Dreaming of Dead Birds – Meaning and Symbolism

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What is your first association with birds? What do you think when you see birds in flight?

Indeed, one of the associations is freedom and unrestrained movement, and the chirping of birds makes a person calm and in harmony with nature.

Of course, this symbolism refers to living birds, but often, in addition to birds in flight, people dream of dead birds.

In many cultures, dead birds are powerful and robust symbols, but at the same time not at all beautiful. It is by no means a good sign if you are dreaming because think what it means to you when you see a dead bird.

A dead bird causes many people to feel guilty or regret something they have done in the past. A dead bird symbolizes everything that is the opposite of a free bird in flight, which means constipation, old age, transience, and disease.

There are several primary meanings of this symbol, and don’t get depressed; they are not all negative. There are several positive ones, and we will explain all that in detail in the lines of the following text.

What is undoubtedly true, when you dream of dead birds, you must know that the dream is telling you something. It is one of those prophetic dreams that have a deep meaning.

There are standard and special scenarios related to dead birds, and they have to do with recent events in which you were an actor. In the following paragraphs, we will try to explain all these meanings in more detail.

Dreaming of a dead bird can be a sign of the death

When we talk about death, there is always a negative connotation, and so is the meaning of dead birds. If you dream of birds killed, it is good and means you are facing death.

It is challenging for a person to meet the transience of life and death. No matter how old a man is, young or old, he happens to dream this dream.

Since birds symbolize freedom, it is very shocking to dream of dead birds in flight. This dream is a reminder that each of us will at some point have to face our destiny and our greatest fear.

This dream’s general meaning is that dead birds are associated with a person’s death close to you.

Sometimes a plan does not have to mean the end of a person close to you, but the death you witnessed. You may have been to someone’s funeral with someone, and you’re not that close, but yours shook the whole ritual emotionally.

The subconscious tells you that you have not yet dealt with the transience of life and death. This dream is one of the frequent dreams that are dreamed. People often told their experiences that they dreamed these dreams shortly after the end of their loved ones.


If you often dream this dream, or a dead bird almost fell from the clear sky in your plan, it is just a sign that you are still mourning for the close person who left yours.

If you have not suffered the loss of a loved one but still dreamed of dead birds, think about your business plans or negative thoughts that are running through your head. You may fail a business plan that you were convinced would come true.

If such a situation develops, you must remain cheerful and optimistic. Don’t let that dream ruin your business plans.

Dreaming the seeing a bird die

If you watch a bird die in a dream, it means that a necessary period in your life has come to an end. That period of life does not always have to be negative, but it can also be positive, as the end of school. It still represents a period that has lasted a long time and has left an indelible mark on yours.

Simply put, that would mean that watching a bird die in a dream, your period of life also dies.

Don’t despair and don’t think that this is a bad thing, because each end brings a new beginning, which means that you may have new opportunities that can be great. It’s time to move on and leave certain things and people in the past.

Dreaming of a dead bird can be a sign of the warning

The term dead birds are often associated with numerous air pollutants, and if we dream in that context, it means that we are afraid for our lives that specific problems do not allow us to breathe.

This kind of dream can also warn us that we are surrounded by individual toxic relationships, such as partner, family, or sexual nature. If the bird failed to survive the dirty air it breathed, you would not stay if you do not eliminate toxic people from your environment.

If we go back a couple of centuries and look at history, dead birds have always been a sign of danger. In ancient cultures, dead birds were terrible luck and proof that something was not done correctly, and in that way, the gods showed their dissatisfaction and anger towards man.

Dreaming of a dead bird can be a sign of the rebirth

It is one of the examples when dreaming of dead birds can have a positive connotation. Namely, dead birds can symbolize rebirth, remember the phoenix bird, which dies and is reborn from the ashes. If you are familiar with Indian mythology, you know that every dead bird signifies one saved soul.

Every soul that is held in this way will be reborn but as a free and robust individual. The symbolism of birds killed is the same as in tarot cards represents a process of a new beginning that can be great, not bad at all.

Native Americans highly value the bird cult because it signifies boundless freedom, and the cult of the dead bird dedicated to their favorite bird, the eagle. They have special tribal ceremonies that have to do with dead eagles. In that way, they say goodbye to those noble birds and help them to be born again.

