Dreaming of Being Sick – Meaning and Symbolism

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Not every topic is pleasant to talk about, and one of those topics is diseases. Being sick, both physically or mentally, can be a terrifying, painful, and sad experience.

So, most people don’t even like to think about sickness, let alone talk about it.

And what about dreaming about sickness? Dreaming about it sounds more like a nightmare rather than a dream. People that do have dreams about sickness or being sick often end up petrified and scared for their life.

But does this dream really serve as a vision, a menace? Or does it mean nothing?

Dreaming about a specific topic always means something in real life because our unconscious universe directly connects with our real life. But it doesn’t mean that every bad thing that we dream about has precisely the same bad meaning in wake life.

Not every dream has the same meaning, even if they are exceedingly similar. When you are trying to decode the meaning of something you’ve been dreaming about, you need to consider every little detail.

Once you do that, you might be closer to the answers you’ve been looking to find. And remember, every little detail counts, and just a slight detail can shift the whole connotation.

So, if you’ve had bad dreams about sickness or you being ill sick lately, please consider reading this article. We will try to give you all the answers you need to decipher the meanings behind your nightmares.

It’s normal to dream about sickness

We are living in a world where every day, someone discovers some new disease. In light of recent events, we can see that an epidemic or a pandemic is something normal that can happen anytime and start anywhere.

We are surrounded by sickness, sick people, something people we know very well, sometimes our loved ones, and occasionally we get sick. Due to everything, it’s normal to dream about sickness.

Being sick is an uncomfortable condition that no one wants to experience, but it often happens. And because of that, we frequently develop anxiety towards it. We become afraid of getting sick, and with all our power, we tend to stay healthy. If you’ve been recently scared for your life or your health, it could be that the stress produced from that emotion is causing you to dream about being sick.

You’ve encountered an obstacle in your life

Most of the time, having visions of being ill means having some kind of a problem in your reality.

It can mean that you are having some difficulties in your relationship or disagreements in your family.

Maybe your consciousness is trying to send you a message that you need to reassess an exhausting relationship with a friend.

You have something toxic in your life

Usually, when you have dreams like this, you conclude that you have something toxic in your life, and you need to dispose of it.


This is especially the case if you are dreaming of specific symptoms when you are sick. If you are having fewer or vomiting in your visions, it’s definitely a sign that you need to get rid of something malignant in your life.

If you have dreams like this a few times a week, you should think about the things in your life and the people currently in it.

If you can’t do it on your own, maybe the solution is to ask for help from a professional, like a psychotherapist.

If you are regularly vomiting in your dreams, it will help if you’d remember some details about those dreams. For example, a crucial detail is the color of the vomit.

This might not sound nice because who likes to read or talk about vomit? And we believe that when you wake up just want to forget what you’ve dreamt, but please try to remember and write it down.

Here are the different meanings behind the color:

  • Yellow – you are possibility tangled in someone else’s problems
  • Red – Some kind of roughness and brutality is due to happen in your life
  • Black – You are very vulnerable
  • Green – You don’t have control over your actions or your life
  • Blue – You are experiencing the feeling of guilt because of some situation

You are in a potential danger

Some people believe that dreaming about sickness means that someone is planning to hurt you or do something terrible.

So, if you ever experience dreams about sickness, it would help if you stay alert. It would be best to be careful in the upcoming days and not let anyone come close to you.

This doesn’t have to mean that somebody will hurt you physically and that you are in danger because of it.

It could mean that someone is going to damage your property but also hurt you emotionally. Or something that often happens when these dreams occur is business problems.

Maybe someone is trying to hurt you through your career. You should be extra wary and think twice before a new work-related move or investment.

You lack the motivation

Dreams about being sick while lying in a hospital bet are often signs of a lack of motivation.

Something is happening in your life or is about to happen, and you feel too exhausted and drained. You should look for the cause and think about why you are feeling this way, why you are all of a sudden feeling unmotivated and lacking passion in your life.

When you find out why you feel this way, you should start working on fixing the problem. Until you fix the problem and get back on track, the dreams about you lying in a hospital bed will not vanish.

Good things are coming your way

We can admit that most of these dreams are bad omens and that most of them significate troublesome life. But there is always a little bit of sunshine after the rain, and sometimes when you dream about the illness, it can mean that something good is coming your way.

And how is that possible? If you had a vision where you are sick, but you took a drug for it, some kind of medication, then it means that you will successfully overcome your problems. But not everything happens overnight, so you need to stay calm and be patient.

Self-control is a virtue, and if you don’t possess that skill, you should try and learn it. If you are calm enough and you work toward your desire, one day it will happen. You will be granted something beautiful, and all your troubles will be out of your way and distant.

You are feeling anxious about your responsibilities

In this era, we need to work a lot to have a decent life for ourselves and our family. A lot of work produces a lot of stress.

Stress is exceptionally high when we need to meet other people’s expectations and when other people are our responsibility.

Sometimes you can feel a bit nervous and ignore it, but it can come to you in your dreams.

When you dream about having heart problems, it’s mainly because you, in reality, have so many obligations and responsibilities that you know that you can’t achieve promptly.

The best thing you can do about it is to entrust someone else to do a bit of your work, which is not that important. This way, you will be able to relax a bit, and when you relax, you will also do a better job at other responsibilities.

But if you continue to hustle and work day and night and stress about it, it’s going to get even worse. You are risking having nightmares about much worse things from being sick or having heart problems.

Something new is about to happen

Have you ever had a scary vision where you were sick and eventually died from that illness? For some, that’s a really unpleasant experience, while for others, it’s a nightmare. But it should be.

Dying in a dream significate that you are ending a period of your life and that something else, potentially something better, is about to happen. Try to look at this dream as a phoenix.

These mythical and magical birds die tragically; they burn to the ashes. But they also rise from those ashes, and they are a better version of themselves compared to the one that died. That’s what’s about to happen to you; you are about to have your phoenix moment. Buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but trust us, it’s going to be worth it.

Your future is bright

We need to end this article on a bright note because we believe that you end up with a lesson after every challenging situation. And that lesson can help you go through life without making the same mistakes as before.

For those who had dreams about being ill but successfully survived and recovered from the illness in the dream, a bright future is ahead.

This also means that every problem that you encounter in the future will result in triumph. If you are currently seeking a new job, you are about to find your dream job, something that you’ve always wanted. And if you already have a job, you can try to invest or pitch a new idea to your boss because this period will be fruitful. Don’t hold onto your idea anymore, and you can also ask for a raise. Maybe you will be granted a promotion that you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Whatever it is, you should know that it’s not going to happen without a little effort from your side. And if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. Don’t miss out on this opportunity that is about to be handed to you by the universe.

Whatever dreams that you are having recently, whether they were wicked or good, you shouldn’t stress out because of them.

If you had dreams about being sick, and the meaning of those dreams is not right, don’t worry. Nothing is infinite, and it doesn’t mean that something terrible is about to happen in your life now.

But you should be aware that some changes are about to happen in your reality, and you should adapt to them.

It can be difficult initially, but as time passes, you will learn how to adapt to new situations and benefit from them, even if they are not the best at the beginning. And it would help if you always listened to your gut and what it feels right to do.

Doing what your inner voices tell you to do is much more important than doing what others tell you.

We genuinely hope that you’ve found the answers that you’ve been looking for and that now you are finally at peace.