Dreaming of Blood, Bleeding – Meaning and Symbolism

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Can you think of something that we can’t live without in our lives? What is the prime thing that occurs in your mind? Is it air? Is it water? Or is it food? Anything can be the right answer, but we are thinking about something else. We are thinking about something that is inside of us, and if we lose it, we are not able to survive.

Of course, we are talking about blood. It is our fuel, our energy source, and we should always cherish it.

Blood can symbolize different things, and you can interpret it in different ways. Many cultures worldwide have used blood in rituals in prior centuries, and they all have their versions of interpretations. A symbol of blood is used in all religions, tribes, and ancient civilizations as something so essential and vital.

This nectar of life is essential not only for humans but also for every other living being, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. And because of that, blood has a powerful meaning.

Blood is even more critical in modern civilization because we used it for scientific researches, we learn new things about living beings through blood, and we find cures for illnesses.

In today’s world, for regular people, blood is just some liquid running through our veins, and some even can’t stand to look at it. But we shouldn’t forget how blood is essential.

Bleeding is also an often symbol in many civilizations and rituals, and it signifies the path of purification. In this era, with TV, and cinema bleeding is identified with violence, torture, and dying. But it is so much more.

Since blood is present in this world, as long as living creatures are, it is a common motif in many’s dreams.

The reason why people have dreams about blood and bleeding can vary. We mentioned that today we are surrounded by movies and TV shows that contain a lot of violence, blood, and gore.

Due to that, a lot of people have dreams of blood and bleeding regularly. And if that’s the case with you, if you often watch movies and shows like that, you shouldn’t need to look up the meaning of your dreams. It’s pronounced just the reflection of what you’ve watched recently.

Still, not everyone enjoys violent movies or watches them and has dreams like this. If you happened to dream about blood and bleeding recently, or a lot, you can be sure that there is a special meaning behind it. Probably it is deep and meaningful.

We will do our best to decode the visions you are experiencing and help you find the reason behind them.

You need to concentrate on the small parts and details in the dreams because they designate the meaning. The details are essential for you to understand why you are having these visions altogether.

The way the blood is shown, where it is shown, how the bleeding is seen, from where; are all crucial factors that you need to remember so you could decipher it all.

And you need to decipher it, so you can implement the help the universe is sending your way. Often dreams are a way for your conscious and the universe to communicate with you. And they want to communicate with you to inform you that you are going in the right direction. Or if you deviated from the right path, to aim you in the direction where you should go.


Bleeding in dreams

More people than you think often dream about bleeding. It is nothing unusual, and it is quite normal. To know if it is a good thing or a bad one, you need to follow the dream context.

For some people, bleeding can signify a form of purification and cleaning. The act of bleeding is the act of washing away all of the negativity from your life. While for others, it can signify something painful and terrifying.

Due to that, it’s essential to remember the way you felt while you were bleeding in your vision. If you felt pain, sad, or petrified, then the dream can have a negative meaning. Still, we will not jump to a conclusion because even if it had a negative connotation, it could be something positive in the end.

Maybe the act of bleeding is signifying that you have a lot of bad energy accumulated in your soul, and you need to purge it. After you become aware of that, it can be that everything will fall into its place, and you will have something positive in the end.

A positive meaning is when a powerful emotion is presented with the blood falling from your body. It implies that you are strong enough to live your dreams to the fullest and connect with your deeper feelings. It would help if you heard your intuition and inner voice and followed what your soul has to offer. You are going to gain good energy in the following period, and you should use it wisely.


Nosebleeds often happen in real life, and they are an everyday occurrence. And when they happen in the dream world, they symbolize a difficult period about to start.

You shouldn’t worry too much, because every problem that is coming your way, you are going to resolve it efficiently. But you shouldn’t relax too much, because you will need to work hard to resolve the problems you are going to have. No one can do anything in just a few minutes, so you can’t resolve the problems accumulated for some time in a blink of an eye. You can also quarrel with someone close to you, so you can be careful and try to stay out of it.

Depending on your current state, it can be something positive. For instance, some people believe that a nosebleed in a dream is a fortunate occurrence. Bleeding from your nose can be seen as a profit, as you are likely going to gain some money or a fair investment offer.

Bleeding out

A feeling that you perceive when you are bleeding is terrifying, but what is worse than that is the sensation when you are bleeding out. To experience something like that in real life is horrible, but it’s also frustrating to experience it in the dream world.

That could be looked at as a nightmare, at least. You feel frightened for your life, and you get a sense that you are going to die. If you ever experienced something like that, we are really sorry, and we know how hard it was for you when you woke up.

And now you need to calm down and put your intentions into solving the meaning of your dream.

Unfortunately, the dream is seen as a bad omen, and it symbolizes a severe loss. It can mean that you are sincerely afraid. You are terrified that you are going to lose something in your waking life.

It can be a fear of losing all your wealth, losing respect in life or work. It can also imply that you are anxious about your health or the health of someone close to you.

It is a negative sign, but you should look at this dream as a positive one. Due to its potential to wake you up and make you face your fears, it’s a good thing that you’ve had this dream.

And now, when you are reading this, you can finally tell the truth to yourself. You are afraid, but you shouldn’t be. Irrational fear is a significant disadvantage in life, and it can seriously cripple you and your prosperity. Face your fears; decide to own them.

