-   If you had a dream where you see one annoying person that passed away and if that person is smiling to you this means that you are filled with guilt for not being moved by their death.

Perhaps you are numb and you are not expressing your feelings like people around you do.

You are a person that need some time in order to realize what all of that actually means, maybe you are not crying right now but you will later.

Don’t judge yourself for this it is completely normal especially if it was unexpected, your body and mind are still shocked by that situation so you are not feeling anything.

Dreaming of a complete dead stranger  smiling at you- If you had a dream where you see someone you don’t even recognize this dream is connected with your understanding and acceptance of a situation and yourself.

It does not mean that you are haunted by some ghost who is trying to possess you, this is one of the dreams that are a symbol and reflection of something in your life.

Your subconscious is aware of your current feelings and thoughts so it is telling you that it is time to channel that bad energy elsewhere and focus on positivity in this life.

Or if you had a stage where you didn’t have courage to accept something as it is now you do and you are growing by accepting what cannot be changed.

Continue with this and don’t be afraid when having a dream like this, just listen to messages from your subconscious.

Dreaming of a dead person smiling in a creepy and wrong way- Having a dream like this could be terrifying for the person who has it.

If you see a dead person in your dream that is standing and smiling like those people from horror movies this is a sign that there is some possible danger ahead of you.

It can be related to a lot of aspects in your life, plans are going wrong or you have made some bad decisions that are likely to cause some trouble.

This dream is caused by others making fun of you and you feeling hopeless, it is a sign for you to realize that only you have the power to accept or decline people in your life so you may feel like in this dream but you need to get some sense in your head this person right there is dead can’t harm you so people around you can’t harm you if you block them and take their power away from them.

That is not easy but it is worth it, peace and calmness are worth it.

When you find a way to completely ignore others and their words you will see how your life is going to change like drastically.

Listen to the message if this dream and try to imply it into your life in reality.

Dreaming of a dead person gently smiling towards you- This is actually a good sign.

If you had a dream where a person you may knew is smiling brightly and gently to you this indicates on protection and peace.

Even if you are not a strong believer this dream is a sign that someone is watching you and taking care of you the right way.

Maybe angels or other good spirits are showing you that you have nothing to worry about.

Perhaps it brings you back beautiful memories and moments spent with that person or it is a reminder for you to remember them always in case you are starting to forget.

So don’t forget them and don’t worry about this kind of a dream.

Dreaming about a dead person smiling that isn’t actually dead- If you had a dream where there is a dead person smiling but that person is still alive this is not a sign that they are going to die don’t worry.

This is a sign that your connection and relationship with them will grow stronger and you are going to spend more time with them.

In some cases it is a sign that you are afraid of losing that person because they are a great friend and supporter in your life.

Sometimes this indicates on possible relationships beginnings, you are realizing that your feelings are more than just friendly towards that person and after some time you want to tell them but you are afraid of possible outcomes and future without them.

Life is short, it ends in a second if you waste your time by choosing not to tell people how you feel you are likely to spend your life in regret and hate towards yourself.

If you feel something say it, if you don’t like something say it and say it loud.

There are so many romances that have failed because of poor communication and misunderstandings why would you choose that way when you have examples from unhappy people to choose the other way.

If you truly love that person talk with them, maybe they love you too but are waiting for you to give some kind of a sign that you are interested in them or they just share your fears.

Even if it doesn’t work out what’s the worst that could happen, maybe you will be in a strange place with them for some time but it is better than not knowing where you are at with that person.