Dreams About Going Back to School – Meaning and Symbolism

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We’ve all been having a lot of compelling dreams in our lives. Some of them were usual, while others were somewhat peculiar. But often, you were able to pinpoint your dreams to specific events in your life.

And what about when you don’t know why particular things are visiting you while you are trying to rest at night?

For example, you are now in your older years, have your job, your life is all sorted out, but you keep dreaming that one peculiar thing. You are having visions of going back to school.

Why is that happening? You were done with school many years ago, you don’t plan to go back to it, and you don’t even have kids of your own who attend an educational institution.

Maybe these dreams are so often that you now doubt whether you or do you not need to do a little bit of schooling.

It can be a tad bit confusing, and we understand that we are here to answer your questions.

And the first acknowledgment we will give is that this doesn’t mean that you need to go back to school, and it doesn’t mean that you will do it in the future.

We have theories why these visions keep happening, and if you continue reading this article, you will know what your subconscious has to say to you.

You are still learning  

People learn throughout all their existence. The path of life is cobblestoned with lessons. Some of them learn at a very young age, while others are presented to us once we mature.

Every individual is living their own life in their lane and gaining experience at their own pace.

How is this connected to your dreams about going back to school? Easy, there is something that you need to learn in life.

Even if you are a grownup, there are so many things that you don’t know and that you need to learn. Furthermore, there are so many experiences that you haven’t been able to encounter yet.

Dreaming about going back to an educational institution can mean exactly this; there is a lecture you are about to learn.

Maybe you are trying to grasp some new skill that you haven’t faced before; you are trying to learn to play a new instrument, and consequently, you are dreaming about school.

Or you are trying to master a skill at work that you know so well, but you want to upgrade. It can also be a reasonable cause for your dreams.


It sounds easy when we say it like this, but you didn’t think of it before.

Also, it could be that you have a changing life situation. In this kind of circumstances, your mind is challenged, and it’s facing something new.

As a result, it is trying to find the right answer to your problem and learn something new. It’s the school of life in its pure form.

A dream about you being back in the classroom can also sign that you are not mindful of your problems. Maybe it is a sign that you don’t know that you have a troublesome situation or ignore the difficulties you are facing.

Whatever the situation is, and funnily everything has to do with a dream; you need to wake up. You need to face the challenges you are having in your life; you need to be brave and take matters into your hands.

What kind of school are you dreaming of? 

Do you specifically know what kind of school you see when you fall asleep? Is it your elementary school or high school? Or you see yourself in a University setting?

Depending on the context of these projections, you can unravel the meaning.

Elementary school could possibly mean that you need to have a more serious look at life. It is good to cherish your inner child, but there are some situations when you need to act like a grownup.

If this is not the case, and you often have a vision of your high school, it can be that you are subconsciously trying to do a retrospective of your life and see how far you’ve gone from graduating high school. Your mind is trying to place you somewhere in the world and decide to do everything you wanted to do.

Dreaming about University can mean two things. If you never enrolled, it can signify that now you have second thoughts if that was the right decision or not.

The other option is that you went to University, but now you are stagnating in life. It doesn’t mean that tomorrow you need to fill a college application, but you should find a solution to succeed in life from now on.

It is a signal that your old ways are not working anymore and that you need to reform your way of thinking and do things. It would help if you focused on yourself and maybe try finding help in reading books.

A sign of something positive and new

The last lines probably weren’t that comforting, but you should fear not. These explications behind your peculiar visions might not be the truth in your case.

Now is the time to be a little more optimistic and talk about the positive options and meanings.

Nighttime visions that you are experiencing while sleeping might sign a reasonable period that’s about to begin.

If you are in school, but you are trying to teach someone, that can be a sign that you will have an opportunity to help someone and teach that person a valuable lesson in real life.

Some believe that you will have a successful event in the future when you dream about situations like this. You will possibly get a promotion at work or find a better job with a better paycheck.

It can also mean that you will finally start your own business that you wanted to do years ago.

