Guitar – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Music is what makes a soul feel alive, it is something that fills us without even touching us.

With music everything seems easier and more likeable, it calms us, makes us happy, makes us sad in the most beautiful way possible.

In order to create music you need to use instruments and on of the most special instruments is guitar.

Guitar has a lot of meaning when it appears in a dream, and it is not really that uncommon to dream about instruments you hear them every single day of course that they are likely to appear in your dreams.

Children learn to play guitar from a young age and once you learn how you cannot really forget it later.

Guitar is a symbol of joy and happiness, if you have a dream about a guitar playing or you learning to play it then this is a good sign, a sign of happiness.

It is connected with our creativity, imagination and all sorts of beautiful emotions that are a part of us.

Through guitar we hear beautiful melodies that are playing with our emotions.

Sometimes dreams like this are connected with religion and spirituality.

Other times they are connected with power, with people who are listening to it.

Whatever you see in a dream is of great importance for example how many people are there if someone is playing a guitar,  are you happy or sad and little things like that.

Guitar can represent someone’s  desire to make something out of nothing, to become great and to feel like they have made their plans come true.

In other cases this is a sign that you feel like you crave for peace and that your current place is not what you truly wish for.

In order to figure out what your dream means analyse your life and situations in it.

The Most Common Dreams About Guitars

Dreaming about a guitar that is broken- If you have a dream where you see a broken guitar this indicates that you are lacking something in your life.


Perhaps you are missing creativity or you are going through a tough path that requires less sleep and more worries.

This dream is a sign for you to take it slow, relax, breathe in and breathe out.

Stop creating yourself even more problems that are just in your head.

This could also mean that you are experiencing a poor communication, you are not able to say what you want and how you want it and it is becoming frustrating and it is making you angry.

Your subconscious is telling you to be patient and be more understanding with yourself, it is not your fault sometimes it is just a period that is causing you to not feel like yourself.

Dreaming of a guitar case– If you had a dream where there is a guitar case then this indicates that you are staying quiet about your true emotions and desires.

You are putting others in front of you and that is your mistake.

Stop pushing your feelings inside yourself at one point you will explode, learn how to express yourself the right way, find a professional help if it is too hard to speak with the people you know.

There is always a solution you just have to express your problem in order to find it .

Sometimes this is connected with love life, for example you know that annoying thing people do when they just don’t tell each other they love each other so they split apart to later realise that they should have said something.

Do not let this happen to you take some action and stop being afraid of what can go wrong start seeing it differently start thinking about what can go right.

The biggest regrets are the ones where you are not saying what you mean.

Dreaming about you playing the guitar- This dream where you are the one who is playing a guitar means that you are ready to do something.

Perhaps you are finally deciding to kiss that person or you want to go strictly to that college.

You are saying what you feel and that is such a great thing, you will succeed if you keep going this way.

Dreaming of an electric guitar– Dream like this indicates that you are likely to be authorized by others around you.

You have gained respect and power and now the sky is your only limit, whatever challenges are on your way you are taking them fearlessly.

Your life is on the right track but you have to be careful if you get too much in the clouds and if this power causes you to arrogantly then you won’t last that long.

Yes power is great but if you start using it in a bad way karma will get to you at a certain point so be smart.

Dreaming of the guitar in a group- When having a dream where there is a group playing the guitar this indicates that there is true bond between you and your friends.

They are the people you trust and they trust you too, they are your people and that is the greatest thing in the world.

Friendship should always be one of the priorities in our lives because it is the most magical thing in the world.

There are just experiences worth having only with your group of people and it is nice to know you have someone you can rely on.

Dreaming of someone else playing the guitar- When you dream about listening to someone playing the guitar it means that you are at peace with yourself and your mistakes.

But if that person is playing the guitar but not in the good way it means that there are some insecurities in your life that are still blocking your way to the top.

Maybe they are caused by a certain situation or by your constant overthinking everything.

It is a sign for you to stop doing that to yourself.

Lack of self-confidence is too dangerous to mess with.

Perhaps you need to talk to someone or to find new activities that will boost your confidence up.

Maybe start going to the gym, go to cooking classes or start doing yoga.

You can go and dye your hair if you want to or make some kind of a change so you feel more comfortable with being yourself.

You should buy a dog or a cat it is proven that they do make a person more calm and happier so try it.

Try anything you need but do not stay at the same place you were yesterday.

Dreaming about the neck of the guitar- If you had a dream where you see or hold the neck of the guitar this could mean that you are considering doing something risky.

You are ready to change your path and your life, you do not want to live at the same place for a longer period of time so you want to explore the world and its endless possibilities that are never really ending.

If this is your choice stick with it and do not let fear get into the way so you back down.

Everything in life is a big risk, you brushing your teeth is a risk but you have to do it anyway.

If you spend your whole life being at the same exact place then what on earth were you doing?

Get up and go find something new, embrace this life and life to your fullest.

Perhaps your family or friends will disagree with you but it doesn’t matter, if you truly want something you go after it and you make it work like it should.

So do not worry it will be great adventure.

Dreaming of someone you know playing the guitar– If you see someone you know playing a guitar it means that there will be some opportunities for you and that person.

Perhaps that is your close friend or a sibling, maybe you are going to school together or you are going to make some kind of a business together as a team.

That person is someone you trust and who would do anything to help you when you need them to.

This could be a great breakthrough for you so take a chance and see what happens.