Dreaming of Candles – Meaning and Symbolism

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As it is generally known, candles have always been used in religious ceremonies, and prayers are ongoing and represent spiritual enlightenment since ancient peoples and cultures.

If you dream of a candle, it can represent your spiritual attitude and how you feel about it. It can also show that you need a spiritual guide in your life now.

Candles usually symbolize light in the dark and a guide through the dark days so that they know spiritually your life path and the difficulties you face every day.

A lighted candle in your dream can represent your faith and enlightenment in a religious sense.

This dream can also be a sign of massive changes that await you or something that another person will be involved in.

This dream tells you that you are on a spiritual path and will find the help you need further.

It is significant for the correct interpretation of the drive to remember how you felt during the dream, what the atmosphere was like in the plan, whether anyone else was with you, where you were, and whether you might remember some details that will break interpreting the dream.

If the place was beautiful and exciting, the goal tells you to look for more beauty and love in the air, and if you lit a candle in a large mass of people, it only shows that you need the love of others.

Detailed dream meaning

If you light a candle in a dream, it means that your enlightenment path begins in a religious and every sense, and if you have lit a candle before, it means that you take responsibility for your way of enlightenment. You are aware of the steps you must take to get to the right path you are striving for. If you are at the beginning of the journey, this is a sign to take the first step.

If you are on a religious path or are looking for a spiritual change, it would be good to talk to your spiritual leader, who can help you and show you in which direction to move.

If you dreamed of a candle that is not lit, it means that your journey has not started yet and that you have some difficulties that you have to eliminate to begin. You have to be honest with yourself and answer who or what you are missing in life and how to make up for it. You need to know what it is that will fill that gap.

If you dreamed of your birthday and the candles lit on the cake, you have the fear that you are too old and that you did not start the healing path in time. You are afraid it is too late for the spiritual quest. This dream tells you that it is never too late if there is a will.

If you dream of going through a dark room or passage and lit candles, it is always a great sign to move through space. This dream shows that you can cope with all the problematic situations your life puts in front of you.

If you have lit a candle in an already lit room, that is not a good sign because it shows that it is challenging for you to endure situations in life and that it is too difficult for you on the path of spiritual healing. You need to learn independence and not rely on others because that is the only way you will get through difficult moments.

After all, you will have faith in yourself.


What is known is that candles symbolize life, eternal spirit and play a significant role in all spiritual rites. That is why their symbolism in dreams is unique, and the goals of candles are common among people.

If you dreamed of a candle shining in the dark, it represents your hope and that the battle you lead in life will be successful. Many candles in a beautiful ambiance announce a celebration that you will be happy with and happy.

When you dream of candles that have burned out, it symbolizes the passing of time and how our time passes. You are burdened by aging, and you think that your time is wasted and you are missing important things. Your dream encourages you to embark on an adventure called life because we are only on Earth for a short time.

If we believe Freud and Jung, who studied the meaning of candles, symbolize gratitude, respect, and proof that essential life lessons have been learned.

Candles also symbolize the end of one and the beginning of another phase in our lives. They have the meaning of wisdom, growth, and enlightenment.

Candles represent our faith in God and are closely associated with religious rituals and reverence for the dead.

What does it mean to blow out candles in a dream?

If you dreamed of blowing out candles, it is a positive sign because it marks some of your wishes’ final fulfillment.

Most often, these are our most profound wishes that we have wanted for a very long time and which took time to come true. What is the custom in almost all cultures is to imagine a wish before blowing out the candles?

This dream can also mean your constant worry about something that will never happen. Sure, sometimes you relive specific scenarios in advance that will never happen, but they are very stressful for you. You need to know that peace is coming soon and that your stress is unnecessary.

When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, you blow all the negative energy and people around you with that gesture. Everything that draws your power disappears by blowing out the candles.

If the wind accidentally blows the candles in the dream, or someone else intentionally blows, it means that some people are interfering in your life and in making decisions that have to do with you. You may even be forced to work against your conscience. You have to change that and not let it happen.

What does it mean to dream of yellow candles?

It is essential to remember what color the candle was in your dream because different candles’ colors have different meanings. They generally represent hope and our mortality associated with the eternal spirit, but they can also have the sense of enlightenment, energy, healing, and fragility.

To dream of a yellow candle has the following meaning: you search for wealth and power.

Also, this dream means that your path of enlightenment has finally come to an end and that at the end of the journey, you have found what you were looking for. This color of a candle in a dream symbolizes harmony and your calmness in life.

What does Dreaming of a white candle mean?

White candles symbolize your path of change and enlightenment. When you dream of white candles, it only shows that the course of evolution is much more important than the destination itself. Many believe that all who desire white candles grow on the spiritual path.

White candles also symbolize balance in your life, purity, innocence, protection from all harmful and destructive people. They keep you from the truth that can be ugly and shocking. They can also mark inner healing.

What does a black candle mean in a dream?

If you dreamed of black candles, it should not scare you because the dream has no negative connotation. They symbolize connection, connection, rejection of negative energy. They can also represent the protection and destruction of all the harmful and destructive emotions that have haunted you for some time.

Dreaming of black flowers can even mean a cure for a severe illness.

What does it mean if you dream of candle wax?

It is a bad sign that predicts a not-so-promising future. Dreaming of candle wax always represents some loss, either on a personal or business level. You are facing a difficult period or the loss of a loved one.

If you dream of wax leaking from a lit candle, it means that you are in a reliable relationship and have a faithful and suitable partner with whom you get along well. It is also a sign of happiness and fulfillment.

Dream of watching a candle drip?

It is not a good dream and always has a negative interpretation. You will find yourself in a challenging and severe situation, but fortunately, it will pass very quickly.

This dream also hides your hidden passionate emotions towards a specific person that you hid deep inside. But think about it, maybe it’s time for them to come to light, and that’s what the dream tells you.

Dream of a melting wax candle?

It is not a bad dream if you are short of money because the meaning is as follows: you will get a large sum of money.

This dream also means that you will suffer certain losses, so it is necessary to avoid all money transactions that you are not sure are good. To the goal of wax, candle melting means that you will finally find the life path you have to take.

This dream shows that you have a very soft character that is easy to shape towards yourself. You quickly fall under the influence of others, and that can harm you. This kind of feeling often bores a partner when it comes to living together because they do not express their attitude on any issue.

What does it mean to dream of lighting a candle?

It is a good dream because it means a beautiful and reasonable period in the future. The drive means that you will soon enter into a serious relationship with a reliable partner when you fall in love. This relationship may soon be crowned with marriage. If you light several candles at once in a dream, it means that your wishes will finally be fulfilled.

Plan means enjoyment, happiness, and life fulfillment. The meaning of the dream changes if you dreamed of a specific color of the candle; for example, if you dreamed of yellow, it means that someone will deceive you. If the candle was white, it symbolizes your health, which is vital.

A red candle signifies a secret and hidden passion that you cultivate towards someone, and a blue one represents your inner peace. To dream of a black candle means that you have a severe focus in life that is impossible to break.

What does an unlit candle mean in a dream?

It is not a good dream because it does not have a very positive connotation. An unlit candle shows that you do not know where you are hitting and lost your life path. You have difficulty thinking about what you want in life, which way to take, and how to succeed.

Everyone deserves to be happy, and everyone is a blacksmith of their happiness, which means it is not terrible, and if you are lost on the path of healing, you must return to that path. Everyone should have a second chance in life because it is never too late to change.


Have you ever dreamed of lighting a candle and what color it was? Did you feel peace and tranquility while doing this?

What was the atmosphere like in the dream?