Dreaming of a dead bird can be a sign of the failed dream

Since a living bird can mark and symbolize our dreams, fantasies, hopes, so dead birds can mean the ruin of those dreams.

It can be a bad start to something new or the failure of a job or relationship with some people right at the beginning. Our advice would be that it is best to give it up and start something else.

Think about a new job or a new goal that you will set for yourself. If this seems like a bad thing to you right now, dreaming of dead birds can be a good sign for future stuff.

Dreaming can be a sign of heartache or failure

The sight of a dead bird is always ugly to see, and that is why as soon as we open our eyes in the morning and wake up, we immediately think of something terrible. This symbol has a deep spiritual meaning that it would be best to reconsider all the adverse events that have happened to you in recent times.

If you have almost suffered an emotional loss, your subconscious is sending you a message, and you are dreaming of dead birds if your partner has left. It can also refer to individual business failures or perhaps job loss.

Dreaming of the dead bird can be a sign of the loss of someone close to you

Dreaming of dead birds means that you have almost lost a loved one and are still struggling with grief. You are in the process of grieving, and you have not yet accepted the death of a loved one.

Dreaming this subconscious tells you that you have a hard time dealing with this death and that not enough time has passed yet.

Dreaming of the dead bird can be a sign of an unhealthy environment

Birds are living beings that love to fly and to cross large areas breathing fresh air. When you see a picture of a dead bird that fell from the sky, unconsciously, the question immediately arises whether that air is polluted or clean. That is why when you see vultures, they always mark something dirty and unhealthy.

Consider whether your relationship is sincere and pure or is tainted by some lies and secrets in a figurative sense to your relationship with your family or partner. Ask yourself how honest you are with your family and partner, there may be something that is bothering you, and you do not dare to tell them.

Dreaming of Seeing a Flock of Dead Birds

If you dream of a head of a flock of dead birds, it only shows that you want to be part of a specific group in reality, but you can’t do that. That group you wish to join is inaccessible to you for some reason, or you do not know how to approach these people, which is why you dream of your failure like a flock of dead birds.

This type of dream reflects your reality, that is, your dissatisfaction with the real-life you are currently in. You have encountered an obstacle that you will find very difficult to overcome, and everything you have reached lately has not gone smoothly. Don’t let this dream discourage you because who knows why it’s okay.

Dead Birds in the Bible

In the Bible, birds signify prudence and communication, advocate for people to open their hearts for better understanding, and motivate all people to live freely and be wise. They are often a symbol of overcoming obstacles and challenges that have plagued us for some period of our lives.

Dead birds are part of the renewal cycle because everything that dies must live again; that is, life is a cycle that does not stop.

When we experience someone’s death, we have experienced cyclical changes because everything that is born must die. Here we can apply the biblical story of Noah and the flood, how after destroying everything, life continued to flow, and how they were born again.

Dead birds can also mean eternal forgiveness. Although on the first ball, they signify a symbol of loss and misfortune.

Here we can remember Jesus and his story of how he survived the incredible sacrifice and pain that resulted in our salvation. And that represents the most significant spiritual victory over death.

From this story, we have learned that misfortunes and sufferings are inevitable, but that after that comes salvation, satisfaction, and happiness.

In this whole process, we must not lose hope and faith in people and ourselves.

Birds have always been considered messengers of God, especially white doves, messengers of peace that bring prosperity. It is another reminder that our God still watches over and looks at us.

If we dream of dead birds, it only means that God is sending us a message that we must learn even if it is not pleasant.

It is also an alarm to stop doing some things to people in our environment if they are not comfortable with them because often, we are not even aware of it. God does not want us to cause pain to anyone else.


As you could understand by reading this text, dead birds are closely connected with death and our understanding of it.

It also shows a new path: the end of a period of life and the beginning of a new one that can be even better. It is your chance for a fresh start.

After reading this article, you have seen that dreaming of dead birds can mean a lot, and it has both positive and negative aspects.

Depending on the context in which you dream of birds, the interpretation will be different.

Have you ever dreamed of dead birds, and how did you feel in your sleep? Were you comfortable and pleasant, or did you want to wake up as soon as possible?