Slippers – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Slippers protect our feet, they provide us comfort while wearing them around the house.

When you think about slippers you think about a home that is filled with love, support and slippers connect with winter time and drinking a cup of hot tea while wearing them.

These dreams are pretty uncommon and rare but they do appear with a strong meaning behind them.

Do not worry if you have a dream about slippers because these dreams are an indication on something good and positive in your life.

In some cases if you dream about slippers it is a sign that you are insecure and stressed out so this dream is a message for you to relax and try to take things less seriously.

In other cases dreams about slippers are connected with your family and your bond with them, perhaps you want a laid back family and that is great but you need to find the middle of everything or there are going to be issues and fights.

If you have a dream about some person wearing slippers this indicates that there will be some kind of reunion between you and someone from your past.

Symbolism behind slippers is good, it is connected with positivity in your life and good moments.

It can be connected with your love life and relationships with others.

What is important about these dreams are details like for example are the slippers in your dream new or old, what kind of a colour are they, big or small, etc.

Those little things are really important in order to figure out what your dream actually means, everything that is happening in your life can be causing these dreams and even if you are confused by them they are not bad sign.

Sometimes they are representing red flags about your attitude, you are not seeing your mistakes that you are making and you do not really pay attention if you are hurting someone or not.

So these dreams are alerting you to work on yourself in order to become a better person.

These dreams are not bad and you should not be worried about them, they are signs of love or joy and possible chances that are going to make your life more interesting.

The Most Common Dreams About Slippers

Dreaming about new slippers– Having a dream like this is a good sign.


If you are wearing a new pair of slippers in your dream this could have more than one meaning.

Sometimes it represents birth, perhaps you will discover that you or someone close is pregnant and the new baby is on his or hers way.

In other cases this dream means that you are going to be torn between some decisions that will drain your energy and complicate your life for a little bit but you will resolve it without any more complications.

Having new slippers in a dream can also mean that you are likely to win at something, there are a lot of opportunities that you could win.

Perhaps you will be lucky enough to win at some game or win a bet that will provide you some money, you can be in a race and win it or perhaps you have just won over the person you like.

Whatever it is you are a winner and you should not worry about new changes that are on your way.

Maybe it is not the way you expect it to be but it can end up being even better if you trust and let go of worries.

Dreaming about gifting slippers to someone– A dream like this where you are gifting a pair of slippers to someone for their birthday or just because you want to means that you are going to lose something very soon.

This loss can be materialistic or losing someone for example your partner, it does not mean that is has to be someone passing away so do not imagine something and scare yourself out of your mind.

Perhaps it is connected with knowledge and your part of giving it to someone else, you can be teaching kids how to draw or how to read maybe you are teaching someone how to understand you better and how to love unconditionally.

Dreaming of old slippers– We all have at least one pair of slippers that have been in our house for so long that they are beginning to fall apart.

Having a dream like this where you see a pair of old slippers or perhaps you are wearing them this indicates that you are getting back something from your past.

This could be an old friend, maybe toys or something that means so much to you but during years you forgot about it.

Past is sometimes a good thing if you are not overthinking it, our past is showing us our progress and it is a great reminder of which mistakes should not be repeated anymore, what lessons have been learned so it is a positive thing but people make it negative.

But if in a dream those old slippers are not clean this indicates on someone who is pretending to be something they are not.

Maybe someone close to you is trying to harm you or is having some secret agenda.

Whatever it is you should be careful about who you trust, people can lie to you that good that even they trust their own lies.

Dreaming of coloured slippers– If you are having a dream about slippers that are coloured somehow there are a lot of meanings based on the colour of the slippers.

For example if you had a dream where there are red slippers then this means that there is a new love in your near future, red is a colour often connected with emotions perhaps you will reconnect with someone you love but your paths were different at that time.

If you have a dream about slippers that are black then this is connected with your negative thoughts that are causing stress that leads to depression.

These dreams are a sign that you should relax and take your time everything will be fine.

If you dream about white slippers this indicates that positivity and good vibes will be in your life soon enough, white colour represents purity and new beginnings.

Perhaps you will go to a new city to explore it or you are likely to find a new hobby that will change your life in a lot of ways without you even realising it.

Colours play a huge part of the dream world, they are connected with feelings and desires so it is pretty easy to find a meaning through colours.

Dreaming of someone cutting your slippers– This dream is a warning sign that someone will try to take something that is meant for you, it can be a promotion even a romantic partner.

This is a sign that you should be careful around people, if you trust them then stop trusting them they are just waiting for a right moment to ruin your life so that theirs could be better.

The thing with people is that they are never actually friendly, they are wearing masks that helps them with covering their true dark agenda.

If you do not watch your back no one is going to do that instead of you.

Dreaming about slippers that are too big or too small- When having a dream about slippers that are the wrong size this means that you simply do not belong somewhere you wanted to belong.

Perhaps your mind-set is different than theirs and it is causing you issues while trying to fit into the crowd.

Sometimes you cannot fit in somwhere because you do not belong there, you are not meant to be at that place because you are meant to be somewhere where people will see your true talents and skills so you will not have to try too hard to blend with everyone else.

We are all different and special in our own way, there is no competition and there is not one reason that it should be.

Every person is standing on their own and that is truly beautiful.

Sad thing is that today you do not have courage to be who you are and most people shut the whole world out because of that, so do not be like other people be unique and have confidence that everything will work out the way it should.

Dreaming of slippers has a lot of different meanings but in the end it all comes to one conclusion, love is everywhere around us and we are not alone in this world so if for a second you feel that way remember that you are something unique and great.

These dreams are good signs and warning sign that you should consider taking and using in your life, slippers do have a bigger meaning than to just keep our feet warm.