Bleeding ears

Well, this doesn’t look pleasant, and it looks the weirdest when it happens. Have you ever seen someone’s ear bleed? It’s something that rarely happens, and you would be struck by it if you saw it in real life. So, it’s normal if you are struck by it in your vision. And what does it mean?

The explanation is abundantly clear and obvious; you will hear something that you are going to dislike. It can be that you are going to hear the truth about someone close to you, someone that you put your trust in, and they’ve disappointed you. Situations like this often lead to fear of trusting people ever again, and you need to work on avoiding that.

Another meaning is similar to this one. It suggests that you know something for a fact, but you choose to ignore it, and you don’t want to hear about it. If you are aware of something, and you chose to ignore it, it can hurt you in the long run, and the consequences can be devastating for you. You don’t want to do that to yourself.

Bleeding from the mouth

Another bad sign that you can experience in the dreamland is to have blood flowing from your mouth. It’s like the previous one, with bleeding ears.

You evidently know something that you are hiding from others. And it is something that you should’ve told everyone a long time ago. Now it’s come to the point that you conscious can’t handle it anymore, and you are getting these kinds of warnings in your dreams.

Perhaps it is only something that you know and you’ve been hiding. But it could also be that you were lying to others for a long time, and now you are suffocating in your lies.

Circumstances like this can lead to real problems, and you shouldn’t let yourself get into that position. It is best if you come clean, or the pressure will swallow you up.

Bleeding or bloody hands

To have bloody hands was always considered a bad thing. It is used to negatively mark a person’s actions because it was always interlinked with murder.

If you’ve had dreams like this, it can be that you are feeling guilty about something that you did. Or that you are planning to do something that will make you feel guilty.

The dream can have different meanings. If your hands are only bloody, it could be that you are feeling guilty about hurting someone.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that you’ve hurt someone physically; it can be emotional too. You did, or you are planning to do something wrong to another person, and now your conscience is trying to warn you.

If you are planning, please consider changing your plan. And if you did something, you need to find a way to redeem yourself.

If your hands are bleeding, you are likely doing something that is hurting you, and you now feel regret. You are self-sabotaging, and you shouldn’t be doing that. It will bring you nothing good in the future, and the actions will jeopardize your prosperity.

Use this dream wisely, and start making changes in your life. And start doing it at this exact moment. If you planned on doing something, stop and think about it.

And after some time of thinking, most likely, you will change your mind and decide on something that’s better. If you already did something terrible to you or someone else, try to redeem yourself and learn a valuable lesson from this.

Blood of someone else

If you are confident that the blood you saw in your dream was from another person, it can suggest danger. It would be best for you to be extra cautious in the upcoming period, especially with people you don’t know.

Today it is typical to communicate with strangers through the Internet and to even meet up with them. But, those kinds of things always come with a dose of risk.

If you have plans of seeing someone for the first time, as going on a date, be very careful.

Spitting out blood

Spitting out blood shouldn’t be confused with bleeding from the mouth. It looks similar, but the meanings are different. The single thing that is the same is the fact that they’re not a good sign.

When you spit blood in a dream, it signifies that you are under a tremendous amount of stress. You are currently having some problems that are causing you to feel exhausted and stressed out, and it’s starting to affect your health. You are also trying to impress and to please others, but you are failing and hurting yourself along the process.

It is possible that because of everything that’s been happening in your life, you don’t know how to function anymore, and your everyday habits are poor.

It would be most desirable for you to visit your doctor and change your habits for the better. Because if you continue to live like this, you are going to suffer severe consequences.

Drinking blood

There are, in fact, some people that drink blood regularly. But you are not likely one of them.

So, for you and many others, it could be extraordinary and weird to drink blood. And to dream about that puts up a question.

But we are content to inform you that it’s a good sign. Drinking blood can mean that a reasonable period will happen in your life, and you will gain some wealth. You will have fate on your side, and you will have good energy around you.

If you had some plans regarding business or school, now is the time to put those plans to work.

Menstrual blood

Menstrual blood is something normal and natural that occurs in a women’s body. It’s a form of purification, both physically and energetically.

So, what does it mean when it appears in your nighttime visions? All in all, it’s a good sign.

You are subconsciously letting go of everything that was holding you down, you are cleaning yourself from the negative energy, and you are preparing yourself for a new chapter. Your creativity levels will skyrocket shortly, and you should use that energy wisely.

If a woman that’s in menopause dreams about menstrual blood, it can be that she will gain a dose of youthful energy, and it signifies that she will refresh her vitality.

Did you find the meaning you were looking for in this article? Decoding dreams can sometimes be difficult, so don’t beat yourself if you haven’t found what you were seeking.

If you are not satisfied with the explanations, we provided you, it could be that you are missing a detail. It will help if you look through other articles with similar meanings and subtle details that can provide you with more profound meaning.

And if you did encounter the answers you’ve been looking for, we want to inform you that even if the signs that appear in your dreams are negative, you don’t have to look at them negatively.

Every negative aspect of a dream can have a positive influence on your waking life. It only depends on how you want to look at it and how you want to use the knowledge you got. Remember, you are the director of your fate.