Dream of Flying Away From Danger – Meaning and Symbolism

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Danger is everywhere around us all the time, waking up is a risk  whatever yyou think of is a big risk.

There are all sorts of danger and non of them are positive but experiencing danger is really important because it teaches you how to react in certain situations it simply allows you to grow.

Dreaming about something dangerous is considered a nightmare, it can cause a lot of stress and fear for the person who is dreaming about it.

There are a lot of meanings behind danger and there are a lot of causes that are likely to lead your mind into dreaming about it.

You can feel in danger because someone is trying to harm you and not physically but mentally, perhaps someone is playing with you and manipulating you.

Danger can be in a shape of evil spirits or in a shape of wild animals, sometimes people are the scariest of them all.

Dreaming about danger is common, and running away from that danger is even more common.

Our first instinct is to run when we feel threatened by something or someone, some people even experience constant panic attacks when in a stressful situation.

The thing is when you dream about something dangerous and after waking up you still feel like someone is going to harm you, that dream can be so realistic that you forget if you are dreaming or being awake.

People tend to fear going to sleep again because they think that nightmare will repeat .

Some individuals tend to pray at night so they feel safe and others don’t really believe in anything.

There are studies that show when a person prays to God that the person is more likely to dream something peaceful while others who don’t have some kind of ritual actually have scarier dreams.

As said dangerous situations are a part of our life and the way we deal with them says a lot about us whether we like it or not.

When dreaming about flying away from danger you should know that this means that you want to escape from something, perhaps toxic environment and people or your own negative thoughts.

This dream doesn’t really mean that there is a bear waiting for you in your bedroom no this means that there are some dangerous things that you are doing to yourself without even realising it.


Maybe you are drinking too much, thinking too much or doing anything that will damage your life.

Pay attention in movement and feelings in your dreams, what do you see and all of the small things that you remember are going to help you find out the true meaning behind your dream.

These dreams are triggered by wanting to take things slowly but not being able to, perhaps you are hurt somehow and you need rest these things are a reason behind your dreams.

Your need to run away is stronger than your intellect, you just cannot control that feeling and instinct and it is nothing to be ashamed about.

But the problem begins when your instinct becomes a habit and now you are running away from every single problem that appears in your life.

The Most Common Dreams Of Flying Away From Danger

Dreaming of escaping danger in general- If you had a dream like this where you are escaping from some kind of danger this is a warning sign for you that something is going to happen in your near future and that you should be prepared for it.

Maybe this is going to be life or death situation or perhaps some major issue will pop out of nowhere and it may get to you while you are unprepared so it is important to always expect that something is likely to happen.

Never ever feel to comfortable cause when you do that’s when the real trouble starts.

This could also be a sign that you will handle this situation the right way, you will be collected and ready for challenges ahead.

Dreaming about falling in order to escape danger- When you dream about falling into something to find shelter from a dangerous person or whatever it is that you are hiding away from this indicates that you have a huge issue.

This issue or problem is too complicated and too serious for you to handle it all by yourself.

You are thinking that you do not need anyone, you are capable of doing everything by yourself and that is right you are strong but in some situations you need help from someone or you will bury yourself by trying to resolve something .

Your family and friends are there for you even when you think they are not, no matter what you did or what has happened they are going to be there with you and go through everything just to make you happy.

So stop being stubborn and admit that maybe this time you don’t have to do everything all by yourself.

Dreaming about flying to escape dangerous situation- If you had a dream where you are flying away from a dangerous situation this indicates that you are receiving a warning sign from your subconscious.

Perhaps something really bad will come true and you cannot really stop that.

A dream like this can be shocking and scary, meaning behind it is not really calming either but it is what it is so be prepared.

What is important is to see if you are failing at an attempt to fly away or maybe you are succeeding at it.

If you are dealing with it this means that you will handle your situation well, you will figure it out somehow and do it fearlessly.

Perhaps there is some kind of attack or earthquake, tornado, natural disaster or something like flood and fire that burns everything to the ground.

This dream is a sign that you are much smarter than you think you are and that you have a huge potential so be careful and do not waste it easily.

Meanings about this dream are not good but are not really that bad, in some cases this dream does not even mean anything perhaps you have seen an action movie and scenes from it are replaying in your head.

You cannot really stress yourself out if you do have a dream like this, but you can be on alert and be ready just in case.

If in a dream you are trying to find a way to fly away from that place that is dangerous for you this means that you will ask someone close to you for help about some kind of an issue in your life.

If there is someone else with you and you are trying to find a way to fly with them this means that you are lacking a skill of empathizing with someone and understanding them even if you don’t really agree with them.

It is a sign for you to start being a little more compassionate and be careful with your words they hurt people’s feelings.

Successfully escaping that danger and finding a way to fly away using for example a plain or a hot air balloon then this indicate that you are going to be a bigger person in a certain situation.

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding and you are taking all the blame just so everyone is happy and peaceful.

A dream like this has a lot of meanings and a lot of interpretations.

This could be a sign of possible betrayal, someone is lying to you and is trying to hurt you, perhaps even death scenarios are possible, someone plotting against you for some time, bad situation in your future.

There are so many possible scenarios and there are so many types of dangerous situations so you can’t really tell what it is exactly but what you can do is enjoy your life.

Enjoy every single moment and be grateful for everything that happened to you, you have to have some bad situations in order to appreciate life more.

These dreams sometimes require you being more aware of yourself and your own needs, your behaviour and actions are not great at this point so it is a sign to try and improve them by practising something.

Even though you are terrified of these dreams always remember that they are just dreams, yes they do have a meaning and signs and a lot of things that doesn’t even make sense but it does in the end you should always remember that sometimes dreams are just dreams.

Difficulties that are waiting for you won’t really disappear, they will not go away just because you do not know what to do and how to resolve them.

You cannot make your problems disappear but what you can do is to focus on a plan which includes resolutions and answers to your problems.

Have faith and keep going on no matter what happens.