Based on your dreams, now is an excellent opportunity, and you need to catch it. Go for it, and you will succeed.

Focus more 

One of the awful feelings is being judged by society, friends, family, or even people you don’t know. Everyone had some kind of an experience like that in their life, and everyone hopes that they won’t be in that situation anymore.

So, to dream about being judged and inferior to your classmates in school is a real nightmare. Some people have been having these dreams and keep waking up in a sweat.

Believe it or not, these dreams are good. They show you that slight anxiety is present in you because of some situation in your life, and you are afraid that you won’t succeed. It can guide you so that you focus more on the important work you have to do.

Also, you have a chance to build up confidence so you won’t be afraid no more. If you work hard enough and increase your confidence, you could fulfill every goal in your life. You shouldn’t feel insecure, and you should use these dreams as guidance.

It would help if you reassessed your success

If you have dreams about your graduation and getting your diploma, it can mean only one thing. You are reassessing your triumphs in life. Your mind is trying to figure out where you are currently in life, things are okay, and you can do anything better. You are also trying to figure out subconsciously what should be your next move and what you can do to be even better.

It’s essential to take into consideration that if you are dreaming about graduation but you are failing, you are having some obstruction happening.

You are missing something

People often have visions, or should we call them nightmares, about getting lost in their school. It can mean that you are lost in life as well and that you can’t find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Also, it can mean that you lost something in reality and that you can find it. It can be a material thing, or even a person, or some kind of emotion. You are missing something, and you need to regain power and control over your life.

You are dealing with a lot of stress lately

Anxiety is normal in modern times, and stress is part of many people’s lives. You can often dream about stressful situations that you’ve had previously in your life because of it. For example, the stress you felt when you failed an exam.

Now when we look at our failed exam in real life, we don’t see those situations as stressful as they were when they happened. But, if you relive those moments in your dreams, it can feel real and stressful.

So, the next time you have a vision like this, you should know that it is caused by a lot of stress happening to you. And it would help if you found a way to relieve that stress.

How to sleep better and have good dreams?

Many of these dreams that we’ve explained in this article are caused by stressful situations that happen in everyday life, and the dreams also cause additional stress when they appear.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this is to find a way to diminish that anxiety.

We will help you and give you a few tips that you can implement in your nighttime routine to help your sleep and dreaming pattern.

Turn off your phone – We are not aware of this, but we are regularly bombed with stressful information. We are always reading about bad news, awful situations in the world, and sad stories. It would be best to exclude those kinds of news from your life. But if you can’t do that, the next best thing is to minimalize them. And the best time in the day when you can digress from the news is the nighttime.

The next night turn off your phone or put it in another room. Try not to look at your phone at night, before bedtime. Try not to read any news, don’t look at your notifications, and stay away from social media. If you can’t do that throughout the whole evening, consider doing it at least one hour before bedtime. This way, you will have a better night’s sleep.

Read a book – If you don’t know what to do now when you don’t have your phone near you, don’t go running to your TV. The TV is also something that you should leave shut off in the evening. Your new evening friend should be a book. It should be a light read, something that will entertain you and calm you as well. A book is great to calm you before bedtime and prepare you for great dreams.

Meditate – To sleep better and to dream prettier dreams is not an easy task. But meditation can help you with that. Try meditating at least 20 minutes before going to bed and seeing if it helps you relax and sleep better. If you have no idea how to do it properly, there are some great guided meditations available online. This way, you will be able to do it properly, meaning that you will have the most benefit out of it.

Be sure that you journal about this new routine, so you can see the progress you’ve made. A visual representation of your progress can make you feel even less stressed.

With these simple tricks, you won’t have dreams filled with stress and anxiety, and you will overall feel better. And you should try and make an effort to make at least one of these suggestions your routine if you don’t feel comfortable while you sleep, have nightmares, or don’t like the dreams you are having.

We hope that you’ve found the answers that you’ve been looking for in this article and that every next dream will significate something new, exciting, and overall good in your life.